Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved Mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

It is good that people have Shraddha and they have started understanding the importance of Yajyen. You understand Yajyen and come for Yajyen.

As much as Yajyen you do, problems get over. These days people get busy and are unable to come for Yajyen. They can put aahuti from home. As you have heard, if someone comes to the adobe of an acharya, he gets more benefit.

Yog vidya is endless. It has originated from Ved Vidya. Ved Vidya is unlimited. Hence Yog Vidya is unlimited. The items, etc. described in Vedas are also endless.

It is such an astonishment that no politicians, businessmen, etc. are considering that our birth has been under the rules of God. Our birth is also spiritual. In the current times, after getting birth, and getting older, we get stuck in materialism and forget spiritualism.

I explained 7/4 mantra of Yajurved several times. It says Upyamgrahito.. It has Yam – Yam Niyam, etc. We should get near Yam, Niyam, etc. Soul, Yog Vidya is to be accepted. People do not accept it after getting born. They just keep getting entangled in maya (illusion). They are going against the order of God. They should learn this knowledge but they are just after money.

Urushvah – take the breath inside and leave. You have prann inside. You should do their nigrah (restraint). These will be explained by acharya but God is giving indications. People should take out time and try to become deserving. Lazy person will not know. People who used to critisize Rishi in youth, they have lost the time. They should make amends.

Yog Vidya like Ved Vidya is so ashtonishing. Cheaters and those who doubt, they will not understand even after listening. God has given this order that you should learn Yog Vidya from an acharya after serving him. Rishi has God prakt. He will explain everything. If someone doesn’t know this even after living with him then he is not a disciple. Without Ved, no one can become a Yogi. God becomes prakt only inside a yogi. People go against the one who has realised God these days and become sinners. They do not believe in them.

Oh soul! You are capable of accepting Yam, Niyam, etc. God has given hint for doing prannayam. You should try to understand. God has given such a buddhi (intelligence) that even if it gets one small part of a crore knowledge, it is capable of getting the entire knowledge. Agni, Vayu, Angira and Aditya were explained each and everything about Yog Vidya. You should get the glory of Yog after learning from Acharya. This glory is not wordly. It is the experience of realisation of God. You are born in human body for that. If someone becomes tapasvi and realised.. in our country many have been from the start of the earth till now. Shri Krishna said that yogi is bigger than a tapasvi. You should know clearly since people do wrong translations. A yogi has done tapasya before and has realised. He is bigger than a jyaani (knowledgeable of Vedas, material knowledge, etc.). He has the knowledge of Shadbbrahm (Vedas) and not Parbrahm (realization). He is bigger than Karmkandi (one who is doing good deeds). Hence, Arjun, you should become a Yogi. Yogi is bigger than everyone. These days people keep yogi below themselves.

God regards a Yogi has His own son. These are ashtonishing facts.

Geeta has said that you should know Yog Vidya but people don’t know now.

Yesterday I had explained till Smriti vritti.

Athyoganushan – After doing command over Yog, Patanjal Muni is sharing. I have done such deeds – this is Yog Vidya which I practiced and my chitt vritti become niruddh. Yog is not asan pranayam. The base of Yog Vidya is Yam, Niyam. Yog makes your chitt vritti niruddh then the soul knows its form that I am soul. The biggest problem in the world that people consider that they are body. They introduce themselves as body. Like, I am so and so.

Raja Janak was going once and Ashtavrak Muni was coming. He got off his chariot and went prostate on his feet. On his asking the Muni, who he was. Ashtavrak Muni said that you are not a king, you are soul. You are wearing clothes of a king.

You are separate and body is separate. This is Brahm Vidya. We should know that we are not body but we are a soul staying in body. When soul does yogabhyas then he will know. Then he will get stable in its form. Earlier the soul would think that it is soul. Now it has become stable in its form. You don’t say that I am house. Soul would stay in the house like body. This is Brahm Gyan. It becomes prakat in Samadhi. If someone just listens then he comes in Dev Yoni. It needs sadhna and keeping your Guru happy. By Dev I give blessings.

If we do not do sadhna and do not go to acharya then vritti is swaropyam – the bad vrittis of this world, it gets entangled in that. It is not pure. It doesn’t have love, detachment, loving voice, etc. It remains in worldly vritti. It does not do sadhna. You should reduce desires. If Guru is happy then God is happy then only the aspirant gets happy. If Guru isn’t happy then he will never get peace. If Guru is happy then God also is happy

If you do not do sadhna then you have bad vrittis. Rishi always tries to explain and get you out of these vrittis.

You should remember these vrittis. You have yog shashtra to read. All these 5 vrittis are dangerous. They give us problems. Vikalp also has wrong witnesses in court who claim that they have seen when they haven’t.

Abhyasvairagyabhyamtannnirodhah – You should immerse yourself in practicing. It has been explained in detail yesterday.

Today there is a lot of violence. If someone does yogabhyas then he can get over this. If someone is doing Yogabhyas, he will get peace and he will become non-violent. On the other side, all the wild animals, etc. will become peaceful towards you. They give up enemity.

After doing sadhna for many years, people stop lying. Whatever they will speak will be the truth. Rishis would do siddhi of truth. Whatever they speak, will be the truth. People keep ask for blessings. In order to give blessings, a Rishi has to destroy a lot of sadhna. How much shraddha, sadhna, etc. have you done? Otherwise a Rishi has to pay for it.

Yogi is Yogi only. Sri Krishna says that Yogi is the biggest in the world. As per the past births deeds (maybe for thousands of years), some of them realise when they are born, or just a few years after births. One samadhi is by birth and one is by sadhna. Like following Yam Niyam, etc. one gets siddhi of samadhi. There is no other siddhi. If someone says that he has done a siddhi of one deity – that is a fraud. In worldly terms, siddhi is if a scientist researching on cancer gets a siddhi of complete understanding and cure of the disease.

In the heart of a human, as per the deeds, they get good and bad thoughts. People cannot live without desires, so they should aspire for God. They have to go to a Rishi to learn. People get joys and sorrows as per their deeds. When people get sorrows, they repent but they continue the bad deeds. After getting the effect of maya, they do sins again. Earlier he has done sins in previous births and he continues the same in present life, and gets the results thereof.

These are all connected to yog vidya which are mentioned in Patanjal Yog Darshan Part I written by me. If you read the books by Rishi then you get knowledge. Otherwise they think that fraud is tapasya – standing in water, long hair, standing on one leg, etc.

Evening Yajyen

One disciple who was coming was stopped on the way and was interrogated before she was let go. I reckon that no one should come to Ved Mandir for sometime. We should not subject yourself to any problem and protect yourself from the virus. In your car it is more or less safe but you should avoid travel. It is a critical condition but there is nothing to worry. The purnnahuti will put here.

A new book has come out of printing with the great effort of Supriya didi. The fonts are also that everyone can read. It cannot be distributed for now due to lockdown. Everyone should stay at home. Government has cancelled every function and it is right. It is done for the protection. I am writing an article on Coronavirus. It will come under control by Yajyen only. There is no medicine now, if a medicine is made then it is very good. God says that He is the biggest doctor. When the doctors fail, then we should remember Him. God should be remembered always. If Agnihotra is happening in your house and you are coming for Yajyen then Corona will not affect you. It will be obliterated from the root. But what to do if people don’t understand? In China, USA, France, Italy, etc. where the impact is more, in every house, and in the areas that are more affected, they should do more havan. They should put 21 herbs, jaggery, ghee, etc. then what this Coronavirus is nothing.

The mantra says, ma va sten ayakshma .. earlier Yajyen would happen and there were no infectious diseases. Now Yajyen are not there and these have come.  This is the first mantr of Yajurved and there are other mantras. You can concentrate on the 1st mantra of Yajurved. With the blessings of God, I have shared meaning, gist, everything. The gist is that no types of diseases can come in the house or the country where Yajyen and agnihotra happen. This is the biggest medicine. You should put giloy in that too. This is the biggest medicine.

If you do uccharan carefully then you get a lot of punya and blessings of God. You have done prathana, upanasa and stuti by which God gets pleased. God protects you. He blesses you through Rishis. You have nothing to wear. However, it is important to follow what the government is saying. Coming from far will get you exposed. You should do uccharan and aahutis at home both times.

The one that puts in aahutis will not have any shortage. You should put aahutis in fire both times. You should chant the name of God. Put the aahutis both times. We are serving the country by doing Yajyen. One Yajyen spreads across the universe, and our country. We do Yajyen to protect and benefit the country. There is no need to be scared. Keep doing havan. You should stop coming to Yajyen. There is an effect of Coronavirus. On the way you may get exposure from someone. You should stay at home and not come. People interrogate on the way and if they do not agree then you may have to go back.

Till the new order comes from the government, I am instructing everyone not to come. Coming to the ashram is extremely beneficial but the way in between is dangerous. When you reach here then there is nothing to worry. You should stay at home. As government’s instructions come, you should follow.

Six shastras have been written by Rishis after doing a deep study of Vedas. They wrote on the subjects of their choice. Satisfaction is the biggest pleasure. If someone gets satisfaction then attachment, requirements, etc. end. The pleasure of moksh is the biggest. Without satisfaction (santosh) it doesn’t come. If you do tap, then ashuddhi (impurity) will get destroyed. If you do tap then ashuddhis (impurities) end. It also detroys the microbes in the environment. Now people are not doing tap and also not doing Yajyen. Then ashudhi has increased. It has become difficult to live. Prannayam is a big tap. Sense organs become pure by tapah. I have been explaining since 1978 who are we and you must have remembered that we are soul. We should do swadhayaye, listen audio and read books by Rishis. If we do swadhayaye then we realise God. You should do definitely do study of books. You realise God.

You should have faith of God – you should give the result of your deeds to God. You should do deeds and not be desirous of the results. You should be satisfied. This is the faith on God. If you have it then you will get samadhi.

People say but no one has faith on God and Rishi. People have Shraddha but they do not have faith.

Sthiransukhasan – You should sit in asan for a long time. If you sit for 20 minutes and you do not get pain. When you start having pain, bear for five minutes more. Like this slowly increase it to 1.5-2 hours. Then you will start getting pleasure. Asan is when you sit for a long time and you get in pleasure and you do not feel like getting up.  For that you should do long practice. This is yog vidya. It is great yog vidya.

Siddhi of asan is by Prayatan, Shaithilaye. You do not need an effort. Initially, you may make a slight effort. Later a stage comes when you the body effortlessly is able to asan. Feet automatically stay in the position. When such a stage happens then you get siddhi of having dhyan in God. People do not do siddhi of asan and hence are not able to stay in dhyan. Troubles for a yogi like hunger, thirst, cold, etc. end. All yogis have the same experience.

Patanjal Muni is explaining clearly. One breath is coming in and one is coming out. He is saying that stoppage of both is called prannayam. There are three types of prannayam. I have explained you all of them. If a sadhak is doing asan, prannayam daily for a long time, one day it will happen that by the blessings of Guru, it will stop automatically. It called stambhak. You have not stopped and it will happen automatically. This prannayam is extremely important. This is very deep knowledge. Then there is a fourth prannayam, which happens automatically. You should be deserving to know this. Only a Yogi knows what fourth prannayam is. You will not find it in books. It is only given to deserving. It will happen automatically. Base is that you do asan and prannayam more. You should sit in asan for a long time.

If someone does like this, it doesn’t happen since people are entangled in worldly things and do not practice asan and prannayam. How will get they siddhis? People when they serve a Rishi, it is also difficult since they doubt and also get destroyed. It shouldn’t happen like this. You should get yog vidya. You should become yog jigayasu. If someone does asan and four prannayam then the cover on the soul of kaam, krodh, mad, lobh, etc. When they happen then the cover on the light gets removed. The cover of ignorance gets removed.

You should concentrate on the two prannayam that have been explained. Keep the breath outside. The third and fourth prannayam happen automatically. When the fourth happen then the cover of darkness gets removed. Do siddhi of yam and niyam and attach with yogabhyas.