Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

Till the last moment you should do Yajyen. Suteekshan Rishi has been described in Ramayan. He left his body while doing Yajyen. Shabri kept doing Yajyen till the last time. This is the matter of the knowledgeable. If you have very important work then you can prostrate to Acharya and go. You are leaving God and going. If someone leaves Yajyen and goes then God leaves them as well. This items from Yajyen have to be understood.

If someone sells three lokas and pays the money as donation, it is also nothing in compared to the value of Yajyen. If you remember then it will benefit you. When you do stuti of God then He is pleased with you. It is wrong that you do not know the meaning of Ved Mantras. God says again and again that He is pleased with stuti. You do not know the meaning of mantras. If you do then you will have happiness inside you that God is pleased with us. I keep trying that you learn. I try various methods. If someone understands then he becomes Vidvaan.

God has shared the benefits that Yajyen has on our lives. People read the books written by men and destroy their lives. We have to follow the path set by God.

What is God? God is there in moksh dham and in every bit of the world. He is called God. He has unlimited qualities. Whichever quality you hear, God will get pleased by that.

God causes thunder. He gives the results of the deeds. When there is cloudburst, tons of water comes on the earth. Whereever it falls, it destroys. God has suggested Vedic path for our protection. In the earlier yugas people would follow Vedic path and was protected. Where Yajyen happens they stay protected.

With one Yajyen there is a limited impact. It should happen in every household. Those who do Yajyen stay protected. We should keep doing Yajyen with his blessings.

God gives salvation to those who worship Him. It happens when the time comes.

Those who do Yogabhyas, sit in meditation and do prannayam, He appears in their heart. All the sorrows get destroyed. We should keep doing. If you do laziness then He won’t leave you unpunished. Our body is made to do this.

It takes time. It may take several births. He gives pleasure. He keeps destroying sorrows. One time it comes that we go in moksh while doing yogabhyas, Yajyen, etc.