Swamiji conducted weekly Yajyen, which is conducted on every Sunday and Monday. In his divine preach, he shared:

Do as many Yajyen you can do – they fulfil desires, increase age, etc. It is the biggest spiritual deed. Yogabhyas is not bigger than this. It is a very big spiritual deed. I had explained from Chandogya Upnishad that this is world is like someone has kept us bound and gagged and left us in the forest. We cannot see and we cannot get any path. If someone opens our eyes, and frees us, and asks where we have come from? And tells us the way and directions. If we follow that path we can reach our destination.

These eyes are always closed. These eyes open with knowledge. If we don’t hear knowledge these are closed.

Our destination is to realise God. We have the cover of false knowledge. We do not think of God but think of bad deeds. With the knowledge and instructions of a Rishi, people go in the direction of God. Till the age of 60 you should remember God and earn money by working hard. You will have problems in life if you are not paying attention towards realising God. You should have more focus on realization. After the age of 60 you need more and more Gurubhakti. Gurubhakti means to stay close to Acharya and please him with your service, and attain knowledge and hear Yajyen.

The knowledge of Yogabhyas is rare. If people do the Prannayam that was preached then the buddhi can become ekgrah. You should become deserving (adhikari). You should not have any doubt our Rishi and he can give you knowledge with pleasure. The knowledge which has been given is enough to enter dev yoni but you need more to realise. If not in this birth then next.

Age increases by Yajyen and problems get obliterated. Age does not increase by celebrating birthday. It reduces. Do Yajyen and then celebrate happiness on birth. In four Vedas, six shashtras and upnishads there is no description of celebrating birthday or there is any order. The biggest problem is that the gifts given on birthdays. It is not as per Vedas. It is ok if you have potential but if someone does not have then how to give? These gifts are not ok. Till chocolate it is fine. As per Vedas it is not there then why celebrate? First is God and then the world. You can do Yajyen anytime. You can celebrate birthdays but put a restriction on gifts. You should definitely do havan on birthdays and you can inform about Yajyen.

I have been taken out of death by the blessings of God. A lot of disciples also been saved by Yajyen and the age has increased. If the age has increased then you should increase Yajyen. All the three lokas benefit. You should become Yajmaan. You donate and Yajyen happens, and the life increases, wealth increases, pleasure increases and there are unlimited benefits. You should do Yajyen. We are sitting in the lap of God. To listen Vedas is tap. You are listening to original Ved Vanni.

There are many good signs of spreading of the knowledge of Vedas. A lot of disciples keep sharing knowledge with others. They also get requests from others to learn havan.

When Yajmaan and Vidvaan do Yajyen together then sins get destroyed. We have done sins in the past births then only we are born. If we do not have the knowledge of Vedas then unknowingly you do sins. A lot of sins are there to bear which are in the storage of sanchit karm. You should listen in Yajyen with ekagrah vritti. You are Yajmaan and your Acharya is Vidvaan. When Yajmaan and Acharya do havan then sins gets destroyed.

What you have earned till the age of 50-60, it is enough. You may stay in grahasta but should not leave Yajyen, agnihotra, etc. As soon as we leave them, we become sinners. Yajyen is the method to destroy sins. We should do devpooja, sangatikaran and daan. If your sins get destroyed then the result will be pleasure. These don’t let us be happy. These should be destroyed and that’s why you should do Yajyen.

Yajyen destroys sins then why we shouldn’t keep doing it? Agnihotra also weakens sins and improves knowledge. You should take time off grahyasta and do Yajyen. If someone has money and can spend on traveling to come for Yajyen, they should spend. People who go to the adobe of an Acharya they get the special benefit and not others. You should go to the residence of acharya and put aahutis. This is the order of God.

Money, after spending in family, whatever is left you can donate also from it. You may give less donation but you can spend on traveling for Yajyen. If you do not have enough money then you can come less. There is no other way except the blessings of Acharya to destroy sins. God does not forgive sins except Devebhi Manushe Jane (from Rishis). He makes it clear that the sins may be forgiven during Yajyen. It is the best deed. Here is nothing bigger than it.

People say that I have got my daughter’s married. In case there is Yajyen in that then it is a superior deed otherwise no.

Shatpath Brahman Granth says that Yajmaan is the body of Yajyen. In case the body is there the Yajyen will happen otherwise no. You should be happy when donating. The seat of the donor is next to God. Yajmaan gets Yajyen done which destroys sins. If someone doesn’t donate then these misers are punished by God.

You should even sacrifice yourself to do Yajyen. People come from near and far. People come with Shraddha but still do not understand the significance, value, knowledge, structure, etc. of Yajyen. When Yajmaan and Acharya do Yajyen then the sins keep getting destroyed. You should not have doubt over a Rishi as it destroys everything.

God has said in few mantras that the knowledgeale of Vedas (a Rishi) is more superior to Him. I (God) give knowledge just one at the time of creation.

God is formless and does not speak. Without worshipping God you cannot get any pleasure. I (God) am in Vedas. Vedas are with Vidvaan. So don’t come to me (God) but go to a Vidvaan. People are foolish if they say that they are worshipping God alone.

Without worshipping God there is no pleasure. Without Vedas there is no bhakti of God. You should listen to their pravachan. There is no vachan similar to theirs. Without them there is no Vedas. There shelter is shelter of Vedas.

Somai, etc. are names of God. You should recite with lovingly and not too fast.

Acharya is also delighted when you come for Yajyen. Three lokas benefit. You and all other living beings benefit. There is no deed bigger than Yajyen. Aahutis of all four Vedas happens by Yajyen. Devpooja (worship of God) happens in Yajyen. Knowledge comes from Yajyen.

One side God says that money of no one. On the other hand, He says that you should get the pleasure of it (tyakten bhunjeetha).

God gives such pleasure that no desires remain. Sadhna makes your desires less. When these are less then you get pleasure. You should have good desires like for family, house, to do Yajyen, etc. God will fulfil these desires sometime if you keep doing Yajyen but He will suppress your other worldly desires. After your desires end then you get the pleasure of realising God.

Bhunjeetha – to do grahan (to accept). How to accept it with sacrifice? Mann, Buddhi and Chitt should be focused on God and Rishi. You should do good deeds. If your mind and buddhi is in deeds then you will start doing bad deeds as well. You should practice daily. You should do so much sadhna that God makes this stage. This is the meaning of ten tyakten bhunjitha.

Don’t be greedy. You should accept with sacrifice. If you have doubt then how will they keep their mind and intellect on God and Acharya?

We live to do the bhakti of God. He is inside us if we are not lazy. We take Him with us 24/7.

God stays alone. He doesn’t need anything. During the time of destruction, there is nothing. He does not need anything. He is inside you. You should search for Him in sadhna. Whosoever has come, like Sri Ram, etc. they have got the ready earth. They had the benefit of womb of a mother. God does not take birth from the womb of a mother.

He is inside you and outside you. You should know the God who lives during pralay and protects soul and prakriti. When the time of creation comes, He uses prakriti to create the world and as per deeds gives bodies to souls. You should know God who makes the creation and Vedas come from Him.

Anu is afterwards. After realising God after yogabhyas and Samadhi. When you know the world like your soul. Do not keep any difference. If you should keep trying and keep doing sadhna, yogabhyas, etc. Your next birth also may be spent as such then if you realise God then you will find all souls are like you only. You will like to give them similar benefits as yours. You will not have attachment, hatred, etc. These attachments, hatred, etc. is destroying the world. You should do sadhna. Without sadhna this stage won’t come.

After you realise God, you will know all the souls as yourself. These are very deep mantras and it is not possible to share their meanings. You keep getting new meanings.

The mantra says that you will not have any doubt. There is doubt in the world as we do not have realization. This stage comes after yogabhyas and getting Samadhi. Till this stage comes, you cannot even realise. Main thing is to do sadhna – do service, yogabhyas, Yajyen, etc. With that everything like this comes.

After this book I do not plan to write more books. As much as I live, I want to keep doing Yajyen.

God has made just one sutra for everyone with high posts that they are entering darkness. You hear about Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, etc. So many years have happened. Sri Ram did not think that what will happen to my palaces after death. He had realised God and had complete knowledge of Vedas.

One year is made from joining one, two, three days. So many years have passed. The new cars which are there now will become old one day. Anyone who realises now that we are getting food, water, money, etc. given by God. We should spend more time doing sadhna. To our children we should ask them to sit in asan. When they grow older, they will do themselves. Our body is made like this that we can do asan, pranayama, etc. Only this body can do pravachan, yogabhyas, etc. If we falter then we falter.

Andham tamah pravishanti includes all those who have studies like scientists, doctors, engineers, etc. People are doing different discoveries, etc. They are going in darkness. They have not understood God. They have left Him and are busy in their own worldly things. It is good that the scientists have sent Chandrayaan in space but if you look from the side of God it is Andham Tamah Pravishanti. They are doing discovery. If like our Rishi Munis they were progressing spiritually and also in science then they would have been successful easily and will get immersed in pleasure. All big scientists cannot search anything if they spend their whole life. If they had both knowledge, they would have discovered quickly.

There is a scientist who asked a question about prakriti on Vedmandir.com. It can be searched there. It is an important question and would not be deleted.

Einstein regretted in the end that he wasted his life by following science. In the next birth he said he won’t like to be a scientist. In the last time, everyone regrets. Eyes, etc. stop working.

People who pursue only the objects made by creation (such as money, cars, etc.) are immersed in even greater darkness. How will it be beneficial to stay in darkness? It will be full of sorrows. These days everyone is immersed in sorrows. You should understand it again and again.

Main thing is that we should listen Vedas and put aahutis of Vedas. Our life becomes successful. People should know the meanings of these mantras and imbibe it in their lives. You and your family will achieve a good stage. May your good desires get fulfilled!