Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya, performed weekly Yajyen that is organised on every Sunday. In his divine preach, he said:

In the 40th adhyaye of Yajurveda God has given summary of knowledge such as deeds, worship and wisdom. Everyone should remember these mantras. The meanings of these mantras have been written by Swamiji in English.

Gandhiji has studied Upanishads. In Eeshoupnishad they have mostly inserted as it is it. He had said that if our country just remembers this shalok and does deep analysis then it is enough to get salvation. This was his opinion. However, it is not enough. You have to do a lot more. You have to serve the parents, rishis, Yajyen, etc.

Here God is living. People won’t understand. God is everywhere. Like Sri Krishna says that you won’t understand even after listening. He has shared on the basis of his experience (at that time). Earlier people would remember.

When Mahabharat started then the insult towards rishis, women, eating non-vegetarian food, etc. was started by Duryodhan. He said that people will not understand since the dirt has spread. People just focus on money. Everything bad had started. People do not understand till now that God is everywhere and He is watching us. He knows that we are sinning or doing good deeds.

If we listen Vedas then it creates an impression on chitt vrittis. We are listening carefully then you get the benefit. When you go from here and do sins then he writes that this is sin, and this punishment has to be given.

The punishment is set. When the time comes then he will bear the result of these deeds.

There is so much worship happening everywhere. God is in Jad (non-alive) Jagat (creation) and Chetan (alive) Jagat (souls). In both He is in every bit. He is watching us in even billionth of a second. We have to listen but we don’t understand even after listening. If it comes in our acharan (practice) then we will be careful wherever we are. He will think that God is seeing me and I will be a sinner.

Swamiji always explain them from Ved mantras and not from Upanishad.

There is a story of Satyug. One brother went to other’s house. He was waiting for a long time. He plucked the guava from the tree and ate it. When his brother came, he said that this is stealing and you should take punishment from the king. He went to the king and the king said that I have the right to pardon you too. But he said that my elder brother has instructed him to get punishment. Then king ordered his both hands to be amputated. Then you will not have to bear the sin in the next birth if the king has given you the punishment.

We listen but we do not understand. God is watching us every moment. He doesn’t have eyes that will be shut. He is alive and Chetan (conscious). He is watching you. He immediately puts it on the chitt whatever we do. This theory no one can understand since Mahabharat time. No one knows that God is everywhere and He will punish. People keep doing sins everywhere. People do so much torture over parents these days. They do not know that God is watching and He will punish us. They will have to bear the sins in the future births. People do not understand.

People keep reading till the life ends. They will bear the results of their deeds since their prabdh (destiny) is set. When they are alive, they need to imbibe the deeds. (Mere reading is of no use)

This money is no ones. Whatever money has come, you should be satisfied. If you do Yajyen then you definitely will get food. If you do sins while even doing Yajyen then these have to be borne. You should be away from sins.

The knowledge and God is far for those who do not want to find Him and those who do not want to do sadhna. You keep doing sadhna daily if you can focus or you can’t. Pay attention to Yam and Niyams. (Tap, Swadhaye, Ishwar Paridhanani, etc.) Keep remembering that your Yam Niyam is being followed. Keep doing manan and chintan (deep analysis). Keep checking if you have done any sin. If you live life as per your wish then the life is with a lot of pain.

He is close to those who do daily sadhna.

You should not be afraid of problems. You should not give them your mind. You should give mind to Rishi. You have been given knowledge to keep patience. It (the problems) can just stop by Yajyen. If it doesn’t stop by Yajyen then it must be a big sin. You didn’t give mind to a Rishi and do enough effort.

What is the mistake of the person? People give their mind to that incident since he or someone who they likes is involved. God has said that do not give your mind. You should give mind to God and Rishi.

They will come to Rishi and express their sorrows. Their mind is there only when something has happened. Their mind and buddhi is there only even if they come to the Rishi. There is someone rare who does so much sadhna and so much bhakti. Like Gurubani says that ‘Mann bheche satguru ke paas’ – body, mind, breath, etc. are dedicated to God and Rishi. You cannot go against the order of Rishi.

Whatever you may do, you have this practice that mind stays wherever something untoward has happened. How can anyone give the mind to Rishi in one birth? It may happen to someone in one birth then his sorrows end. Rishi is Roopen Indrah – He is like God.

Keep your mind with him. He will give knowledge. These precious things cannot be given even after selling the three lokas (worlds). Like Kabir says that you had come for Hari Bhajan (to pray to God) and you have made a village. If you keep all your relatives together then you can make a village. If you are entangled in them then you have to bear sins. You have to do name jaap, Guru bhakti, etc. then your next birth will be good. If you do not have affection and devotion towards Rishi then next birth will also be bad.

As per your deeds you will get sorrows. The body, wealth, etc. is given by Rishi and you should dedicate it to them (Rishi and God). He (Rishi) will not take them. Their dharam is that they should feel so. Like King Dashrath said, ‘Naath Sakal Sampada Tumhari, Main Sevak Samet Sut Naari’ – everything is yours (Rishi), I am your servant alongwith my sons and wives.

Vairagyavaan (Those who are detached) likes being alone. They like to serve alone. It’s rare that there is someone is like King Dashrath that they want everyone to serve. Knowledge of Vedas is that Brahmcharya, Indirya Sanyam, comes first and then idamnama (it is not ours). If sorrows come then do not worry. Keep doing Yajyen so that they are less. God gives knowledge as per Vedas – karm (deeds), upasana (prayers), worldly things, etc.

I have explained this mantra several times. I know that God who is truly God. He is greatest. No one like Him and no one will ever be like Him (advitiye). This is the knowledge of Rishis. He only is worshipped.

People have made their own Gods. They have made avtaars, devi, devta, etc. But God is saying  (His true form) in Vedas. His voice is Vedas. Saints have written something wrong or right but God says truth. God has given knowledge in Vedas. We are not listening to what God has said but are listening to the others. We may listen to what saints have written but we should listen to what God is saying first.

God saying that you should worship jyotiswaroop (in the form of light) God. God is saying that there is no other way. This mantra will be explained in detail later.