Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya, performed weekly Yajyen that is organised on every Monday. In his divine preach, he said:

We should do shubh (good) deeds and not sinful deeds. Anything that you do has an impression on your chitt. If you do Yajyen on your birthday, it will increase your life. If you celebrate it in western way then it reduces your life.

If you listen to knowledge again and again, then the knowledge becomes firm. You are very good if you listen with attention. Some are those who cannot listen carefully, if they listen again and again then even their knowledge will become firm.

This mantras should go from ears to mind, to buddhi and then to soul. It should not return from ears, mind, etc. If you listen with ekagrah vritti and it reaches you (soul) then it will benefit you. You will get uddhar (salvation) when it reaches the soul otherwise shrutam tapah – to listen Vedas is tap. This knowledge no one shares in this world. We are souls. This knowledge is getting lost now. If you are grasping it with seva bhaav (attitude of service) then you are fortunate.

Without knowing Vedas people are becoming asur (demonic) and going to bad yonis. Or even as humans they are like asurs (demons) like Ravann, Kans, etc. We should work hard and earn. We should pay special attention to aahutis, etc. We should go to dev yoni.

You should look at this mantra carefully. (Anejdekam in 40th adhahye of Yajurveda). If you understand this then you will get a good stage. Anej – there is no vibration. Ekam – One (God – he was one and will remain one). People have made many Gods for their own self-interest (to do sins like collect money, etc.) If you worship just one God then it brings sanyam (discipline). If there are many Gods then it opens doors to sins. You will be scared of doing sins.

There was never more than one God and never will be. There is description of one God in Vedas. You should go through it. It has several qualities that you should remember from God. The one who has come in the world that is already made is not God.

He is called Aj Ek Paad – He is never born. The path that humans have made show that God comes in avatar. Valmiki Rishi says that Koshyalya Janyat Rama (Kaushalya gave birth to Ram from her womb). Tulsi says ‘Prakat’ (he appeared). We should know that we follow Rishis or humans?

If you remember or you do not remember the preach of Vedas.. Atharvaved says that stay away from the words of human beings. Do not follow them. Follow what Rishi Munis say. Should we take decision from God’s voice or humans?

God cannot be caught by mind. Mind is full of vikaars (vices). The divine power is of God and it takes you towards God. The mind is here now and it can also go to home, or to any place that you have seen. If your mind goes towards home, it takes time. Even if it is 1,000th of a second. God doesn’t take anytime to reach anywhere as He is already there.

Before you take your mind anywhere, He is already there. You cannot realise God from mind. This is a matter of purity, brahmcharya, etc. then you can realise or before realisation, you start getting indications. There is no other path.

Anejat – there is no vibration in him. One – He has the power of life and death. He creates Vedas, etc. There is no other God apart from Him apart from the God that has been described in Vedas. There is no Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh whose statue is made.

God has no vibration. Why? If you move your hand then it will move. But where is your hand moving? It is moving in space where God is there. There is no place where God isn’t there. So there is no place for Him to move. Like a glass is full of water till the top, and close the lid. There is no space for the water to move. If scientifically there is no space then when you move the glass, there won’t be any space and it won’t move. Just like that God is everywhere. He is inside you and in space. There is no place in this universe where He isn’t there. So there is no space where He needs to move from one place to the other.

There is no vibration in Him. Everywhere is God so there is no vibration in Him.

God is one and is anejat. Mansa javeeya – He is there before mind moves. Mind is non-alive and hence you cannot realise Him by it. You should control mind. But it doesn’t have power that you can hold Him. If you listen it (what you listen) goes to mind, to buddhi and to soul but you cannot realise God by mind, etc. You need to control more.

Your victory is when you destroy your mind and the knowledge straightaway comes to buddhi. It may take several births but before that you must be in Devyoni.

Devah – five sense organs cannot reach Him. That’s why what is visible by the eye is not God. What you hear from the ears is also not God. You can hear from ears and do tapah, but you cannot realise God by it. To listen Vedas and to see Rishis, you get knowledge.

After listening if one does intense practice and service, and then it goes towards realisation.

He stays in one place since He cannot do any movement. His situation is such. Mind, etc. run in worldly things. Even while sitting, these sense organs cannot reach Him. He is Omnipresent. You have to stop and control them by brahamcharya, yogabhyas, Yajyen, name jaap, etc.

What you are listening about God, each word is true, and it is tap. If you describe the physical attributes (of statue) then you are not describing God. You are describing creation. God is in Vedas.

This knowledge is priceless. If you sell three lokas you cannot hear it now. You can come in Devyoni by just listening to this.