Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved Mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

God has blessings on you that you can come for annual Yajyen and new year Yajyen. Human body is made for Yajyen. You should donate as per your potential. God doesn’t get pleased by Yogabhyas only. It doesn’t have stuti of God. Why are you doing Yogabhyas? It is done for God. If someone hasn’t listened Vedas then you won’t know what is God. God gets pleased by stuti. It comes from Yajyen.

Yogabhyas has no stuti. God has said that Yajyen is the best deed. You realise God by Yajyen if you don’t do Yogabhyas. You should do Yogabhyas as God has said – upyam grahito.

Till Mahabharat time people only followed Vedas. If there was any book (Like Manusmriti, etc) it was written by Rishis.

Rishi makes you Dikshit. He teaches you from Vedas. You should be over lakh times more Shraddhalu than normal people. We are listening from the learned of Vedas that we need to do Yajyen and listen Vedas.

Time keeps passing. Keep hearing Vedas and learn new preaching. Try to discuss amongst each other. If you discuss then you will remember.

Dreams are false. They give sorrows like arthritis. Sometimes people continue to cry after a sorrowful dream. God has made some rules. You should listen to them and follow.

Time keeps passing like a running horse. The time for purnaahuti was decided. You came and the aahuti was put. It has astonishing speed. We never know when we grew from child to youth to old age. You should be alert after looking at this speed.

God has given this knowledge that time is like a horse. It keeps running. Let’s say it’s going at 60kmph. If you also keep running at 60kmph then your life is successful. You couldn’t progress and the time has passed. You were lazy and couldn’t run after time.

God has kept a pitcher over the horse containing precious riches. If you are running with the same pace then you can get these riches. This pitcher contains realisation.

You are running at the same pace of time if you make your schedule that you have Sadhna, good deeds, etc. Don’t do wrong laughing over bad jokes – it is serious life. It’s not that you shouldn’t laugh. You should have a hearty laughter of Brahm.

(This is all alankaar)

If you regard Rishi as pitahmah (forefather) then one day you also will realise. People who have glory on their face either have youth or have realisation. Yogi have alokik tej (divine glory). They are not capable of living in public.

Vedic Guru is the giver of knowledge. Without Guru no one can get knowledge.

Amrit is Vedas. It will be with you for future births. Rest is left here.

It is not possible to have the sang (the company) of knowledgeable of Vedas. If it happens then the world will tear them apart.

It is difficult to unite with a Yogi. We have to make them pleased. Rishi and Vedic Knowledge is priceless.

Cow is more priceless than the whole world’s kingdom.

You should listen carefully. If someone walks for 7 steps with him then even they get a lot of benefit of punya that they also can realise.

We have a lot of weakness that you are not getting Vedic knowledge despite spending so much time with acharya.

If you so not serve your parents even after listening Vedas then you are a big sinner. If they are bad then you can leave them but you can not speak to them in anger.

You should sing bhajan at home while understanding the meaning and Bhav.

There is something wrong that you get loss. With the blessings of God and Rishi you escape from big accidents. If you remove all your weaknesses and do Yajyen then you will never suffer harm. You should keep removing weakness.

Ved Vanni comes from rishis. If someone grasps it then they also can become a Rishi or learned.

You should never forget Agnihotra. Don’t regard Yajyen less.

Earlier people had continuity of upto 25 years. You have come late but Der aaye durust aaye (you are late but have come at the right place). We have to take time for doing Yajyen and listen Vedas. Then only your sorrows will be destroyed.

You have got amrit Vanni. You should imbibe it in your life. He doesn’t let the earth fall. He makes planes fly in the sky.

Guru has become your Pitahmah and Vedas are your mother. Vedmata will do Kripa (give blessings) if you do stuti.

Worldly knowledge is nothing compared to Vedas. The yogi that has realised knows that without Him and Rishi the world is dark.

Everything that you get is the blessing.

There is an incident from Ramayan that Vishwamitra Rishi came to the palace of king Dashrath. On hearing that he has arrived, Dashrath ran to receive him alongwith his ministers. Valmikiji described the incident that King Dashrath looked like moon amongst stars.

He said, Rishivar, you are Adhikari of daan (donation). I come to your ashram to serve. You have come here.

Children are born to serve. It is your great fortune that you come in the category of dvij. Ved vidya is applicable on you. When you discuss, then the knowledge is spread. If someone writes notes then it is good.

Gurubhakti is that you don’t let Guru in trouble. The family is taken care by disciples only.

You have come to this body to do Yajyen. Yes you have to meet your responsibility for body and family. It is not for you. Soul need brahmodanam (listening Vedas). If you don’t have time for brahmodanam then it will take you towards bad yonis. This simplicity is not good.

If you follow Vedic path then the power of God will be there to protect your family. You should leave sins. Stay away from chal Kapat. God is seeing everything.

These days sanskaars are not happening. That’s why children are without blessings. Use the knowledge that has been gained. Do Havan both times.

Yajyen asks you to join. No one is here forever. You will be disease free if you do Yajyen properly.