Swamiji conducted Yajyen today from Ved Mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

If you progress both spiritually and materialistically then that is true progress in life. More your devotion and service increases, more pleasure you will get in life. In Yajyen ashirwaad become siddh and everyone gets it. In Yajyen God becomes prakat and it is the worship of God. You get great blessings in Yajyen.

You should remember these Ved Mantras (of 40th adhyaye of Yajurveda) by heart. This knowledge has nothing to do with studies. It is good that you have good education. Vedas are learnt from the very start. You should listen carefully. There is one God in this world (ekatvat). In the whole world only one God should be worshipped. Different Gods have been made by humans. Rules of God don’t change. Many Gods won’t come due to humans worshipping several Gods. Only God was worshipped earlier. When one realises one God then there is no attachment or grief.

You should not grieve for those departed. If many Gods are worshipped then there will remain a lot of attachment. What is that God? He is described in the next mantra.

God has unlimited qualities. If you remember just a little of His qualities then you come to know His all qualities. God is omnipresent. He is everywhere. He is in our heart. He can be remembered anywhere. You can do havan or name jaap anywhere. Sri Ram would do Yajyen in forests. He is everywhere.

His other quality is Shukram. He has unlimited power. His other quality is Akayam. He has no body. He is formless. Those who worship a physical form, as per this mantra, it is wrong.

You cannot make a hole in Him since He has no body. He has no nervous system, intestines, etc. He is formless. He is pure and away from sins. He doesn’t need to be bathed. He doesn’t get dirty. He gives everything to everyone. He has unlimited treasures. They never get empty. You can take anything from Him. He has unlimited quantity of them. You can ask in Yajyen and Agnihotra.

He is away from the results of deeds. He is Kavi – Krantdarshi – He was there in the past. He sees everything. No one has a power like Him to see everything. He can see everything in other creations too. He knows what is in the minds of everyone (Manishi). The one who does sins, He punishes (Paribhu). He is Swayambhu – No one has made Him. He is there because of Himself. There is no one inside Him. With truth, He preaches Vedas. Vedas have originated from Him. When the creation is made, He gives the knowledge of Vedas.

The knowledge comes out from Him during the time of creation. God has given some of His qualities in this mantra. This knowledge has to be listened from the learned of Vedas. They don’t leave a doubt and explain us knowledge.

From Advidya you get over the pain of death. From Vidya you realise God. If you keep following this knowledge then you will get over all problems. You should keep listening this knowledge. Even by listening it can help you cross over.

Oh God! You do kripa by uniting us with knowledge of Vedas, wealth, and many products like food, iron, gas, silver, gold, etc. You should give us complete age (100 years or upto 400 years). We should get good qualities in us (like mercy, dharam, etc.) You need to make our mind pure by listening to Rishi. Then you keep getting blessings of God and you get unlimited products, peace, long-life, etc. When acharya says, we should listen so that our things may get siddh (complete). You should give us all. God makes the prayers and we have to listen. When you listen, your age increases. You have unlimited types of pleasure and products. We should keep listening and do Yajyen.

God is the source of unlimited pleasure. We should get the pleasure and it should increase. You give us the knowledge of Vedas so that we get unlimited types of pleasure is our life. We should listen to knowledge, and we should have many vehicles. You should give this all to us. You keep listening to prayers and one day you will get this. It doesn’t become waste.

You should keep doing Yajyen for those who were not falling Vedas, at least once a year. One day they will enter manushya yoni. Those who have faith on Rishi and follow Vedic path will definitely have a good future life as a human. We should keep doing Yajyen for the departed, us, family, etc.

You will certainly get these pleasures. One day you will get such pleasures and you will continue the worship of God. With these pleasures, the worship doesn’t stop. It continues.