Swami Ram Swarupji performed the weekly Yajyen, organized on every Sunday at Ved Mandir, Yol. In his preach, he shared:

There should be vairagya from the start. We should keep control over kaam, krodh, etc. We should not get entangled in bad deeds. When we reach the age of 50, 60 then you need extreme vairagya. Otherwise this heard knowledge gets wasted.

Einstein has been a great scientist. He has even won the Nobel Prize. When he was dying, a reporter asked him what his last wish is. What you will you like to become in the next life? Einstein had no shortage of money. He was world’s biggest scientist. He had great discoveries, awards, wealth, degrees, etc.

At the last time people get aware when they get the sight of death and the pain before it. He was in agony. God has given the knowledge to win over death. One should become vairagyavaan.

He said that if my next birth happens then I will not like to become a scientist. I will like to be a saint. So the journalist asked again that you are such a great scientist and you have immense respect, and you are saying that you don’t want to become a scientist. Einstein replied that I have not been able to search the one who has made me do these discoveries, and the one that has made me a scientist (God). My whole life has got wasted. I haven’t been able to search myself and the one who has created me. His thoughts would have gone to mud (lost) when he died.

The world’s biggest scientist is saying that I made this mistake of being a scientist. He lamented that he should have searched about himself. He is going empty handed.

You should earn money but in a limit. God’s wish is just for 50 years. Those who are entangled in family life after that are against God. Hence they remain sorrowful since they go against the order of Vedas. I say even by the age of 60 you can become vairagyavaan. If you can’t leave then you can stay at home only and do sadhna. You should tell your children that I don’t want to do any other work. I have to leave. I have to do sadhna.

Yajyen is like God Himself. You have come to Ved Mandir for Yajyen. You have come in the lap of God. You can go to Rishi Muni’s adobe where God is prakat. God’s lap is described in Yajurveda 40/6 & 7 – God is everywhere and the whole world is in God. He is everywhere but he is prakat in just adobe of Rishis. Till people do not understand this bitter truth, they will not get the knowledge of Vedas.

You have come here to realise God and you have got entangled in worldly tasks. Then you have immersed yourself in kaam, krodh, etc. and bad vrittis. You should keep control over them by sadhna.

God has given the order to listen Vedas. People have started their own practices and preachings. We need to listen Vedas. After listening, you would have known that humans have written their own books. They may follow. Vedas are not books. It is knowledge that appeared in four Rishis at the start of the creation without seeing or listening. With his power He makes the knowledge appear in the heart of the Rishis. It is His greatness that He can do all deeds without having a body.

If He had a body then it will have a finite life. He doesn’t have a body.  He is not in a limit.

After Mahabharat people wrote their own books and made gods of their own choice. They also made avatar. Those who listened to Vedas came to know this secret (that He is formless) and they didn’t get entangled in falsehood. God is also there in pralay (when the world ends). When there is no one then also there is God. He stays everytime. He has no abhaav (absence).

We should keep listening and come to know what is God. That’s why you keep doing agnihotra and come for Yajyen. Yajyen is His biggest worship. It is Brahm (God). The same God is giving you this knowledge (in Vedas).

See what is the updesh (preaching) in this Ved Mantra. You should remember it. The mantra says, Yatra Vithatha (the one who is formless), the one is more superior to all knowledgeable.

Like our rocket is going to the moon for scientific research. God doesn’t need to do any exploration. God is in everyone and He knows everything. You should know Him. He knows you as well. He knows everything.

I have shared about Einstein today. He was a great scientist. He understood many materialistic things and he did discovery. Only a very intelligent person can say the whole life has been wasted in discovery of several types of materials. God says that do you have spiritualism?

At the time of death it will make you regret. Einstein said that I haven’t discovered Him. He said that in the next life he wants to become a saint and search for God. He said that he was a sinner.

His mistake was that he was 0 in spiritualism. You can progress materialistically, and have a big family – like becoming nana, nani, dada, dadi, etc. If you have spiritualism then it is good otherwise it is all sin. God is going you the results of following spiritualism. People who are not inclined towards this path will remain in sorrow.

It is a secret of the Vedas. People remember at the end. Vanu Anilam.. As per your sins, you will get bad yonis after death. You certainly you will not get human birth. Rishi Munis were bigger scientists. (They realised God and had scientific knowledge aswell) People stole their handwritten books and progressed scientifically.

Einstein is great. He gave the message to the whole world that the progress in science, degrees, etc. do not matter unless you progress spiritually.

The same is my (Swamiji’s) experience as well. I used to go a little late to the office and will leave on time. There was one person who would work till very late. He said, ‘Work is Worship’. I explained that all work isn’t worship. God gives wisdom that you can complete your work efficiently and completely. For greed people work till late. You should progress both spiritually and materialistically.

The wife of the gentleman referred above fell sick and had to be hospitalized. He sent her to the hospital with servant and his daughter. He told her that he will just go to the office and come since work is worship. She passed away before he reached back hospital from the office. He felt remorse. He spoke to me and said that all work is not worship. He also resigned.

The work isn’t worship unless you worship God. It is our duty. We should know like Einstein that every work isn’t worship. Every work becomes worship if we do sadhna as per Vedas.

From Einstein’s life we should learn. He said that my biggest fault is that I was not able to discover myself and God. In the next birth I want to become a saint.

God knows knowledge and science. God doesn’t need to do discovery. He knows everything. If you catch Him then you will know everything. Einstein said that he is going empty handed. We shouldn’t go empty ended. We should listen very carefully.

Suparna – the souls (we) who do deeds, we keep talking about the part of moksh (realization). Like even now we say that we should work towards realization. Those who follow Vedas they keep saying that while doing deeds we should realize God. God knows even each mosquito, fly, humans, etc. He knows all soul personally. There are so many items in the world. He knows each of the materials.

We talk about realization. Which God? The one who protects all three lokas (worlds) and the creation. He protects each living being. We talk about Him. He has these qualities that He does palan (care) of everyone. Sun, etc. are also immersed in Him. They are sthith (situated) in Him. He is inside us and also outside. He is everywhere.

This God only gives us salvation. We should do his vichar (deliberation). We should do Yajyen, name jaap, etc. for Him. If it’s too late then chidiya chug gayi khet (What’s use of repenting when everything is finished. Do things on time). Sense organs are so strong. When people get busy with worldly things they forget that we shouldn’t do attachment, anger, greed, etc.

God has unlimited qualities. This mantra has some qualities, some in the other. Neti Neti Neti – they are endless. Vedas are in the form of a book now. There are many more qualities of God. These come from Rishis and Munis.

The one who knows (Rishi), in firm stage of deep dhyaan (Dheerah) and realised God, he should preach me. It is difficult to get someone like this now.

Guru should be one that does manan of Vedas again and again. God doesn’t accept them as a Guru. People may think what they want.

It doesn’t affect Rishi Munis that people don’t follow the Vedic path. It adversely affects the society. The serving attitude of the society has gone. Everyone is sad. For Rishis, it has been said to serve them in many ways.

Who knows what mantras are? I am shy of sharing the qualities of Rishis. If you see outside, the so-called Gurus keep promoting Gurus. Rishi Munis always said that the worship of God and Rishis should be equal. They need to be served as people cannot realise God directly.

For experiencing Som (realization of God), Saamved says that you should serve a rishi like a servant (Gritham). Sevak word is very good. You should not impose your opinion. You should follow their opinion. Our good fortune is that we get service of a Rishi.

First one should be a sevak of God and then you can serve the learned of Vedas. Hanumanji got famous after getting in contact with Sri Ram. Sri Ram praised him by sharing his qualities of Vedic knowledge (no mistake in grammar). The knowledgeable of Vedas is like that. After the end of war, Sri Ram gave gifts to everyone. He said to Hanumanji that I cannot give you anything as anything that I will give you will be small compared to how much I owe to you. You have made us win the war.

If someone is false then their fame spreads and then they have a fall. For some time lie may crop up but it gets destroyed in the end. The fame of true disciples get spread. If someone does service without selfishness then their fame spreads in the world. But due to the materialism of this world, people are entangled in their own things. They do not have time for spiritualism.

The fame of true disciples get spread. It is a fundamental truth. Even my fame got spread against my wishes. Otherwise what is your aukaat (status)? You are a worm of a dirty drain. Once you become a dvij then your birth becomes good. If someone is not a dvij then the person will go to bad yonis.

I do not sing bhajans without comparing it with Vedas.

Disciple is the one who keeps serving. Everything is for disciples. You shouldn’t wish for anything like a facility. Whatever you get in ashram, you should be satisfied. You shouldn’t see that someone has got more or less. It is a sin. I personally have been satisfied with everything I have got (since the target was God). I have eaten days old roti and vegetable made of grass while serving. If someone stays like a sevak, one day he reaches a good stage.