Swamiji performed Yajyen and shared a divine preach from Vedas. He shared:

You are fortunate that you listen to Brahmgyaan in this yug. With this knowledge 15 generations can go to towards realization. The meaning of Kavi is poet in Hindi but in divine Sanskrit it is ‘Kraantdarshi God’. Kraantdarshi – As many times shristi has been made or destroyed, He has seen it. The earth has been created and destroyed unlimited times. In every earth He has seen the deeds of everyone. He sees everyone. In this shristi also He is seeing everyone, everytime. He is also there in Sun, Moon, etc. He is seeing everything that is happening there. His name is also Kavi. He has seen everything as many times the creation has been made or destroyed.

All the things that have been made in this world, He has seen. He lives in everything. He sees as He is in everything. There is no place that He is not there. If you are unable to understand the meaning of Sanskrit then you will get sanskaars and in future you will be able to know the meaning. You should keep remembering the bhavarth (meaning).

He does dharan (retention) of our strength. He has kept our strength. He is also in our body. He has done dharan of everything. A wrestler’s strength is nothing in comparison of God. All strength is due to the blessings of God.

It is the praise of God. He is in every object of the world. He is in every bit of the world. He is also inside us. He has done dharan of the light of the sun. Our body is stable and we are breathing as God has done dharan. If he doesn’t do that then we won’t live. He is in everything. We should worship such God.