Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved Mantras today. In his divine preach, he shared:

It is great that this broadcasting has been started. Shudhi Shudhh Karnah – Whenever the time comes, you should hear the pure voice of Vedas. Earlier people would listen to this voice only. Purity was spread. Human vanni is not so good. Yajyen spreads purity and keeps the earth stable in thousands of ways.

Yajyen keeps the earth stable. When Yajyen doesn’t happen then earthquakes, flood, tsunami, etc. occur. If people don’t do Yajyen that these problems such as war and violence also happens because of the same reason. Without reason nothing happens. Today there is no love. Violence, dacoity, etc. has spread as the heart is not pure. Any place is made pure by Yajyen. Purity is spread by Yajyen.

People who do Yajyen their heart starts getting pure. God is pure. God is omnipresent. To be prakat, He needs a pure place. If you keep listening to Yajyen from the start that we should do Yajyen. Who asks you to unite with Vedas? God says that you should unite with Ved Vanni (Kah Tva Unakti. Sah Tva Unakti). God says that I have given you this beautiful body of human beings so that you unite with Vedas and Yajyen. It has been given to associate with the best deed – Yajyen. You have been listening for a long time. When you listen, you should do manan (comtenplate), clarify doubts and implement the same in your life.

Like, if you do not know what is Yajyen then 85% punya of doing Yajyen is reduced. You worship God but you do not know what is God then 100% punya is finished. People do not know what is God. God is what God is saying about Himself. He is saying the same in Vedas. People have made many God. You should listen to God. He is saying in Vedas.

He is saying that – Sah Paryaga Shukram – He is everywhere. He is every bit of the world. He as as much in holy place, as much outside. As much as we keep them pure, we should keep every place clean as God is there too. You should keep your heart pure. You should not let any kaam, krodh, etc. come. You should progress both spiritually and materialistically. These are to be deeply considered. God says that if you do not worship me then I will take away this human body.

Like God has given sun, earth, etc. Similarly He has given the knowledge of Vedas. We have just got entangled in the world. Everything of this world is described in Vedas. Knowledge of everything that is created, and the knowledge of God, is in Vedas. If we do not listen Vedas then we will not understand the creation, we will just be using it. The progress in science is materialism. People are stuck only in materialistic things. If you think that the world is worshipping, they are not worshipping as Sri Ram, etc. have done. They are worshipping what comes in their mind. He has described how to worship in Vedas.

Man in materialism (like studying, earning money, etc.) only, does not understand about God from Vedas. If you progress only materialistically then you are entering into darkness. Those who enter in science they get into darkness. Those who are entangled in the things created by God, they go in even deeper darkness. Progress in science, earning money, etc. should be done alongwith getting knowledge about God and worshipping with ekagrah buddhi (concentrated intellect). It is even more important than materialism. Rishis explain from God. They do not have their own knowledge. Today it is a problem that people keep saying that it is their knowledge.

God rules over the earth. You should listen to His knowledge. It is a serious matter.

When you follow materialism and get high posts (like Secretary, General, etc.) and do not worship God then you will not have the power to stop you from doing sins. The power to stop you from doing sins is spiritualism. You can see ministers are entangled in bad deeds. Even if you have good educational background, your intellect will not stop you from doing bad deeds. The power to stop you from doing sins is spiritual power.

There are many so-called saints in this world that are indulging in intoxication. They say that they are worshipping God. They are not following Vedas. If they are stuck in just fake spiritualism and have left things like taking care of the family, respecting parents, working hard for earning money, studying, etc. Then they will die soon and they will have a lot of diseases. Earlier Sri Ram and the others followed Vedas.

Without Vedas people are immersed in false knowledge. We do not even know the meaning of avidya.

We need Yajyen. Yajyen is the navel of the world. If you are doing Yajyen then the base is fine. If you understand the meaning of Yajyen and organize Yajyen, God gets pleased since His adar maan samman (deep respect) is in Vedas. He gets pleased by his stuti (praise – sharing His qualities). You have not understood God, Rishis and you keep worship then even Vedmantras will not help you. If you keep reading Geeta and you do not understand the preach, and are not following what Geeta says then it will not help. Sri Krishna says that you have been born for Yajyen. It gives good food. Those who are just reading Geeta are going in deep darkness.

If you see the past there was so much pleasure, control over sense organs, long life, etc. There are people who do bad deeds they do worship before leaving. God punishes for bad deeds. People prostrate to their diety before leaving. We should become a good person. He protects them.

We need to make our heart pure. Yajyen comprises of devpooja, sangatikaran and daan. In Yajyen the knowledgeable of Vedas gives knowledge. Brahma is someone who knows four Vedas. He explains your duties, deeds, etc. from Vedas. We cannot make our duties on our own. We should keep listening like you are doing now. You should then implement it in your life.

Unless you donate, you will not get the result of Yajyen. You should donate as per your potential. The seat of a donor is next to God. God is everywhere. We have to make God prakat (manifest). God is prakat in Yajyen.

God is saying about Yajyen. If we say on your own then we are sinners. We would have made a new path. In Yajyen, there is pratishtha (prestige) of God. If Brahma is present there then God becomes prakat. That’s Yajurved says that Yajyen is the best deed. There is nothing greater than it – food, family, etc. We do not understand that Yajyen is the biggest deed. You should look at Yajyen. Doing agnihotra is a big punya. One Yajyen benefits three lokas.

Today the navel of the world has dislocated due to lack of Yajyen. With Yajyen the peace will be established.

If you have potential and you do not donate food, God says that I eat you. This is happening in this world. Lack of donation has eaten big people. A noted industrialist died while taking a walk.

Don’t worry about time while doing Yajyen. We are sitting in the lap of God. People have made their own God. People are writing in the praise of their self-created dieties.

Swayam Bhu – His image (power, authority) is on His own. God has given power to everyone. Both God and soul are Swayam Bhu. If you do not know the meaning then you are foolish. No one has made God. No one can create God. It is because of God only. No one has made Him. No one has given Him strength. No one has made Him. He is God. God is the one whom God refers as God.

God has made our body from prakriti. The potter makes a pot from mud. God is Swayam Bhu. No one has made Him. He is not made from anything. It is away from intellect. He is God.

You can make some other things from pot. Nothing else is made from God. God can’t be used to make anything. You should listen carefully. Our body is not from God. His negligible power used prakriti to make our body.

If our body is made from God, it would have been immortal since He is too. God is ‘nimit upadaan karak’. Very little of His power is used to make the entire creation in jad (non-alive) prakriti. I have explained the process of creation to you.

Swayam Bhu means that God is not made from anything and nothing else can be made from Him.  (Yajurved 40/8).  Many secrets come from this mantra. People have not heard Vedas. They are making statues of God. Why are they fighting? The secret is that when they make their own Gods, fights will happen. Why don’t they search for the God mentioned in the Vedas? We do not listen to His qualities. We just follow what is in our mind.

Shelter of a Rishi is like shelter of God. To listen Vedas is the shelter of God. We should understand from our ancestors. Dashrath went to Sringri Rishi for Yajyen. He suggested to do Yajyen at the bank of river Saryu. God is everywhere. Yajyen can be done anywhere. Non-deserving people should not sit in Yajyen. It gives paap to a Rishi. He said that in disguise some non-deserving people (like lazy people, those with vices, etc.) come in Yajyen. They disrupt Yajyen. Yajyen is for those who are deserving. God will give you everything and fill your desires.

You should sit in merriment and do His stuti (praise). There is no one greater than Him and no one will be greater than Him. This is one of His qualities. I keep stressing that you should keep their meanings in your mind and do havan with concentration and eyes close. You should sit with Chetan (consciousness) and intelligence. Stuti, upasana and prathana makes a worship complete.

You should keep taking knowledge from a learned of Vedas. There are few people who take. Rishi keeps sharing the knowledge as long as he is alive. Each word of Vedas is priceless. When Yajyen happens, it benefits the 7 generations before and 7 after.

You should become Dev and Devi. You shouldn’t become rakshas and rakshasni (demon). The way is listening Vedas, keeping strong faith and service. This is timeless knowledge. You should have atal (firm) faith.

Om Ayant Idamatma mantra helps increase life of our children and makes them disease free. Mantras also say that our age may not get reduced. With Yajyen life increases. It should be more than 100 years. With Yajyen age and pleasure increases.

Aahutis should be put with a lot of affection. Do you understand that these are the names of God? By saying their name, God appears. People of past, who were revered, they did Yajyen and listened Vedas. They have inspired us to worship the same God. You should do jaap of the name of God given by a Rishi. You should know the meanings. You should become jigayasu and listen.

God gives everything – air, water, food, etc. Religions are man-made. God made is Vedas. It is universally applicable on everyone. Sects, caste, religion, etc. doesn’t matter. If these are implemented then all the sins will stop. Vedas do not originate from man. They have originated from God.

There is nothing ours. It belongs to God. You should practice to live like this. God fulfils the bhandars (repository). Everything belongs to Him. He has given us for some time. Through Rishis He blesses.

Dhiyoyo Nah Prachodyat. Intellect (Buddhi) is closest to the soul. We are not bodies. Soul is Chetan. As soul is present, the body works. When he leaves then everything stops. We should unite with Vedas and also progress in worldly things. At the end we do not need to cry. We come to know where the soul comes from. You have lived in several yonis – maybe as animals or asur yoni. Now you should do jigyasa towards Brahm. You should earn money through job as well so that the soul stays in the body. Money is not for us. We do not need it. For us is Ved Vidya. Right now you are taking the bhojan (food) of Brahm. To listen the same the soul has come in the body.

When we do Yajyen then we know that our age has increased. Even if we get the result of previous deeds as sorrows, but we know that we will not die at an early age. This we know if we come in the shelter of a Rishi.

Rishis vachan (order) needs to get completed. These come out of their mouth as per the desire of God. If someone goes against them then God punishes them. You should not do sins. God is seeing you and He will punish you badly. You need to good deeds and make your, Acharya, Ved Mandir and parents’ name famous. Everywhere God is living. He is seeing what you are doing. Accordingly He gives the results. For lazy people, God is far away. Morning and evening you should do havan and sadhna. You should organize and do Yajyen. One day the sins will be destroyed.

God is far for those that do not take time for God and do not do Yajyen. God is the one who is giving the knowledge of Vedas from unlimited time. You should undersand the meaning. You need to progress both in money and God.

When you know that this body is dead then we will leave it happily otherwise we will leave with a lot of discomfort.

God has unlimited names. Om is the name of God. Kham – space. There is no space where He isn’t there. Brahm means that there is no one bigger than Him. The name of God you take should have the meaning of God. Without the meaning the name isn’t there.

God is mentioned as Radhanaam’s pati in some mantras. He is the owner of wealth (Radha). If someone says Radha Radha, it means money money. God says clearly to do Yajyen. How to do Yajyen one has to consider?

You should stay away from a Rishi. God has said that one should stay 6 feet away from a Rishi and his wife. You have right to ask for time but you should ask less. Yogi’s body is turyateet form as God is present in it.

Put purnnaahuti with a lot of love. God gives you a lot of promises in Yajyen. God will grant you a lot of pleasures. The order of Vedas I have shared. Those who do not follow will get sin. You should not disturb others in ashram. If someone does not follow, you should not hurt them by pointing them out.

The donation maybe given by a disciple but the food becomes of God. You should accept it with a lot of faith.