Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved Mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

The orders of God cannot be changed. I do Yajyen so that my disciples and the world prosper. There are many publications that are online on Arya Samaj. They have done good promotion. The books are being demanded from everywhere. Guru’s order cannot be circumvented. Even one Yajyen per day is priceless. The topic of Yog is of God. It is a big sin that there is so much talk about Yoga, etc. and people claim that they are Yogi. To be a Yogi, one needs to have Dharmegh Samadhi. It is difficult and not so difficult also. If someone is jigyasu, he is assisted by even God and Rishi. Many frauds Yoga teachers go to hell. Many teachers have mental tension. God has put them in sparkles everywhere.

If you see examples of a Yogi, Rishi everywhere, they are similar. Earlier kings would get Rishis to come after serving them, for Yajyen. Rakya Muni used to live in shade of a bullock cart. He spent 50-60 years there. He had not sought any facilities. Whichever Rishi Munis that Shri Ram met, they would stay without facilities in caves and forests. They would drink water from a stream and eat food from underneath the soil. Even I met my Guru in forest with no facilities. I also belong from there. I am preaching as per the order by my Guruji. I had told my Guruji that I will stay alone in dense forest. He told me to go the world and preach. The order of a Rishi cannot be circumvented.

People have different minds, different talks, etc. I forests there are plants and animals. Rishi is immersed in God. Rishi in this world feels crushed by people with different minds. In the service of a Rishi people get over sorrows and they get good sanskaars. Service is difficult. Those people serve and have doubts, they get destroyed. Yogi is nirlep. If you use your own mind then you will get destroyed.

Your mind and intellect is given to Rishi and God that I am dumb and you give me knowledge. Age increases by Yajyen. The day you are celebrating birthday, the lifespan gets decreased. It starts decreasing from the day one is born.

Yajyen will be starting from 8:30am. You should arrive by 8:15am.

Money, food and meditation should be done in private. Donation should be done in private. It is a wrong practice to donate in public. About donation only God, Rishi and the one giving should know. These are the rules of God.

God has made this creation. He is our protector. If we do Yajyen then He protects us. Otherwise He doesn’t. He has said very clearly. You should have purity. God has said before Coronavirus to keep his mouth, etc. clean like you do achman before havan. God is the biggest doctor. If you follow Him then you will be disease free. If we do uccharan and aahuti of these mantras then our organs before disease free. If we have got any disease from the karma of previous births then they also go. Even our leaders and public doesn’t know these mantras. People who say that Yajyen, Vedas are difficult, their life has been made difficult. We should understand Ved Vidya. He is our protector. If we had followed those rules then no disease would catch us.

Yogi is yogi only. He is immersed day and night in tapasya. A yogi stays disturbed with people around. With disturbance also, his sadhna continues. Yogi is of forest only. It is a mistake for a yogi to stay in this world. People say a lot of things. If he stays in the forest then he will not hear anything.

Hardly anyone is putting in the aahutis of the name of God. It is the order of God that you should put these aahutis both times. You should not go against the order of God. You should put in these aahutis both time in morning and evening. You should do agnihotra everyday and come for Yajyen when the time comes.

God has said a lot about Yogi in Yajurved. In this Yajyen, I will share about Yogi from Yajurveda and Yog Shastra. Shrutam tapah. To listen is Tapa. About Yogi, God is saying that I accept you (I do your dharan). You should remember that in this world many people call themselves yogi. Yogi is the one who is accepted by God. The one who has achieved Samadhi. Yogi is the one whose soul realises God. He becomes equivalent to God. You should become capable of listening. This is a serious matter. You should remain serious towards it. You can laugh in this world over good things.

No one shares Vedic knowledge. It is not to be told. Those who are deserving get this knowledge. It may takes several births for getting Dharmyog samadhi. God is inside you and you are inside God. In Samadhi, Yogi realises this stage. Others do not realise. This mantra says, Yogi Ishwar Ke Samaan Shresth Gunon Mein Vyapt Hota Hai. The qualities of Yogi and God become similar.

God punishes Yogi in case he does any mistakes. However, He does not take away the stage of realisation.

If you don’t listen to Ved Vidya, how will get the knowledge of Yog? This sin is happening in the world and we can see the bad effects.

Oh Mukukshu! If you want to get the knowledge of God, then you should have the target of indriya sanyam and yog vidya. If you desire. The Jigyasu of Yog vidya just wants that. Rest of the matters are like mud. He should not get caught in moh maya but follow his duties. If you desirous of Vedic knowledge then you should go to a Rishi. If someone just reads Vedas, they get a headache. They should be a listened from an acharya. If you want to get Yog Vidya then they should do pranayam. To get the power of Yog (siddhis), then upyamgrahitoasi – you should go to a Yogi, and get the knowledge of Yam, Niyam, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dhyan and Samadhi. First is that you need to do upasana of Yam and Niyam. Leave all the false laziness, etc. The life will get destroyed. The life will become a klesh (grief). The life will be destroyed. You will not achieve any siddhi. The next birth will be in bad yonis. If you are my disciple and you will not listen to my order then people will say that even his Guru will be bad. They will say that he is lazy, he lies. You should follow good rules. You should get over materialism. You should just do enough that how much money you need to live with. Remember this that God is saying that go to a Yogi and listen this ashtang yog vidya from him.

God is saying Oh Yogeshwar Ke Pass Jaane Wale Jigyasu Purush! This yog will destroy all your unhappiness if you do yog vidya. I don’t know how lazy you are. Do you just focus on eating and sleeping? God has given this beautiful body also to do yogabhyas. You should do yogabhyas daily. God says that if you don’t do yogabhyas then I don’t like you. If you do yogabhyas then I like you. On this earth, the likeness depends.. So from today only you should resolve that you should learn yogabhayas (
if you haven’t learnt) and do it. This yog will destroy your unhappiness and to take the breath in and out (prannayam).

You eat everyday. You cannot stay hungry. You cannot live without eating. You should become hungry for yogabhyas and Yajyen. In Yog Shashtra it is mentioned that similar to someone who is addicted to a substance, similarly an aspirant should have the tendency to do yogabhyas and Yajyen. You cannot live without it. The whole life becomes full of pleasure. It will destroy all your sadness.

I have done grave sin by accepting disciples who were sinners and have given them shelter. I am 24 hours immersed in yog and Yajyen and do not pay attention. Ved Mandir is made for a holy yog sthal. I am fortunate that God has not given capital punishment.

When pran and apan vayu join, they produce electricity and it is beneficial. If you do deed like this – yam niyam asan prannayam etc. after knowing the secret of the same, and you have joined with it, such an aspirant, God is saying that I join you with good qualities of yog vidya. You may say anything that you have done path of Samved, we do asan prannayam, etc. If you do this then God is saying I join you with this. Otherwise you keep doing and you have pretense, etc. then God is saying that I do not accept you. If one has it truly then God says I accept you, I like you and I join you with prannayam. You should always be humble. You should not be proud. If someone falls in this then he goes away from God and Rishi.

You should go to a Yogi. Without his service, nothing happens. It is said in many mantras. It is proper for humans that they join with the knowledge of God, follow the rules of yam and niyam and combine with yog vidya.

This is a small out of the world Sanskrit. You should note it and remember. “Upyam Grahitoasai” – Oh aspirant of yog! You are capable of doing yam, niyam, asan, prannayam, etc. That means every person who has come in human form are capable of doing yogabhyas. In laziness, in bad deeds, people do not do it. Hence in the entire earth violence, sins, etc. are spreading in this world. You should do yogabhyas and Yajyen.

Evening Yajyen

In the morning, you were listening from Yajurveda. Earlier children would go at the age of 6 and would get knowledge till the age of 25 after serving their acharya. They would serve the cows, collect woods, etc. You stay in Grahastrashram and serve. If you continue your swadhayay at home then the knowledge becomes yours. The laziness shows. Rarely anyone studies the books. There is someone rare who is an aspirant. There is rare that someone knows ved vidya and Rishi. If you continue then you get good next birth in the family of a Rishi where your knowledge continues.

Subject matter is Vedas. If thoughts will be the same. The mantra says that your vichar, hearts, etc. should be the same. If you follow the path of Vedas, they will be the same. If we make man-made path then the vichar will not be the same. They change since they are man-made. God made has same vichar.

Increase Yajyen, sadhna and yogvidya. Do sadhna daily. It should not break. You may increase or decrease the duration. People do not stop to eat. Wherever you go, there is an arrangement or you eat somewhere. You cannot live without eating. Even if you are going out, you should not stop doing your meditation. If your age is 100 years, it shouldn’t stop even for a day – sadhna, havan and Yajyen. If it breaks then it our laziness. We stay in God’s world and we break his sadhna. It should never break. Even if you are going in a train, you should do havan verbally. You can do yog sadhna when you reach. If you do agnihotra daily then you will save yourself from sins. You should increase yog sadhna as much as you can. The one who is jigyasu of yog, he should attain the qualities.

God has mentioned in the mantra – pranayaam, serving acharya

God says Yam. Pankhandis says do asan. If the attention is not on Yam and Niyam then everything is pretense and sin. No one does Yog. It has Yam and Niyam.

God says that one who pray with do Yam, Niyam sadhan, they achieve. You should pay attention towards Yam and Niyam. Those you do serve Yogis, they attain everything – knowledge, joy, etc. Others don’t. The pleasures that God has, they attain those. It is difficult to find Yogi, and once you find, it is difficult to serve him. People are entangled in worldly things. Those who serve, they realise. You should do My stuti.

After getting knowledge from Rishi, Yam Niyam ko dharan karke, yogabhyas se yukt rahe. Yam Niyam is the base. People are just doing Asan and Pranayaam. It is stealing. God is punishing. It is related to Vedas. One who do does not listen to Vedas then what are they doing? By doing Asan Pranyam, people are commiting sins and inviting trouble.

Patanjal Muni is saying – what is Yog vidya? Yog is to stop chitt vritti. It means samadhi. It does not mean Asan Pranayam. In Yajurveda God is saying that we should unite with Yam and Niyam. People are just talking Asan Pranayam.

Chitt Vritti is going to food, etc. and bad deeds. It should be made nirodh. Yam, Niyam siddhi karte hua, Yajyen (stuti happens in that only), chitt vritti ko apne mein kheechen. It will happen automatically. It should get away from bad deeds. Don’t fight with mind. You should keep it in control. It will bring you bad things. Stoppage of Chitt Vritti is Yog – you have united with God. You have become like God. It stops in several births. You can do in one life if you pay attention towards yog vidya. Pay attention towards Yam and Niyam and united with Yogabhyas. How? By siddhi of Yam and Niyam.

You should put pressure on mind that you shouldn’t do bad deeds. Siddhi will happen by Yogabhyas. God and Rishi will help you – Om vishvani dev.. Second sutra is – Yogashchitt vritti nirodhah – when your vrittis are not going outside then it gets stable in its own form. This yog is that great. You are soul. You are not able to know – you are knowing just by words. When you will realise, you will get stable in your own form. You will say that you are a soul. When your dhyan will get siddh then you will know that you are soul. When you realise then you start getting the feeling of the eternal.

Vritti saroopyam – The form of kaam, krodh, hatred, attached, etc. vritti becomes like that only. If someone is crying, it becomes like that. All the bad vrittis in the world, the soul becomes of the same vritti. If you will not stop, and if you will attempt, then you will get over them. If you get immersed then you will be of that form only. If the vritti goes towards the world only then it becomes of that only. You should attempt from today only that you need get your vritti away from the world.

Patanjal Rishi is sharing that there are five types of vrittis – aklisht and klisht. Klisht – the one that give sorrows, and the other that doesn’t give sorrows.

First is Pramann – Pratyaksh, Anumaan, Agam. You should read books of Rishis. To read is Swadhayay Tapah. Tapah Swadhayaye Ishwar Paridanani Kriya Yogah – To listen Vedas, do tapasya (sham – maintain peace, don’t do anger, don’t have greed, exercise control over sense organs, do Yajyen, donate to adhikhari, etc.) – do these good deeds and make them siddh. You should become tapasvi. This mantra is from Yajurved. You should become tapo by tapah. You should listen for the whole life. God is seeing. You are living in this world. You should stay as a tapasvi. You never know what karma you will get from past birth. Make God pleased. How can the sense organs be under control without tapasya? Earlier there was not even one king who was not a tapasvi. Look at Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, etc. It broke from Janmejai. He was lazy. Before that Pariksheen – was apang.

The problem has now occured in the whole world.

Viparya – false knowledge. For example, not to know God how He is. You have to end it by Pramann. For example, if someone says that there are two moons. If you see, there is no second moon then this gets cut.

If all these vrittis are cut then you get knowledge.

Vikalp – the one that you are talking about the object doesn’t exist. Those who are jigyasu can make notes and read Yog Shastra. Listening to Vedas gives you punya. If someone reads the books written by humans – Atharvaved says that you should not read spiritual books written by men. They have falsehood. You should do khandan on your own. They are not as per Vedas. The matter that they are talking about does not exist. Like a bow made by the horns of a rabbit – it does not exist. Like Sheikh Chilli.

Nidra – Vritti that is immerse in the lack of knowledge. During that vritti no one can get knowledge. For example, if someone sleeps while listening Vedas, they won’t get knowledge.

Smritti – Whatever one has heard and experienced, one remembers.

This is such a vast knowledge. You should listen.

Abhyasvairagyabhayamtannnirodhah – Of Yajyen, Yam Niyam, and you will remain firm on it, it is Abhyas. Vairagya – detachment. It is great. You have seen, heard, and you have no affect. People normally react adversely. This is small vairagya. The big vairagya is that anything made by God is not desired. People will not fight then. They will have peace. If someone will do abhyas then this will become firm and samadhi will happen.