Swami Ram Swarupji conducted Yajyen from Ved mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

Today we talk about Sri Ram but no one follows his path. Sri Krishna also says that to attain siddhi in hardly anyone in lakhs or crores, makes an effort. When Sri Krishna was giving this preach to Arjun, this yug had already started. In crores hardly anyone will make any effort to do yogabhyas, naam simran, havan, Yajyen, etc. They will be just after money. Now hardly anyone follows Vedic path.

People follow their own paths. Even so, people talk more about these paths and hardly follow them. God has made Vedic path which talks about serving parents, name jaap, go to ashram of an Acharya to get knowledge – they will give you both knowledge of God and also worldly. This knowledge has been given in Vedas. Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Kuru Raja, Puru Raja, etc. they had got such inspiration that they would take the knowledge and would do Yajyen and also manage their kingdom well. There was only Vedic path then. From the last 2,500 years we have made our own paths.

Do the deeds prescribed in Vedas and get liberated. Do not do your own things like the superstitions of today. You should follow the preaching that has been prescribed in Vedas. About deeds also it is said that we should do the deeds prescribed in Vedas and then you no deed will affect you adversely. You will only get good result.

Gayatri mantra is chanted by the world and people consider it pure but till we do not understand the meaning of the mantra then we do not get the complete benefit. This is adhyan. God has asked to follow both materialistic and spirituall adhyan. To listen Vedas and read shashtra is spritiual study. God has asked to do both. Just a single study is dangerous. We should keep doing worship so that we get pleasure. We should keep doing hard work. Till the time the body stays fine, the soul stays in the body. When the body gets sick or the palpitations end then the soul leaves the body. One day the soul has to leave the body. One day we have to go. We do not study ourselves and Vedas that means that we do not know that our next birth will be bad. Without listening Vedas, we do not get pleasure and will not know about God. If one leaves at 100 years or at 200 years, one has to leave.

When go out of station then we prepare for it – do packing, etc. One day death will come but we do not prepare for leaving the body. This preparation is spiritualism. This tapah goes with you and protects you. If you say that money will go with you then God says no. The money goes with no one. You should not be greedy so that you are able to leave properly. This spiritual progress will go with you. You need to earn money also and also earn dharm.