God says that you should become Yogi and Yogini. You don’t listen carefully and are not jigyasu

Eshaye Yoni – they give pleasure. No one wishes for sadness but it comes. There is a lack of proper listening of Vedas.

Today I am explaining about Yogabhyas. Yajurved is karm kand. You have to do these deeds. There are other deeds as well that you need to do. If you do Yogabhyas then your avidya (false knowledge) will get removed. The diseases will go as well.

You should understand that without worship of God, yogabhyas, etc. there is no pleasure. Even if you become the richest person in the world, people keep bearing sadness. Why? Because all their life they have earned wealth, buildings, servants, and have considered them as source of pleasure. Without worship of God they are a source of sadness.

If we do not do such deeds such as focusing on naam jaap, yogabhayas, etc. we will not get pleasure. Money will not give pleasure. It is a misconception that money will give you pleasure. Shabri did not have money but she is worshipped. In the forest were Sri Ram, Sita and Laxmann had to sleep on the floor, and eat kand-mool (raw food grown undernearth or above the ground), but they were full of pleasure. They would keep doing Yajyen and preaching of Rishis. If they understood that the palaces have pleasure then they could not have left them. Even Dashrath ran after their chariot to get them back. Darshrath never asked them to go to the forests. Kaikayi had asked for the boon.

Kings who had a lot of wealth would leave everything and go to the forests. They would go barefoot and go wearing yellow clothes. They knew that forests have pleasure. They would keep their mind and buddhi on God and Rishi and would do their daily routines.

Sampaati was brother of Jatayu, and he was also a king. He also left everything and went to the forests. These days no one is taking interest. There are just a few of you who are listening. That is why Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansaar – Guru Nanak says that the world world is sad.

If you do yogabhyas then you would be away from klesh (conflict) and dukh (sadness). Irrespective of the gender, Acharya would preach that you don’t forget God – do Yajyen, naam simran, yogabhyas, and do other duties. No one can move God. He is running the world. He is called Manishi (knows everyone’s mind), Param Bhu, Swayam Bhu, etc.

Yogabhyas removes sorrows and can take you towards realization. Then only ‘Shandah Asti’ – there is peace and pleasure in it. People keep saying that there maybe peace after someone dies. The peace happens by yogabhyas, service, Yajyen, etc. while being alive. No one gets peace after death. If we have the knowledge of Vedas then we should do Yajyen for them. One day they will get peace. With the deeds by which you increase peace, like our ancestors, earlier and current Rishis, yogabhyas, Yajyen, etc. (Bahirishi – God that gives pleasure). God is already there in your heart. He starts giving you pleasure from inside. He also gives wealth, etc. from outside.

Those who do not follow Vedic path they go in bad yonis and even in human life they are like animals. You have to take time out everytime for sadhna. Did you do yogabhyas, naam simran, listen Vedas, sadhna, etc. If not, God will give you bad yonis. Some people even go mad and then get born in bad yonis. People do not know this. They keep getting entangled in worldly deeds like a mad man after forgetting God.

Those who do yog sadhna and remain in pleasure, and protect yog bal (power/strength of realization), you should go to those yogis, and they may give you that knowledge. I have shared deep knowledge. If you are unable to grasp then when can I do? No yogi can give knowledge unless someone becomes jigyasu and becomes deserving. I am sharing this since 1978. They know that this knowledge helps you realise and you may get knowledge from them, and practice. With that only there is protection from all types.

In this mantra a lot of qualities of a yogi are described. They have qualities like Shauch (purity), Santosh (satisfaction), etc. His nature is of pleasure. Whomsoever he gives knowledge, and makes them practice, they will also get pleasure. With yogvidya various kleshas (problems) are destroyed. There are several pages full of such qualities. There is unlimited knowledge in Vedas. If you just listen to a little.. They should not get even a little angry with you. If they get angry with you it means that mountains have shattered and the earth has been torn.

There is growing awareness that Yajyen should be done. But people who say do not hear Vedas. They are not aware completely. You should go to the knowledgeable of Vedas. The main benefit of Yajyen is not physical but spiritual.

Yajyen spreads purity. We are able to destroy a lot of pollution due to Yajyen. If even half of India does Yajyen then pollution will be destroyed of the whole world. These shubh din kahan aane walen hai ab? (Will these good daysever come?) In the earlier times there was no house that did not do agnihotra. Valmiki Ramayan also said the same. It is a great misfortune that havan is not happening now.

The voice comes from God. The books are not Vedas. Yajyen spreads purity and makes air pure. If it spreads then violence and pollution will end. People will live together. If someone progresses then you should become happy. If you become sad looking at someone’s progress then you will get sadness.

You should never stop doing Yajyen. Without Yajyen you will not get pleasure. If you leave Yajyen then God also leaves you to get sorrows. Vedas are full of unlimited knowledge. Yajyen gives pleasures, removes diseases, spreads purity, destroys pollution, etc. Yajmaan and Vidvaan should never stop doing Yajyen.

Yajyen spreads purity by hundreds of ways and gives pleasure. God says durat api yantah (come from far as well for Yajyen0. You should do Yajyen coming from near and far. God may give us this blessing that He may make this world pure (including 33 jad devtas). In that air, sun, moon, etc. also come. God may make us pure also. He will make our mind pure also and we will be full of pleasure.

You may get the knowledge of three types of vannis from Rishi. You take any mantra, it is full of pleasure. With galatfaimy (misconception), people are looking for pleasure in worldly things. You have got the knowledge that we should go for Yajyen and also organize. If you do not get the knowledge from Yajyen then you remain foolish and you don’t become devi, devta. If someone meets with a Rishi then he becomes knowledgeable. We have come to become devta and devi. We haven’t come here to become demon. You should get Yajyen done for our family. If you have not understood what is preached then it is just materialistic pleasure. If the materialism only remains then you will remain sad.

My children may follow Vedic path and may also give Vedic knowledge to the world. For God what matters is how much attention you have in Yajyen and how much have you imbibed in your life? Also, Guru’s order should not be ignored. If Guru’s order comes then your fame increases in the world. Knowledgeable of Vedas nowadays do not give orders that cannot be followed.

Tapasya and truth spreads the world over. Listen, understand and imbibe knowledge in your life. This body is given for Yajyen. Vayevastha – our organs (sense and deed organs) should be united with Yajyen. It spreads purity. Without Yajyen, our food, clothes, etc. are left over from demons.

I have explained that we should do Yajyen and name jaap. We have been born for that.

Swishtkrite mantra is made for destroying sins. We should not leave the Vedic path. By doing prayaschit, you can obliterate sins made in this birth and other births of not following Vedas. God’s pratishta (establishment of faith), adar maan samman (respect), etc. happens in Yajyen only. By Yajyen even the rain will be pure which will get good food. Here purity has been spread by Yajyen. It gives pleasure. Yajyen causes purity and gets good qualities all around. The one that goes near cowdung and urine, they do not get cough and even their lungs get cleared.

You should do havan daily. It is the worship of God and it spreads purity. You should do daily both times. We should worship Him by doing havan.

When people reach Ved Mandir, they get the benefit of complete Yajyen. There is immense benefit of listening at home as well. Samvsantah – after reaching their adobe, worship God by Yajyen. One day you will get pleasure if you do Yajyen on Poornmasi.