Swami Ram Swarupji conducted Yajyen and shared his divine preach. In his preach, he said:

If you do Yajyen and havan since young age then you will not be affected by diseases at an old age. Yajyen is when you go to the ashram of a Rishi and listen Vedas. The rule made by God is that Yajyen is the best deed. Agnihotra is great as well. God has made Yajyen with superlative degree that there is nothing bigger than it.

People should progress both spiritually and materialistically. Also, they should do their duties towards their country. They should follow Vedic path. Sri Ram did all his duties. He is source of our inspiration. We should not just earn and sleep, and we shouldn’t just entangled in spiritualism – both are sins. We need to bear the sins. The time of leaving the world comes after 50+ years. Then only worship of God. Or if someone is vairagyavaan (detached) and takes sanyas. Otherwise both progress should be together.

We should understand that the next birth will be in bad yonis because in this life he has just done four things – eat, sleep, bhay (fear) and maithunya (attraction towards opposite gender). The 5th quality that differentiates us from animals is dharm. Dharm is to do the deeds that have been prescribed in Vedas. Dharm is not religion – it is made by man. Dharm is made by God. Men cannot invent dharm. Vedas orginate from God. Vedah Akhilah Dharamam Moolam – the root of dharm is Vedas. That’s where it originates. You should do the deeds prescribed in Vedas.

The things that have been said by man – to worship ghosts, etc. is a great sin. To do things against Vedas is a sin like various kinds of worship, vastu, etc. To speak the truth, to stay away from lies, respect parents, shouldn’t cheat, etc. – to do these is dharm. We should be called devi and devta. The deeds that are against Vedas are sin. The do deeds as per Vedas give you pleasure. To do otherwise is a sin and they give sorrows. You shouldn’t do such deeds.

We should be rich. We shouldn’t be poor. You should try to earn as much as money in youth. You should earn money in a way that your spiritualism shouldn’t stop. Such money should be let go of. You shouldn’t say that I don’t have time for yogabhyas, havan or Yajyen. Your bhakti shouldn’t stop. This wealth is of no one (permanently). One day you have to go. It will give you pleasure. If you earn leaving aside spiritualism then it will not stay with you and cause conflicts. What is the use of such money? If you are born as a human being then you have to do bhakti. If you do not do then there is destruction.

Marriage is vivaah sanskaar. People call pandit and do marriage. Just some places do real vivaah sanskaar as per mantras. It will give you pleasure. You will do that deed but then you will not get the adverse result thereof. It will never happen that you will forget dharm, parents, Acharya, etc.

If you do deeds according to the Vedas then you will not bear the result of the deeds. If you do not bear the results then your moksh happens. Otherwise you have to get birth again and again. You should lead your life according to Vedas. If you do deeds against Vedas then you will need to come back to bear the results thereof. God doesn’t even spare those who have realised God. If someone has realised God but if he does some deeds against Vedas then he may have to be born again to bear the deeds.

You must have heard about the story of Jadbharat. He had realised. In a forest he saw an offspring of a deer and he took care of it. When he was leaving the body, he remembered who would take care of it after he leaves? He had to take birth again and bear the sin of attachment. You should be scared of the rules of God. You should not do sins. You should be scared that God will give you the result. If you do according to Vedas then you won’t have to bear the results.

If you do not follow Vedas then God gives you bad yonis – as humans they will be like Ravann, Kans, Shroopnakha, Hidimba, etc. or will be born as animals. People bear sorrows due to attachment. It is hard to bear even if a thorn pricks you. God gives such sorrows that are extremely difficult – severe diseases, disability, etc.

We get body according to our deeds. If we do bad deeds, you will get the yonis that we all hate. If you leave the body that is death. As long as you stay in the body, the death doesn’t happen. Like someone has to leave a room, due to any reason. Like he didn’t pay rent and the landlord removed him. He has become homeless. He doesn’t have a home. Where does he go? He will keep moving round. He doesn’t know where he will go.

We are souls. We live in this body. God is also inside. At the time of death, we leave it. We become homeless. God has made such a system that He doesn’t leave us homeless. If you do good deeds, you will have old age and you will have to leave the body then He will give us similar body since we have worshipped Him. Otherwise when we leave this body, He will give a body according to our deeds – scorpion, etc. since we got human body and we didn’t do His bhakti. We will get sorrows in every birth and will get bad death.

If we understand that we get Gurubhakti and we keep getting knowledge under his shelter then our next life will become good. We will be born in the kul of yogis. We will get a chance of bhakti again. Once a chance will come, if we keep doing bhakti in every birth, then moksh happens. Then we will be in merriment forever. We have got this body to realise. Your next birth maybe of a human since no other body can do worship. We should be serious towards our life. We shouldn’t just be indulged in eating, sleep, etc.

Without worship all the deeds are sinful. God says that you have got human body and you should stay alert. The world attracts you towards it. After 13 days the new birth happens. As per the deeds, you can get yoni. God will send you the body of an animal, bird, etc. This is important to understand. No one understands this. It is difficult that someone understands this. Again you get indulged in badness. It is rare that someone resolves that I will not do bad deeds, do responsibilities and not leave sadhna.

Now the question is what the name of God is. There are two types of names of God. One is that has been given by humans.  Like in Treta, Sri Ram was born. We have named God Ram. Earlier no one would called God as Ram. Earlier there were no temples around 2,500 years ago. We kept God’s name as Ram. God has shared His names in Vedas. These are shared by Rishis. No one else can share.

God’s name is that was said by Dashrath, his father and his family. The world was made 1 Arab, 97 crore years back. At that time no one said God, Ram, Krishna, Allah, etc. At that time there were no religions. These great people were not born.

This name is required now. You should do the worship that has been done since the start of this earth. The same worship is required now. People have changed and have made their own paths and names of God.

The truth is that when the creation was made and the ones before that, the name that has been coming. Bhu, Bhuwah, Savita, etc. God has shared His names in Vedas. Today people have ignored those. People have made their own names and God is unhappy. Under this unhappiness, He punishes people.

He says that you stay on this earth, I give you food (pulses, cereals, etc.), water, etc. and you worship someone else. I have given you these ears, eyes, etc. and you worship someone else. God says that I will destroy you. In the true sense the whole world is getting destroyed. Peace is not visible anywhere. There is no peace or pleasure anywhere. It is given by God and Rishi then only his knowledge works. You get wealth, peace, long life, diseases get destroyed, etc.

We have to do jaap of the name that was there before the creation and will remain even after this creation ends. The worldly names will not remain in the next creation. In the next creation Vedas will remain and the names in Vedas will remain. The name that has been coming eternally, we need to do jaap of those.

The good deeds that have been prescribed under Vedas like controlling organs, not to do anger, etc. then only deeksha will give you pleasure. Then wealth increases and sorrows get obliterated. With peace he does name jaap, asan, prannayam and household duties. When sadhna is done then you realise God. You need to improve the environment that you live in. You should remove the environment of bad language, etc. You should keep getting more knowledge from Acharya.