The whole world is in under distress due to coronavirus. It seems to be caused by China. God is the protector. He is remembered by Yajyen, agnihotra, name jaap, etc. When we pray to Him then disasters do not come and everything remains fine. 

ओ३म् ऋचो अक्षरे परमे व्योमन्यस्मिन्देवा अधि विश्वे निषेदुः। यस्तन्न वेद किमृचा करिष्यति य इत्तद्विदुस्त इमे समासते॥ (Rigved 1/164/39)

TAT NA VEDA If someone does not know God by sadhna, he worships anyone as per his will then RICHA KIM KARISHYATI what benefit will Ved Mantras give to him? Even for the whole life he keeps reading and keeps doing Agnihotra since he does not know who is called God. First we need to know God. He is one and will always remain one. We should understand this all. 

f we worship anyone except one God then brotherhood will end and conflicts will start. EKAM SADVIPRA – It is both in Yajurved and Rigved. There is one truth (God) but He has several names. People have made several Gods and it has destroyed peace. 

These mantras will be explained in detail later.