Swamiji conducted Yajyen and shared his preach from Vedas. In his divine preach, he said:

Everytime, everywhere you should remember that God is everywhere in each part of the world and He is watching you everytime. I keep explaining you again and again and you should remember. There are souls of each living beings. Over 6 billion souls are as human beings. There are a very large number of souls in other living beings. There is a world of these souls, where God resides as well. (Chetan Jagat)

Then there is other world of non-living things, like mud, house, etc. bodies, etc. (Jag Jagat). In each part of that also is God. Everyone should know this.

Anyone who knows this then his fortune increases. He is called bhagyashali (lucky). Rishi also loves him. He gives him blessings also that my son knows that there are two jagats (world) and in each bit of them there is God. And He is seeing us.

You should do the responsibilities of family life and also do sadhna. You need both worldly progress and spiritual progress. When he starts doing sadhna then one day he will realise God since he is following the true path. Then he will not be left with any doubt. Before that he should listen to Vedas and it clears all doubts. People who have doubts don’t progress.

There are just few of you who do hard work for Yajyen. So, you get benefit.

Asambhuti is prakriti. The mantra says that after doing studies, you are just doing scientific discovery of prakriti that how the world was made, etc. I have explained you before how it was made. Power of God acts upon prakriti and first ‘mahat tatv’ is made.

When the whole world gets destroyed then it comes back in its original form. Those who spend time only in studying prakriti, they spoil their lives. Those who are indulged in things made by prakriti like bodies, moon, gold, etc. they go in deeper darkness.

Without Vedas no one can get pleasure. Even body gives you pain.

Oh God who lives in our breath (prann)! Donation of superior knowledge, and we should do namaskar by doing Yajyen/agnihotra at both times, we should listen to God’s praise, do Yajyen (in that also karm, upasana, jyaan), offerings aahutis, and we should never insult you. Please destroy our sins and donate us knowledge. Give us the knowledge of prann so that we may do pranayaam.

We should listen Vedas. Then he gives us complete knowledge. God that makes the items appear in this world (He makes everything). We must keep in Him in our chitt. In this world, the items that God has made appear, we should know these items. We should use them. We should destroy the sins by our deeds. We should destroy sins of all births. Through Yajyen, we should destroy these sins.

Agyaani doesn’t destroy karmphal. He has no knowledge of Vedas. He gets pain from the result of his deeds. Gyaani doesn’t get pain. If someone sin remains then God gives him power to bear it and one day this sin gets destroyed. Agyaani does some other worship and his sins don’t get destroyed. He starts doing other deeds. He gets into anger, etc.

Gyaani’s deeds don’t give him pain.. We should keep doing Yajyen, etc. so our deeds get destroyed.