Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya, performed Yajyen today on the occasion of Amavasya. In his divine preach, he said:

The time has not changed. We have changed since we are not following the path of Vedas, as in earlier Yugas. If we do not follow Vedas then God becomes angry.

Amavasya comes to create your good fortune. All learned of Vedas join me – those who know Vedas do Yajyen. The knowledgeable of Vedas definitely do Yajyen on this day. It is our country’s misfortune that people have made this professional.

Yajurveda 40th adhyaye has a summary of all knowledge. I explain again and again that whose is his wealth? Has this wealth been of someone? Everyone has to leave it here. Earn wealth in the form of rayi, which will benefit you and also the society.

Do Yajyen, work hard and earn wealth. This wealth is of no one. This money is not yours. Understand Brahmvidya properly. You are soul and you do not need wealth. You have misconceptions that do not get removed due to kaam, krodh, etc.

The money is earned for the body and not soul. If you leave money for children then you will not do their benefit. You need to give them education (Vedic and regular). In absence of that the wealth destroys you.

God has said to preach to those who deserve and not the others. The same materialistic things will give you pleasure if you earn them by Yajyen. Otherwise they will not let you live in peace.

This wealth is not of anyone even Sri Ram and Sri Krishna. Their family used it with detachment and their entire family took the pleasure as they followed Vedas and did Yajyen.

You should remember that this wealth is not yours. Because of attachment and lack of knowledge, you think it is yours. You are a soul and you need Brahmodanan. You try to give the benefit of wealth to body. Soul keeps saying to earn money for serving the body. You are away from the knowledge and just think of wealth.