Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya, performed Yajyen today on the occasion of Amavasya. In his divine preach, he said:

Once you get a human body then only the one will be extremely stupid to let it go. You should do blessings on yourself and then Yogi can bless you. If you are just lost in doubts then you will not progress.

It is difficult to understand what I say. The main motto of human body is to realise God. For realization, you need not search for God.

If you become intelligent and you get knowledge of Vedas. I have not shared my knowledge but the knowledge of Vedas. You get doubts over the knowledge of Vedas then who will protect you from going to bad births?

God has explained in Rigved and Samved that God blesses humans by (Devebhi Manushe Jane) through Devas (Rishis/Munis). I am explaining for many years but perhaps you will understand now.

The mantra says that without worshiping me (God), there is no pleasure. If people stop here and don’t look further. People have made so many false worships and false Gods. People have got stuck here since people have misdirected.

God is our true father. God is the one that He Himself has said who is God in Vedas. Without Vedas, there is no worship of God. Without a knowledgeable of Vedas, you cannot know Vedas. So to worship me, you go to a Rishi. This order has been in given in Vedas.

Those who are desirous of realising God have gone to Rishis for deeksha. They have worshipped Rishis. Rishis have explained them who is God. Other people make things from their own mind and get sorrows.

Maharishi Dayanand, when he had an inclination to realise God then he kept roaming in snow, hills, caves, etc. for a Guru. He had sores in his feet and also once got stuck in snow. He found several Gurus but after studying them, he said that they are not the right Gurus. In the end he met Guru Virjanand. No one can know these Gurus now those who have knowledge of Vedas. Earlier everyone had studied in ashram and they were aware. Now this knowledge is not in vogue.

God has made it clear that Vedas are not a book. They are not required to be read. You need to listen knowledge from Rishi. These are called Vedas. I keep explaining so that you don’t get into any pakhand (false faith). You should listen from someone who has realised, and you should not listen from the others.

Rishi prefer being alone and away. I am under the order of my Guru that I have come back and I am preaching. Guru’s order cannot be circumvented. You will have to bear the sins and get sorrows. What is the use of being so simple (naïve)? There are two paths – devyaan marg and pitrayaan marg.

We should keep doing good deeds in family life, listen Vedas and keep putting aahutis. In devyaan marg, you can get a good next birth in human form. In pitrayaan marg, you will get not get this yoni.

If there is a rich person who does not donate then he is alive but he is like dead. There is a lot of importance of donation. People are hesitant to donate. God gives money for donation to adhikari (those who deserve to be given). The so-called Gurus are in pirtrayaan marg.

Only Rishi Munis are adhikari. God has ordered to donate them lavishly as per the capabilities. A king is ordered to donate them with a camel full of precious items.

You should strive to be in devyaan marg and become Dev and Devi. You have the opportunity in this life. We keep him happy. The words that he utters, we should listen. The four Vedas don’t stay that you read them. They are not books. 5,500 years ago they were published in the form of a book. Vyas Muni wrote Vedas that he remembered by heart. The books of Vedas are called Sanhita. The earlier kings like Sri Ram and their public was in devyaan marg. You should take up devyaan marg. It goes on for 30,000 years.

You should not have desire for realising God. You should have a desire for doing good deeds, stay with Rishis, and they (Rishis) remain happy with us. You may do any effort otherwise (it will be of no use). There is Brahmvidya here. You should know that you are a soul and you are immortal, will never be destroyed and never get old.

Yog Shastra says, Yogashya Chitt Vritti Nirodah. If your vritti (various forms of mind) goes inside then you will be able to see your true form. There is no ekantvas (solitude) now. Vritti will go in service, business, relatives, wealth, etc. If you do not have yogabhyas, Yajyen, etc. then vritti goes in saroopyam (worldly things).

I am not asking you to take sanyas. It is very superior. Soul is pure, etc. There is a cover of moh, mamta, etc. Remove it or you will get destroyed. To remove doesn’t mean that you let everyone go. It is very difficult to understand how to do duties and not get attached. You may not know in this birth – maybe next birth. You should bear the pleasure while being detached (ten tyakten bhunjita).

It is very difficult to understand. Keep your mind in either God, Rishi or Vedas. You will have to keep your mind towards Rishi as he will help you understand. Use your body, etc. for doing good deeds. You should know that they are not yours. With moh mamta, etc. (attachment) you get attached and spoil your life. You have no kaam (desire), krodh (anger), etc. in soul.

You keep the photos of departed. The one who has left is soul. What you are seeing is dead body which has been burnt on pyre. God has said that you shouldn’t remember the dead body and then you will also have to go soon.

Rishis know everything. The true form of Sri Ram, Hanumaaji, etc. they only know.

Agnimeede – first. When God creates the creation, He is there first. How can others be God? Those who doesn’t follow get immersed in sorrows.

God has given the order in Vedas in to get rich. You will get good wealth if you do Yajyen. Those who do Yajyen with heart and life, they get the benefit. Yajyen is due to Rishi. If you make him unhappy then it is of no use. Many of our disciples do Yajyen with heart and life as after listening for several years, they have understood.

God is everywhere in you and in the body of a yogi but He is prakat in a Rishi and not you.

God has given you human body. You are independent either to be on devyaan marg or on pitriyaan marg. You should try to be on devyaan marg. Those who get more detached, become adhikari and take sanyas – they can realise faster. You should speak truth and leave vices.

Rishis share on the basis of their experience.

Those who go against Vedas, God showers his rage. If we do not follow the right path then God destroys you (shumpamiv sfurat – like mushrooms under feet).

Rishis remember sevaks (disciples). The sevak is one who can tolerate the harsh words of an Acharya. After seeing the sins of disciples I have started punishing them. It is our right.

This is the time to do service of a Rishi during older age. It is not the time to do listen a lot of pravachan (preach). The service gets you on devyaan marg (sangatikaran – keep Rishi happy. He should never get upset.)

Aahutis work with devpooja (worship of Dev) and sangatikaran. If you do service for selfishness then you will be with a sinful heart.

There is Shabdbrahm and Parbrahm. The one who understands Shabdbrahm (knowledge of Vedas) then he realizes God. Without knowing Vedas you cannot realise God. You should keep listening Vedas and do Yajyen till the last breath. This will take you to devyoni. Rishi Munis can take care of the disciples for several births (minimum five births) – as they are independent. Yogi knows the entire universe. That’s why God says that you should listen from them only. Others will memorise and share.

I will try to have a class for yogabhyas. The asans that I have taught earlier are fine. There are many vidhis of pranayaam which I haven’t taught. I will try to arrange.

This stage is for me to rest and not to do preach, and meet people. But I still keep doing preach as per the order of my Guruji. Rishis only speak the truth and not others.

This is the time for me to do be in solitude and for you to do service. The truth is that when Acharya goes in older stage then you should just serve him. Vedas say that just seeing him is enough. This secret no one understands even after listening. I will keep doing Yajyen till I can. Earlier I would do 4-5 Yajyen per day but now just one is enough.

Devas say and others (who listen) also become knowledgeable. The rule is that you first listen, have faith on the Rishi and then you can chant Gayatri mantra. If you do not do that then you are lying when you chant. The mantra says that you sit in mediation.

When Yajyen happens, the sanskaar also goes in a child during Anngrahan Sanskaar, food (ann) inspires us to donate. When the knowledgeable of Vedas accept your food, which is appropriate as per weather, it makes him capable of doing more tapasya and preaching – then he makes you more capable. There will be no shortage to those who donate. The mantra in anngrahan sanskaar says that the child may become brave, and become capable of winning over the world. Only very fortunate children get these blessings.

At my young age many disciples have served me very well. If a Rishi eats food then each bite he consumes then it is like an aahuti. When Sri Ram used to donate, he would give everything and won’t be left with anything in his pocket.

If you are going in the boat and there is a hole in it, you will know that you will sink. Similarly, if you get wealth with you, and you have water coming in your boat, then you can your both hands (to donate and to give out water respectively). Vedas say that your left hand should not know that the right has donated. If you do not donate then it becomes juthan (left over) of rakshas (demons). You may donate and get blessings.

Remember these preachings. The body of human being is to realise God. God has said that don’t look for me, look for a Rishi. He will tell you My address. When earlier there were no other paths, people followed this path. Not everyone realised God but people had a good and pleasant life. They realised when the time came. They got realisation after continuing their practice for several births. The pleasure of moksh is the most superior.