Swamiji conducted Yajyen on the on the occasion of New Year. In his divine preach, he shared:

With Ved Sadhna the body may be hurt but soul gets peace by Brahmodanam. We earn for body. Listening Vedas is for soul. Good days of youth are passing by.

Mere prayer will be of no use. You need to make an effort accordingly. Gayatri mantra is bring chanted by everyone. Did everyone get the knowledge of Vedas? They need to meet the condition of purusharth (hard work) and also dhyaan (meditation).

We should sit in the lap of God and do His Stuti. At home you can do Havan and by bhajans.

Aap uske hoke dekho. Voh swayam prakat Ho jaata hai. (You should try to be of Him (God). He appears on His own).

Serve like a servant. Several times Yajyen makes everything pure. Biggest tap is to control your mind and sense organs. In family life pay special attention toward Sadhna or life gets wasted. You may get bad births.

Worship God shambhwaye – God that gives peace. Shivaye – God that does kalyaan. The mind that has four Vedas and God. It may have beneficial thoughts. It is true for everyone irrespective of religion.

We may have power to do pranayaam our prann power to hear Vedas. God will give you pleasure. He will listen to you also. He has unlimited powers. He doesn’t have nervous system. He is away from sins. He is Kantdarshi. He is inside everyone and He knows everyone personally. He knows everyone’s mind. He punishes dusht (bad people). Yajyen is the navel of the world. No one can make God. Who will make Him? He has made everyone.

With true Roop He has been giving the knowledge of Vedas to the society. He is called God. God is everywhere. He cannot move. The one who cannot work hard, He is far. For jigyasu He is near.

For many days we have been doing Yajyen. I don’t know how does God give me power? Where is the pleasure of forests? Vairagya comes after several births. We have to keep doing Sadhna. We never know when He will become pleased.