Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya, performed weekly Yajyen that is done on every Sunday. In his divine preach, he said:

Samadhi happens after several births. Sri Krishna said that it is after several births. People now keep saying that Samadhi Samadhi – it is wrong. Yog is when chitt vrittis stop. Yog is realisation. It has 8 parts. Why are you deshaping our culture? Yog doesn’t happen in water. To say Yoga teacher, etc. is wrong. The word is not Yoga but Yog.

Now you should do jigyasa of Brahm. Ath is afterwards. After you understand after Yajyen, learning Vedas, etc. Yajurveda 7/48 says that you are capable to accepting the knowledge of Yog. You should protect the realisation of God. There should be someone who has experience of realising. Kapil Muni also says otherwise there will be blind faith. He will lie and earn money.

Yogi speaks truth. Knowledge is Vedas. If there is any religious book that has any knowledge it stolen from Vedas. Until a learned of Vedas is not giving knowledge to the other then he isn’t capable of knowing. When you come in the shelter of Vedas.. if someone just steals then God destroys them. If you leave me (God) and worship someone else then I will destroy them. Those who do not follow the true yogabhyas then God destroys them too.

Prakritis main motto is to do Yog Siddhi of a Yogi (who is under the shelter of Vedas and not Yoga).

Vedas is Nitya Vanni. It is eternal and everlasting. There cannot be a break in them. They are eternal. Avidya – pure impure, etc. they have no date of birth. People are entangled. It will be destroyed one day. You should prepare to stay briefly (in this world) too but you should prepare for going.

If Vedas come from God then they are Vedas otherwise no. He doesn’t say and He doesn’t give in writing. Guru parampara comes from God. God gives knowledge in nonsexual creation. Ved Vanni asks God and comes out of a Rishi – the one who has realised. Samadhi is when God becomes prakat. The yogi becomes equivalent to God. Nowadays everyone calls themselves as self-made Rishis.

A real Rishi is a priceless gem on this earth. The knowledge comes from God. He just uses Rishis mouth.

It is an inspiration of God that you come for Yajyen. In upnayan sanskaar it is said that my knowledge may become yours. You should sing after acharya since the fundamental is to listen.

Leave sins. The base is Deeksha is Brahmcharya. If you don’t study then it is a sin. Those who take Deeksha from a Rishi and does not spread and does not follow then he gets the sin of abortion. It is your duty to read books.

When you take Deeksha then Rishi becomes your father and Ved Vanni becomes your mother.

You should do Sadhna from the age of 6. It is a sin not to do. You should follow the path of Vedas. If you don’t follow Vedas then Nanak Dukiya Sab Sansaar. Now we hear so many early deaths happening. Till the time of Mahabharat this wasn’t there. Who will understand this Vanni? People won’t follow then just try to get happiness.

With Yajyen 15 generations benefit. If you do Yajyen on birthdays then lifespan increases.

Agnimeede- remember God first. Agni-agrini.

God is saying in the mantras that put aahutis quickly. People aren’t following. Hence everyone is unhappy. You should get the knowledge after being aadhin under Rishi.

People say that we are one but whenever there is a tussle over religion then they attack each other with swords.

Atharvaved has a medicine for destroying all diseases of the intestines. There are so many medicines in that. Vedas have unlimited knowledge even about making planes. Without giving the knowledge doesn’t come.

People have come from here and also from outside. You need to destroy your sins. They have all progressed.

They are so many products that have originated from nature which are good and dangerous, they are not ours. You should have this vritti. God has given them for some time. Without vairagya people are thinking that they are ours.

Prakriti is made for giving yog siddhi to a yogi and for bhogis bhog siddh. God is the speaker of Yog vidya.

It makes people who do not follow Vedas rich. You can see so many saints in jail.

The words as per Vedas have meaning as per qualities like tapasvi, yogi, Rishi, etc. any path has to tally with Vedas.

There are so many sins in this world. Valmiki ji was 10th son of a Rishi and he had not done any sin by mind, voice and deeds. People with bad intentions have spread misinformation that people don’t follow Valmiki Ramayan.

If Eeshetvorjetva mantra becomes famous in the world then the fate of our country will change. Then people will protect animals and will become Yajman to protect their families.

Yajyen spreads purity. Wherever you are, we should become abhay (fearless). Yajyen protects. Nothing else can. In Yajyen Brahmah should be in front.

God and Vedas are immortal. Anything made by man will be destroyed. The palaces of Ram and Krishna don’t exist now. Taj Mahal will also not stay for long.

Pativedanam- the knowledgeable of Vedas.

I have come in your shelter after being scared of death. We shouldn’t fear it but we should win over it. We should follow Devyaan Marg. We should do the right use of this birth and earn so many good deeds that your next birth is in dev yoni. For five births Rishi is with you. After that it is his wish.

The first birth that happened of Ved, it went to Brahmrishis, with that Bramgyaan I can get over death. With the knowledge of Vedas you can win over death. The first knowledge that was given by God. Earlier and in future they will get over with the same knowledge. They did effort such as Yajyen, etc.

The one who is good at shabdbrahm can get parbrahm. With Ved vidya you can win over death. You should do Yajyen till the last breath.