Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya, performed weekly Yajyen that is organised on every Monday. In his divine preach, he said:

It’s important to become rich for grahashtya ashram.

During the rainy season, it is the time to listen Vedas more and do swadhyaye (deep study of Vedas) compared to the whole year. Study it more and listen to the meanings more. However, in today’s materialistic times it is not becoming possible for every man and woman.

You are fortunate people. You won’t be able to do too much (swadhyaye). The main motto of the life is to realise God – you don’t understand it even after listening. Realisation of God does not happen without Vedas. That’s why you should pay more attention to Yajyen and Vedas, and to earn our living. We should earn money but you should pay more attention towards spiritualism. It can be 50-50 or 60-40. Without money sadhna cannot happen. It is important to get money and to become rich.

You should pay attention just like previous yugas where they had more attention towards spiritualism. Like they would send their children for 25 years to Gurukul. After getting the learning, these (children after growing) would be in grahast ashram (family life) for 25 years, then vanprasth, and then sanyas. They would be in cities or villages just for 25 years. So they would give 25 years of their lives to grahast ashram. They would stay outside for most of their lives but due to entanglement and lack of vairagya it is not getting possible now. Everyone stays in family life now. Even our political leaders stay in family life when they reach very old age.

So we should take knowledge from Vedmantras. In rainy season there is a need to do a lot of swadhaye. On 16th there is Vyas Pooja. It is celebrated under Rishi Parampara. In the tradition of God, a Rishi is served with body, mind and prann (breath). He is kept happy with service. In this season, I will explain more on the mantras from Vedas that talk about Gurubhakti (service to a Rishi).

Yajyen will be held from 14, 15 and 16th. You should listen to this mantra from Yajurveda. You have heard it several times – Punantu Ma Devjana.. The mantra says, Jaatvedah (those with a special knowledge of Vedas who are born in human form – Rishi). Jaatvedah also means agni (fire), knowledge, etc. The meaning of the word is as per the mantra.

This mantra has a prayer to them that Oh knowledgeable of Vedas! Those who give knowledge of our kartavya karm (deeds and responsibilities as per Vedas) and follow the same, because of you sadhna, the knowledge that you have attained, with that knowledge make us pure.

Those who listen to Vedic knowledge and brings it practice, they become pure. Purity is that kaam, krodh, etc. and vices go away slowly. These are impurities in us. Kaam, Krodh, etc. are big impurities. Apart from that there are thousands more. If we keep our body dirty, and don’t wear clean clothes then it is also impurity. There is one external impurity and internal impurity.

By giving knowledge only the learned of Vedas may make us pure and make our buddhi (dhiyah – intelligence) pure, and remove all vikaars (kaam, krodh, etc.).

The main reason of coming to a Rishi is to remove these impurities after listening to the knowledge of Vedas and following it, and to get it removed. In these impurities there is also attachment, hatred, jealousy, etc. which is prevalent in religious places. It is a source of sadness. Sanskaars are from various births and they don’t get removed.

Despite the learned of Vedas giving knowledge and instructions such as you do not anger, do not get greedy, etc… (it doesn’t go away) you keep trying, and perhaps it will go in next births. People keep trying to put each other down, get their own orders passed, greed, anger, etc. – they don’t go. In one birth if one is a very big tapasvi, these impurities may go. If the impurities go, God who is pure and away from sins, starts to give signs that He may be realised.

We all should try that we should get our impurities removed. For that the rules that I have shared from Vedas – prayer and hard work. Praying is easy. Any illiterate person can also mug up and recite the prayers but does not remove the impurities from inside. They keep being there.

It is a big sin that you do not do deep study of Yog shashtra and other books. In that is mentioned that yogi when keeps doing intense practice of ashtang yog, his impurities start getting hidden, but they don’t go away. Even after getting Sampragyat Samadhi, and higher stage than that – this is after many births, the impurities do not go away. Rishi is saying that they will be hidden (like a fish goes deep in water). When the time comes, they can come out.

When a yogi continues intense practice of ashtang yog and gets Dharmegh Samadhi then these impurities get destroyed.

So you who are proud that I am a fine person, I have no impurities, etc.; this effort should be done with prayer that this impurity goes away, even when you make mistakes then ask for forgiveness from God. He punishes for bad deeds. You ask for forgiveness. You should have this knowledge that despite efforts, prayers, tapasya, if you start getting a good stage (after many years or in several births) then also kaam, krodh, etc. will be like a frog in water – they will be hidden.

Like when you are listening Vedas now, you will not get angry unless someone is really prone to anger. The impurities are getting hidden. When you go back to your home environment then these kaam, krodh, etc. get ready to destroy you. You should be careful of this. That’s why you need support of knowledgeable of Vedas that you make us pure. (Punatu Ma Devjana). Make my buddhi pure.

The mantra says further that all the living beings of this world may also make us pure. How can they do it? After I will get the knowledge of Vedas, when I will deal with these living beings, I may behave well with them. They may not behave well with me. Who knows that who is the disciple of knowledgeable of Vedas, who may behave well with me? Others will definitely not do it. So I may behave well with them.

If someone tries to make me angry, I shouldn’t get angry. If someone tries to make me greedy, I shouldn’t get greedy. I may not get proud that I am more superior to them. I may not behave adversely with anyone. Oh Vidvaan! Make us pure. God is pure. He is realised by those who are pure. He stays away from those who are impure.

We make ourselves pure by Gurukripa (blessings from knowledgeable of Vedas), sadhna, seva (service) and good dealings with others, make us pure. We should stay from kaam, krodh, etc.