Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

We come after taking birth to realise but only a few people do kadar (appreciate) these days. Service is the biggest dharm. If you are doing havan and Acharya comes, then you can leave havan immediately. The secret is that to serve an Acharya is bigger than doing havan. There are many examples. Like Aaruni just served cows and he realised God. He was not allowed to even do darshan of the Rishi or listen to the preach.

The topic of service is quite vast. I keep explaining from time to time. You can put as many aahutis and keep sitting in front of acharya, it depends upon your service. If service is less then aahutis will not give any benefit. A person who can do service is the one that understands. If someone listens and understands then he will be successful.

If your children are engaged in service, it is the blessings of God and sanskaars given by the parents. The person who does service, he and his family benefit. Ved Mantra says that we have come on the earth to benefit others. You need to give sukh to the others. You should have the desire of giving sukh like you like getting sukh.

God’s order is that if there is winter, summer, etc. Yajyen shouldn’t stop. We have come for Yajyen. We have made this mistake that we haven’t listened to Vedas. You have to see what is inside. God does not accept lies and treachery. You should know why we have come.

As if soul is to the body – friend, let’s both of us unite, get pleasure and get over the cycles of births and death. Friendship is when the body gives saath (support) to the soul. Mind goes towards bad deeds that’s why soul is born in bad yonis. We should not come in bad yonis again and again. You should listen Vedas and do good deeds. If you are doing good deeds then you are getting chances of getting good yonis. God has not sent you for doing other things.

If you look at death, God has just said Bhasmantam Shariram. People do all kids of functions. Pandits make money. People spend a lot of time in superstitions. It is the blessings of God on you that you are listening to the Vedas. To listen Vedas is tapah. You are getting benefit. It is difficult to get someone who knows Vedas.

We have come for doing Yajyen. If we keep doing then He keeps destroying the sins of previous births. Agnihotra also destroys sins. No one should leave agnihotra at home. One day you need to go. You should keep doing good deeds,

One Yajyen gives pleasure to souls of three lokas. You are born to benefit others. Yajyen is a great paropkaar. People are not doing Yajyen. If the whole country, or even half of the country does, then the entire pollution of the country will go. The bad diseases will also end.

We do your Yajyen and the one who sees the past, present and future, we should respect Him (God), the owner, the knower. The meaning of Ved is to know. The knower of God is yogi (realised), we should respect him. We should do his satkar as well.

God has given unlimited knowledge in Vedas. The country is made from people. Humans made villages, cities, etc. Every man and woman has soul and God. Rigved says that there were two birds that stay on a tree (body) God and soul. You should make cities, etc. For protection of our life, the knowledge that is given by the learned of Vedas in Yajyen, I consume it.

You should think deeply. The whole world doesn’t do Yajyen hence the buddhi will not be pure. If you do Yajyen and you do not know what is God, even by words, then these Ved mantras will not benefit you. You do not know what is God and what a Rishi is. Even big disciples go against the order of a Rishi. The whole world doesn’t know what Vedas are. There is so much nastikvaad (atheism). There is no vanni in the world that did not have the name of Vedas – Sri Gurubaani, Upnishads, Ramayan, etc. or have the knowledge of Vedas. Even the false books also.

You should know this knowledge. You listen to Vedas. God has given this principle. You need to bear your own sins. What is the problem of saying that no one’s buddhi is pure? There are so many people at high posts that have been involved. Some get caught, some pay bribe and get away, etc. Buddhi gets pure by knowledge of Vedas. To do Yajyen, to destroy greed, to destroy anger, etc. is not easy. If someone gets scolded then their pride increases. The scolding of a Rishi is for your benefit. It’s rare that someone tolerates.

I am sharing this secret then that buddhi cannot be pure without the knowledge of Vedas. I keep consuming the same buddhi (that is listening to Vedas). Then that buddhi will do good deeds only. It will not do sins. Oh learned of Vedas, in this life I do Yajyen like devtas. After eating grass, a goat gives milk, similarly the knowledge produced in this buddhi (Vedas) is amar. God has given this order to listen the knowledge again and again, and do service. They should sit in Yajyen and listen with concentration. With service those who serve can even get salvation.

It shouldn’t be that we do service of a Rishi and we do squabbles outside. This sin will not be bearable.