Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved Mantras today. In his divine preach, he shared:

People have a hard time in living in cities like Delhi. Yajyen is such as ashtonishing sadhan to have long life, live with love, etc. If someone knows the qualities of Yajyen, they will run and do Yajyen. There will not be any infectious diseases, no early death, no thief, dacoit or sinner will be born, etc. if Yajyen is happening. If you want permanent peace on the earth then there should be Yajyen. Arjun’s grandson was handicapped (Pariksheen). His son Janmeyai left Vedic path completely. He dissolved Dharm Sabha. The glory of Vedas ended. The storm has not ended till now.

Otherwise these are the qualities of Yajyen. No theif, dacoit, etc. will be born. Females would be worshipped. Today we should have Yajyen. If you do not understand, you can ask your questions. With discussion the truth is established. The questions can be scientific or technical alongwith evidence or cross-argument (tark vitark). The one that puts aahutis, he cannot be cheated. The maya will not be to harm him. If someone will do enemity then they will not be able to harm him. The powers of God protect him. Burai (Badness) cannot harm him. There are unlimited qualities of Yajyen.

Each mantra has knowledge that is out of the world. Due to the paucity of time I am unable to do the meanings of all mantras. I have written several books that have the meanings of the mantras. He is very fortunate that God protects him always. If people do not hear the benefits of Yajyen then they will not do Yajyen. When they do, they will do Yajyen.

Yajurveda 3/60 mantra is referred to some people as Mahamrityunjai mantra. It has the one who has seen the past, present and future. We are worshipping God (that has seen it all), we do His Yajyen. People often do not put aahutis themselves but ask pandits to put. The mantra says that we (plural number) are putting. Urvarukmev (Kharbooja or Kadki) has fragrance. Similarly our fame should spread in the world like the fragrance of a ripe fruit. Like the ripe Kharbooja leaves the stem on its own, like that I may get away from death. I may not be born again and again. Sri Krishna is saying that birth and death again and again is a matter of sorrow. The sorrows of old age are several. Service to mother, father, Rishi, God, etc. is Yajyen.

Bhranti (Misconception) has spread since we do not do Yajyen. If the sun is out then the darkness can’t be shown. If in your buddhi (intellect), after listening Vedas again and again, you get the light of knowledge then your superstition, etc. is destroyed. If we do not listen Vedas then there will be a tradition of blind faith as per Kapil Muni.

In Ved Mandir, you get the knowledge of each religion. There are many blessings in mantras. These are applicable universally on all. God also gives the knowledge of doing Yajyen when a baby is born. When a baby is born, it is there in Jaat karm sanskaar. They get knowledge that you never die but you change bodies. You are a soul.

The body has to be left one day. Why do you talk about settling? You should talk about good deeds. You should have loving nature. You should not have quarrels.

When the soul leaves the body, it first goes towards the sun. Sutratma vayu goes inside and takes the soul out. After 13 days it can take birth. If it has done bad deeds then it will be born in a violent birth.

Each part of your body will be destroyed when you die. You have been given this birth not for violence. What are you proud of? Why do you have hatred? Why don’t you do good deeds so that we can get over the shackles of birth and death?

You do prayashchit (repentence) in Yajyen that you will never do sin again. You will need to do this otherwise it will not happen. Brahmhatya means that you have not believed in God, you have not listened Vedas and you have not listened to the learned of Vedas. If you have done this sin then you should do Yajyen and put aahutis with Swaha. Otherwise you will get the dosh (fault) of Brahmhatya.

If you keep doing uccharan (chanting) then you will remember. It has immense benefit. There are children of around 2 years that have learnt mantras. They have not been taught on blackboard. Vedas are not a book. It is knowledge. It is always new. It is never destroyed. You should just listen and you will remember.

God is in every bit of the world. He is seeing you. Whenever you do sin, it will be noted and you will get the result thereof. It will be noted automatically. The biggest computer is chitt. It has the sanskaars of arab kharab years. God gives everything but takes nothing.

See the creation of God. It does not need repairs. Like sun doesn’t need repairs. If someone has hatred in his mind then God punishes too. It is not my opinion but opinion of the learned. Why are you becoming a slave of money? Yes, you should earn money. You should not remain poor. You should keep doing sadhna and leave sins. These are deep mantras of 40th adhayaye of Yajurveda. They have been translated into English and will be published soon.

God is not a topic that you can talk on your own. You should listen to what God is saying. When you see everyone as your own soul after doing bhakti, leaving sins, service to Acharya and elders, sadhna, indriyasaiyam, etc. You will see that they are like me. If I am having pain then they also feel so. There are some saints that get arrested. What kind of worship is it?

You will not have hatred and your organs will be under control. You cannot do raag, dvesh, hatred and cannot think of bad of everyone. How can you have shok (grief) and moh (attachment)?