Swami Ram Swarupji conducted Yajyen from Ved mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

People rarely remember about God. He gives us everything. After we are born, people get knowledge of their relatives like mother, father, uncle, etc. They get troubles in life only as we forget about God. Gurubaani says that ‘Parmeshwar Te Bhuliyan Vyapein Sab Rog.’ Without God, there is no pleasure. If someone knows this then he will just get pleasure. In case they have deeds from previous births to bear then God gives them strength to bear them.

If you hear about the time before. The birth would happen with Punsvan sanskaar. With every activity, people would do Yajyen and will do with the order of God. Earlier it was arranged according to Vedas. All sanskaars would keep happening. Even the small kids would have the sanskaars and everyone would understand what is God. People would have high posts but would never leave havan. They would keep the memory of God fresh. Why we remember the earlier times? They were better since everyone’s house they would have continuous remembrance of God. Havan, Yajyen would happen and the knowledgeable of Vedas would keep coming. Earlier they would remember God. They would not get sick. The mosquitoes would not bite.

Without deeksha nothing works. The age increases and money comes. And so many pleasures would come. The difference in current time and before is that even before birth sanskaars would start happening. With birth jaatkarm sanskaar would happen. It increases age. This method of sanksaars is made by God. In Vedas only, it is mentioned that what is God. You cannot worship God as per your own will. Sri Ram, etc. would listen to Vedas and do Yajyen. That’s why they are called worshipable. Shri Ram was not worshipable as he was the king. He had realised God and knew everything. He would follow his duties and would teach others to follow their deeds. He would stick to the truth and never lie. He would always have a good character. He has many good qualities. He is worshipable according to his qualities. He had done crores of Yajyen. His reign is not talked about by anyone in this world since Valmiki Ramyan talks about the reign of his father Dashrath. He had done several good initiatives.  Sri Krishna was also like that.

Disciples of both of them currently do not do Yajyen or listen Vedas. If we follow their path then it is their true worship. We should not earn money in their name. Parents should be like that they listen to Vedas and follow them. Children also should serve them. Serving parents has been described in Vedas.

We should also listen to Vedas like Sri Ram, etc. and imbibe them in their lives. It gives me pleasure that people come from near and far to attend Yajyen. It is the order of God that you should come from far also for Yajyen. The birth is for this only. Only after that you do hard work for family. God will help you. We have forgotten Yajyen and service towards parents. God has also starting punishing. Without the will of God there is nothing,

Bhaj Govindam – Serve, Govindam – God that has won the entire earth. We should live according to Vedas. It is possible only if we keep listening to Vedas.

God is the giver. He cannot be served normally like by offering him food, etc. that you do for a statue. He gives food, shelter, clothes, etc. Service is when a good father gives an order to a son, he follows the order. The service of God is to follow His orders. Bhaj Govindam is to follow orders of 5 (mata, pita, guru, athithi, parmeshwar). To do aarti is not described in Vedas.

When death happens, everything is left here. The bookish knowledge is of no use when the death comes and before. Except Yajyen, service, havan, sadhna, etc. – in death nothing else helps. When you sit in Yajyen, you will understand even if you do not know even a word of Sanskrit. When you come in Yajyen, you will get the knowledge of Vedas. One who sits in Yajyen does tapah. God has ordered that you should listen Vedas from your ears. You should not wish for excessive wealth. Money doesn’t give pleasure. When you worship then God protects us. There is no bigger sin than just eating and earning money. As per Vedas there are unlimited yonis to be in (like ant, duck, etc.) They do not have a body like yours. This body can listen Vedas, sit in meditation, prananyaam, name jaap, serve parents, etc. If you do not worship God in this birth then you will immerse in immense sea of sadness.

After listening Vedas, you should get your body on truth. You should make your mind away from trishna (desires). They will go by sadhna – Yajyen, name jaap, etc. When you do good deeds, what you are getting, it will give you pleasure. Without worship and Yajyen, the wealth takes them to death. It doesn’t give pleasure. People even kill each other. Yagvalk Rishi says that this wealth is in reality death. It is the leftover from demons.

As long as you earn money and keep giving to your family then they will talk to you and take care of you.

There are so many sorrows in this world. The whole world is immersed in sorrows.

As long as a person in breathing then people ask about their well being. As soon as a person dies then people say that take it from here. Soul is immortal. It only stays in the body till the body has prann vayu (breathing).

When you go to satsang then attachment ends. Soul never dies. It takes another form. Nobody dies in this world. People who listen Geeta become sad when someone dies, since they have not listened to Vedas. Geeta says that listen to Vedas.

When your attachment ends then your chitt goes towards God (nischal tatv). Right now you are doing satsang (sat: true sang: with). Satsang is when you are listening Vedas. Others are not considered satsang.

When people get very old their hopes do not end. If they do not end in one stage of your life then you get durgati (bad result). You should keep taking the name of God. Before doing anything you should keep remembering God first. Our body should do the best deed – Yajyen.

You can change your fortune by Yajyen. When you come to Yajyen then you have the blessings of God. We should listen to Vedas and that knowledge should come in my buddhi.

Animals cannot do new deeds. They need to bear their earlier deeds. Humans can do new deeds. They can destroy their deeds and realise God. We do not believe in God and have made our artificial Gods. No one can make God. He is born on His own. He is Swayam Bhu – no one can make Him. He is on His own. Nothing can be made from Him (like a potter uses mud).

God says that You use my organs, etc. and do not believe in me. Upakshanyti – I will take these organs. We have forgotten what the real definition of Almighty God is. He gives the knowledge of Vedas since unlimited times. No one else has these qualities. He does not take birth.

God wishes that no one should be poor. If you follow Vedas then you will have abundance of wealth.

People have taken away the blessings of havan. With the current worship, diseases, etc. have increased. With Yajyen diseases are obliterated. The first blessing of Om Ayant Idamatma is ‘Prajaya’. When we do not put its aahutis, the children are not protected. Many are diseased since birth. Without Yajyen and Vedas, people do not know that killing animals is a grave sin. You have to bear this. Vyas Muni says that one who has killed an animal, next birth the same animal will kill him. Even if it is form of another animal.

Earlier there would be an abundance of milk.

Third blessing is that the knowledge of Vedas should spread. People do not do havan and Yajyen and knowledge of Vedas is not being spread. Nowadays people fight over food and wealth. You cannot even eat in peace. If you forget God then the food is not getting increased. People are dying of hunger. The last blessing covers everything else.

You should put in aahutis by Shraddha, Love and with attention. Shraddha – the truth that is coming since unlimited time. There are have been unlimited earths. The truth and deeds that have been coming from unlimited time that is called Shraddha. God that is there since unlimited time, we need to have faith on Him. Havan also that has been coming from unlimited time – to have faith on them is called Shraddha. It is a great sin that the concentration does not remove from wordly things.

Sri Ram says that I am so unfortunate that my father has died. His friend Jatayu also has died. My wife also has been taken away. He said that if I jump in the sea that it may become dry due to my sins. One time came that Sri Ram and Lakshman were badly injured. Jaamvaan asked Vibhishan if Hanumanji is alive. Vibhishan said that you didn’t ask about Sri Ram’s well-being. He said that if Hanumanji is alive then we all will live.

Sri Ram never left the truth. He achieved victory. Today sin and lies are in vogue. Lies are popular everywhere. Even children have got the habit of lying. If you leave lies then only victory of truth will happen.

If you put aahutis in fire then maya (attachment) and enemies cannot affect you. If you put aahutis with love. God from whom Vedas have originated. If you worship Him then no one can deceive you. God is pleased when you do uccharan (recitation). You do not follow Vedas completely. I don’t know which world you get lost in. You should get lost in Vedas. God blesses those who do uccharan. You know uccharan but you do not use it rightly.

Punsvan Sanskaar’s last mantra says that you may get brave offspring in 10th month. The mother may never cry. Parents should not do anything adverse. Our children may become dev or devi. Shraddha is coming from unlimited time. God is not as such that has been made today. He doesn’t change. He doesn’t have a body. He is all powerful. He has unlimited strengths. I am explaining since 1978. People should become devta and devis. They should not have bad language or anger.

The baby may live for more than 100 years without any diseases. Souls live in three lokas. You give all of them peace by Yajyen if you have astha (faith) and Shraddha. If you do not then you will get a little punya. Yajyen is coming from unlimited times. Sri Ram also did crores of Yajyen. He gave a lot of daan (donation) and got many Yajyen. Shradda comes from unlimited time. It is needed. These mantras are anaadi (coming from unlimited time). I try to give you a lot of punya.

God is living everywhere. Where you are living, and everywhere, God is everywhere. The owner of everything is God. What is to fight for? I try to give my family and you knowledge in the same way. Everything belongs to God, nothing is ours. For some time He has given them to us. This body is also His. There is nothing mine. Before us, He was already there. God is stable in everything. He is in everything. There are souls. He is in Chetan jagat (souls) and jag jagat (non-alive world). You should accept it with detachment. Till you live, you should use it with detachment.

We worship God daily by Agnihotra, etc. Mann and Buddhi should be in Rishi, God or Yajyen. While living in this world we should do good deeds. God hates sin. You should not be greedy. God’s worship should be done with materialistic progress. One progress is dangerous. It causes conflicts. In this world a lot of fights happen. It happens due to greed. If greed ends then conflicts end. When someone takes deeksha and does good deeds and leaves sins, then he gets peace. Otherwise greed keeps increasing. God says that do not be greedy. Greed is of many forms.

With Dhritraastra’s greed he got his all sons killed. God says that you shouldn’t be greedy. This money becomes of nobody. No political party, Napolean, etc. could have it forever. You shouldn’t be greedy. With Yajyen you will get money and peace.

Ma Gridhah – don’t be greedy. This money belongs to nobody.

He is inside you and outside you – He is called God. You cannot keep Him in one place. You can do his havan/Pooja anywhere. You should do good deeds.

With Yajyen, completion happens. It is a very good deed. The punya that you have got will stay with you for several births. The place of the disciple should be in the feet of a Rishi. Whomsoever tries to get on their head, they get destroyed. God has unlimited qualities. Anyone who realises God also has delegation of power and his qualities cannot be described.