Swamiji preaching Vedas

The punya of aahutis and service that you are doing is priceless. It cannot be attained even after selling three lokas 

The statement of an Aapt Rishi is an evidence (Pramann). It is not mandatory to see Vedas. What he is saying is evidence. Hence, you cannot violate his command and he is to be served. After serving the learned of Vedas, you become learned. This tradition was started by God since the time of the creation. 

Bramah increased his progeny. He made his disciples ‘dvij’ and they take second births. His disciples get the knowledge of four Vedas and Yogabhyas from their Guru after serving him. 

God has described the detailed service of Rishis in Vedas. A disciple serves his Guru and he himself becomes a Guru. This is traditional knowledge. That Vidvaan (knowledgeable of Vedas) makes others fulfilled. After taking knowledge from me, in future births you will donate knowledge to the others. Those who are making continuous efforts for devyoni, one day you will realise and will make others fulfilled. People suddenly do not become Guru, it happens as per tradition. 

Vidvaan say that you should also do Yajyen like we do and with the same reason. The knowledge comes as per tradition. If we make worship on our own by using mind and intellect then God showers His anger and breaks havoc. 

TE UPAKSHAYANTI – You eat My food, stay on My earth, take pleasure from My sense organs and do not believe in Me then I will destroy you. The learned of Vedas are also saying the same thing.

VAHNIHI SAMIDHA VARDATE – Vidvaan is saying that just like adding woods in fire increases its intensity, similarly after listening to our words, you increase your knowledge and elevate yourself. Like we increase the intensity of fire by adding sticks in havan kund likewise you will attain advancement as per how much knowledge you listen. This is traditional knowledge.