Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya, performed weekly Yajyen that is done on every Monday. In his divine preach, he said:

You should understand this knowledge from my experience. If you are proud and frequently angry then you will not benefit. There are many of our sons and daughters who are destroying their bad deeds. Like mother keeps the babies clean similarly keep Yajyashala. If you do not keep it clean then the sins have to be borne.

You shouldn’t blame others. If someone tells the truth then it’s not complaining. Rishis order has to be accepted. You should live like brothers. If you cannot accept orders then you shouldn’t stay there. Justice is justice. It should be accepted. You will come in the stage of Adhikari.

You shouldn’t do Raag Dvesh (attachment and hatred). You should be in rules.

You should be careful. You shouldn’t be unadhikari (undeserving) and try to remove that. You can’t keep Yajyashala clean?

Lazy and sick people may need rest and silence. Others should work hard.

You treat Rishi as a fool and like sand on your feet. You encourage people to create an unhygienic environment by not pointing them. It is everyone’s sin that this has continued. Spitting and brushing should be done in washbasin only and after that it should be immediately rinsed with disinfectant. You shouldn’t spread diseases and remain sick.

There is no pure air these days. Even ACs should be cleaned monthly. Mobile should be cleaned daily. It is your wish that you want to remain dirty.

Sins done in the ashram are not forgiven. People who go against Rishi’s order or get angry do not have affection towards him. Rishi treats every disciple has his own son and daughter. His directions are applicable over all. His scolding also is Kripa (blessings).

People who deserve or don’t deserve.

Don’t be angry. If you do sins you will have to bear them. Sinner gets destroyed by his own sins. Beware of sins. Being angry is a sin. Attachment etc. is also sin. To inform about a mistake is not complaining. You should remove the bad thoughts.