Swamiji conducted Yajyen today on the occasion of Purnmasi. In his divine preach, he shared:

People can make whatever arrangement that they want with their mind to be happy. The fundamental is that if we do not do the worship of God and follow Vedas, they cannot be happy. If you want happiness, you need to have both progress – spiritual and materialistic.

Sambhuti is the items that are made from prakriti – like gold, clothes, gas, iron, silver, sun, moon, rivers, etc. Those who get entangled in them they go in even deeper darkness. We have to see whether we should leave everything? Should we leave our body? Stop eating? It is also made by prakriti. Should we stop the progress in science? God says no. We have to do all that.

You need to have both progress. You should progress in science while doing spiritual progress. Like Sri Ram who did crores of Yajyen. There are people who pray to Sri Ram and read Ramayan but will not do Yajyen. There are many unfortunate things happening in our country that we do not follow the book that we study.

If someone is not taking time for God then he will enter darkness. He will not be able to listen. If he listens then his attention will not go on it. Those who can concentrate on it, they can benefit their 15 generations. If one has to remain happy, one has to listen Vedas and put in aahutis. Even IAS officers get arrested. People who are not arrested also live while being scared.

It is your good fortune that you are able to listen. Yajyen comprises of Devpooja, Sangatikaran and Daan. In Sangatikaran you need to keep your Acharya happy and you should never make him upset. You have listened Vedas and you have got the impression on your soul that Yajyen destroys your sins. It will bring prosperity in your life. Even if you work towards the country, you will find corruption in those deeds. Without worshipping God, no deed will be done with purity. Dharm is nodanavachan (inspiration sentences from Vedas).

Samved says that one Yajyen, which is happening now, these aahutis go to three lokas. In three lokas there are souls. When the smoke of Yajyen reaches them they get pleasure. Souls live everywhere. Body cannot live in fire but soul can. Sri Krishna has said nainan jhidrani shstrani nainat dehti pavakah (soul cannot be punctured by weapons or destroyed by fire). When a soul leaves the body, it goes to the sun on the first day but it cannot be harmed by the fire.

You are sons and daughters of Acharya. Vedas give the word Pitahmah – he is father of fathers. This relationship is made by God. No one speaks on this mahima these days. If someone doesn’t have the knowledge of Vedas, he cannot be a Guru. He is spiritual father. The parents of birth are the same. There is no other answer (option) of this relationship. With this relationship only Yajyen happens. God doesn’t accept aahutis without acharya.

Souls that are liberated are called ‘devta’ as per Vedas. There are no other devtas. They may give blessings. Vedas and the punya do not get destroyed. Without following Vedas all the bad deeds are happening – molestation of women, disrespect of elders, etc. The reason is that Vedas are not there. If Vedas are in each house then the pleasure will be there.

Those who would do a bad deed earlier they would destroy that body. As per Vedas, anyone above the age of 5 should get complete punishment. You should do havan daily, two times and whenever you get time, you should do Yajyen. Parents should have desire that their children should follow Vedas.

If someone does tapasya – shrutam (to listen Vedas), dam (to control sense and karm organs), daanam (to donate), Yajyam tapah (to do Yajyen), sham tapah (to maintain peace), etc. People waste money by giving here and there.

If someone does something like this is a tapasvi. It doesn’t matter if he is fair, has long hair or short, moustache and no moustache, etc. Growth of hair is a natural process. If you do not cut them then they will keep growing. It has got nothing to do with spiritualism. Vyas muni was extremely dark. Ashtavakra had eight deformities. If someone is a Rishi Muni then he is worshippable.

The story is from upnishad. Raja Janak had kept an asan for someone who had knowledge of Vedas who could answer the questions. When Ashtavakra Muni arrived then people started laughing. He asked Raja Janak who are these people. The king said that they have knowledge of Vedas. The Rishi answered that these are not Brahmins but those who are cobblers since they notice just the skin and deformities.

Raja Janak asked him about his dream in which he had seen that he was extremely poor. He was famished and he found one roti which a bird took away. The Rishi answered that you are not a king but you are a soul who is immortal. The relationship of Rishi with disciples is of soul. With bodies there is identification.

If someone listens then they would know that these aahutis will remain forever. If there is no ghee for havan, then you can give aahutis of just samagri. If you do not have samagri then you can use grass and stems. If you do not even have that then you can use leaves. Without even those you can just recite/remember the mantras.

People do not serve their parents since they do not know the importance of Yajyen. For a lady after marriage, her parents are father-in-law and mother-in-law as per Vedas. People do not do Yajyen since they do not know the enternal definition of Yajyen.

I do not call you here but your Shraddha brings you here. When money comes from Yajyen, it gives pleasure. Yajyen has many benefits. We come for seeing the aahavaniye agni (fire that invokes God).

Why are there so many issues on the earth? The navel of the world is Yajyen. If our navel is unstable, it gives us pain. Today the navel of the world is unstable since Yajyen isn’t happening.

Marriage is just a sanskaar. We should not constrict time for someone who gives us everything – God. Yajyen can be done for a longer time.

Purohitam – Benefits everyone, Yajyas devam – gives the knowledge of Vedas, Ritjiv – worshippable in every season, Ratnadhatam – gives all kinds of wealth (These are the qualities of God)

The soul of sun is light. The light is given by God. Sun is non-alive. God doesn’t light from anyone. He has light by His own power. God is what God says about Himself in Vedas. Otherwise it is not God. He was there before and will remain forever. He is the sole owner. He is only one. It is in the form of a light. He destroys the world again. He was there before this creation was made and will remain forever. He is the only owner of the world. For that God put aahutis. People are not listening to this in this world. God has given order to put aahutis. If we do not do that then He will punish you. You consume everything given by God and do not worship, God says that I will destroy you. We have forgotten Vedas and our culture.

Syam Patayo Rayinaam – God says that we should have wealth. You should leave anger, bad language, etc. in family life. God doesn’t say that leave everything. When Vedas were in vogue during Ramayan then everyone was rich and satisfied.

You should not leave your deeds. You should aim to realise. You should remain sukhi (in merriment). Without bhakti (worship of God) then it is like curry without salt. Without worship you are nothing even if you rule the world.

God take us to the right path and save us from the wrong path. When we do worship then he protects you.

The false saints have taken away the benefits of doing havan from people by spreading false notions about them. If someone asks you, whom do you worship? Then answer them that when the earth was made, we had four ancestors (four Rishis). We worship the same God that they worshipped.

We should worship God the same way that Rishis and our ancestors (4 Rishis) worshipped. We should not do any addition or alteration in that. You should pray and also make an effort to stop the vice immediately (like anger, etc.) God helps those who help themselves. If you make an effort then God gives you support.

People today talk about worship. Has God supported them? Many of them get arrested. People do not know these mantras. People talk about leaving vices but they are stuck in them and make others get stuck as well. Without Vedas there is no liberation. God may take us to the right path. We are worshipping Him from Ved mantras.

We should follow this mantra – Ishotvorjetva. Then animals will be protected, there won’t be any diseases, etc. Yajyen has increased your age. It has protected you from various problems. God protects you everywhere. He gives you wealth, pleasures, and fulfils your desires. If you do not do further mistakes then He may forgive you as well – such things have bee mentioned by God in Vedas.

Whereever is God, make us abhaye (fearless). God is everywhere then you have no fear anywhere. Whomsever puts aahutis in Yajyen then your enemy will not be able to harm you. So many floods, etc. are happening. These treevidh dukhah (three types of sadness – aadhidevik, aadhibhautik and adhyatmik) should not come to you. Earlier there were Vedas and now we have left them.

Knowledge should follow evidence (Pramann). People are doing wrong description of Poornmasi and Amavasyas hence they false. If the worship that are doing is not described in Vedas then it is false. If you sit in the moonlight then you won’t have skin diseases. Similarly heart problems are prevented by sitting in the sun. Similarly there are immense benefits of sun and moon. Without moonlight there will not be rasah (juiciness) in fruits and vegetables. Sun helps in ripening fruits and vegetables. There is immense benefit of Amavasya and Poornmasi. Because of wrong notions spread by so-called pandits people have spread wrong information about these two days.

There are no ghosts as per Vedas. For 13 days souls are sleeping stage (shushupt stage) and then they are put in body. When can they become ghosts?

Poornmasi comes to give complete knowledge. You should worship by Yajyen on that day with the knowledgeable of Vedas. God gives many benefits.

You should not leave sadhna in family life. You get wealth as well. Without sadhna, you will not remove your doubts. Without listening Vedas, you will not know difference between things like what is alive and what is non-alive. God is saying that those who do not know the difference and will worship non-alive, they will go in darkness.

You should do good deeds. Body one day has go on pyre. If I have done good deeds then I will go in the family of Rishis. If I have not done good deeds then I will get pain. If you do not listen Vedas and do not have knowledge then you keep getting obstacles throughout in your life and get bad births. This is a cycle that you need go cross. We should not get in these cycles. You should get over them and get the knowledge of Vedas after listening to Rishis. They should do Yajyen. They should not enter births where they do not get Vedic knowledge (like of animals).

We should know the meaning of Sambhuti and Asambuti. We should also know what Vidya (knowledge) is and Avidya (false knowledge) is. If someone doesn’t understand, you can ask me 100s of times. It is your opportunity to become intelligent.

Avidya is ‘apavitra ko pavitra’ (impure as impure). This body is dirty. There is dirt in nose, eyes, ears, and also has excreta in it. People try to beautify it.

Another Avidya is that people consider dukh as sukh (pain as pleasure). People say that they have got their daughters married off and they have no responsibilities. You didn’t do Yogabhyas and Yajyen, which was your main responsibility. You have filled your pitcher with sins. Now you are saying that you have no responsibilities. It is also a sin.

Third kind of advidya is anatma as atma (non-alive as alive). This body is dead. People do not know that this body is dead. It has alive soul. That’s why it is moving and its organs are working. We have been listening to knowledge from those who are immersed in dhyaan.

You will cross over the pain and sadness of death and will leave this body with pleasure. Like with pleasure you can go from one room to the other. Without knowledge of Vedas there is bad stage of everyone. You are blessed by God that you listen to Vedas.