Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved Mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

Vedas has complete knowledge including of living life, animals, sun, etc. I try that I keep taking one Vedas and complete. It has a secret.

Earlier Rishi Munis were of a young age and there was an influence of Brahmcharya. They realised at an early age. Earlier people would send their children at a young age and they would have complete knowledge of Vedas by the age of 19-20. He would still keep staying in the ashram and keep getting more knowledge. After that they would go home. He would shine like sun when he enters his house. Now this time isn’t there.

Now the governments have changed. Now if someone studies Vedas only then it would be difficult for them to get a job. Recently government has started encouraging people who have studied in Gurukul in teaching Sanskrit. Without Vedas, life is nothing. Dacoity, stealing, superstition, false faith, etc. is spreading in the world. Knowledge is light. Darkness ends when light comes. When you get knowledge, you get enlightened, for example of what is Yajyen.

After listening Vedas, you understand what avidya is. The world of today doesn’t know what is alive and what is dead. People are living without knowledge. Without knowing what avidya is, you become a sinner. There are four signs of avidya – anatma ko atma, anitya ko nitya, dukh ko sukh and apavitra to pavitra. If you think thoroughly then you will realise that no one believes that their body is destroyable. They think that they are body. Soul leaves the body and it is destroyed. People who do not listen Vedas they do not know that what they worship is destoryable – it is non-alive.

Nitya is what will never be destroyed. It is amar (lives forever). People do not understand that this hill, mountain, tree, water, etc. is anitya (will not remain forever). They are jad (non-alive). They are not to be worshipped. Alive God is to be worshipped.

There are several mantras in which God has given knowledge of alive and non-alive. People go in darkness when they worship avidya. After death your soul will go to bodies where there is darkness like the bodies of dog, cat, etc. where you do not get enlightenment of knowledge.

Who will not know this knowledge, when they are alive, they are sorrowful and when they die, they  get bodies where you remain in darkness. They will not learn swaha, mantra, etc. After they leave the body, it will go in several other bodies of darkness.

Government is also against Vedas since there is no one there who knows Vedas. Vedas is God’s voice. Others are man-made. They give knowledge. Shri Ram, etc. talked only about God’s voice and he realised. If you also become strict in life to hear the voice of God, like God says that who listen’s to God’s voice? Mind is your servant but you have become its servant. God says that come from near and far and come around Havan Kund. God has given several mantras that you do Yajyen and listen Vedas. Vedas should enter your mind after continuously listening Vedas.

Listening Vedas is not a hobby but it is your duty. We have come to do that only. It is the utimate duty. There is nothing bigger than that. We should understand the mantras and do deeds accordingly. Then only we will be able to get pleasure. When we do not listen Vedas, we enter darkness. There are so many rich people, ministers, etc. who say that we are very successful. From inside they are so unhappy. They keep a smile on their face, which is false. The whole world has a false smile and inside they are sad. The reason is that in Vedas there are several rules. Science also has rules. The rules of Vedas cannot be broken.

One rule that you should remember throughout your life. In Rigved God has said that without Me, you won’t have pleasure. Without worship of God, there is no pleasure – even if you rule the world. Gurubani says sakal shriti ka raja dukhiya, naam japat so hoye sukhiya (The king of the entire world is unhappy. When he remembers God, he becomes happy). God says that without Him there is no pleasure.

If someone is intelligent, he will say then why this wealth, houses, etc are there? Humans do not do greed. This family is never yours. Give them love. This will stay with you if you have selfless love when you do bhakti. It can never become selfless without it.

Money comes later. God Himself is ratnadhatama (giver of precious things). You do bhakti of God, won’t He give pleasure and money? He will give without asking. He says, you can ask Me. It is His rule that the one who does His Yajyen, He gives him money, long life, etc. Without worship of God, there is no pleasure. Without Vedas, there is no worship of God. You should keep the Vidvaan happy and listen Vedas from Him. If someone has realised, God makes him speak Vedas. You need an alive acharya. Rest is all Sanhita (collection of Ved mantras).

Nowadays no one likes the knowledge of God. God also makes them suffer with big diseases. The kids of that time had Tej (glory) of knowledge and Brahmcharya.

Say the truth. Follow dharma. Get priyadhan (money earned and donated with happiness) for your acharya. Without daan (donation), you do not get the benefit. The rule has broken. Serve mother, father, Guru and athithi. Acharya would give deep knowledge in ashram and would send them home.

Now this problem has happened that no one can come to the ashram and get knowledge. People consider that body is alive and keep decorating it. They do not give the food to the soul (Brahmodanam – food of the Vedas). The soul gets pleased. At home you do not give it Brahmodanam. You give him Panchodanam by which the soul gets upset. Brahmodanam is with Rishi and no where else.

Everything has become dependent upon a Rishi since he will give the knowledge of Vedas and by the knowledge you can get to know. It is important to listen Vedas. They are Amrit Vaani (never dying voice). If you listen, it will stick with you. When you go from this body, it will help you get a good birth. What you have listened, you will start listening after that.

Man’s voice gets destroyed. Even if it may have good knowledge, it will not protect you. It will remain here. Vedas are amar vaani. They will stay with you. You have listened this in four Vedas. When the creation is destroyed, all the voices of men will get destroyed. There will be no creation made by man. Vedas do not die. They are the knowledge that comes from God. Yagvalk Rishi mentions in Shatpath Brahman Granth like when someone takes out air from his mouth, like that (to Maitraiye and Kauntai, his two wives) the voice comes from God – it is alankar (figure of speech) to explain. God has no mouth.

You should shoot away laziness. You should die while doing Yajyen and listening Vedas. Why should spend time in human vanni, which will not stay with you?

Bhajans, etc. is to motivate people to listen Vedas. It is the order of God to listen Vedas from their ears. People have listened several things but not Vedas. They fight over money, etc. People have not listened Vedas and hence they do not know their importance. Your good deeds should not end. What to do of the organs that are used to do bad deeds? Your hands, feets, etc. are for good deeds.

Rishi is called Pitahmah. He is father of fathers. It is a very big post. Vedas become your mother and Rishi becomes Pitahmah when you take deeksha. You should progress like brothers and sisters. You should do sadhna, etc. good deeds. You should keep doing Yajyen and havan. Your life will go on in pleasure.

Blessings remove the obstacles in life. As per the deeds of the soul, it enters the body after 13 days. It can take few more days. Those who do a lot of Yajyen will get a good birth.

When someone comes, they have to go. The ones that leave us, we should do Yajyen for their benefit. At the last time, listen Vedas. In the earlier times people used to listen Vedas. There was no other book written at that time. Now at their convenience they have written other books. You need to listen Vedas from a Rishi, Muni or Yogi. This is amrit vanni.

Books written by even Rishi Munis on paper will be destroyed one day. The vanni that was never born, Vedas, will remain forever. God was never born will stay forever. As much as you can hear, it will stay with you. Money will not go with you. Einstein also regretted that he searched on science but I didn’t search for the one that made me a scientist. He said that I want to be a saint.

Pride will increase problems in life. You need to destroy it. Don’t worry about time. You should listen a lot of Vedas from your ears. 40th adhyaye will give you a lot of pleasure. It is the conclusion of other adhyaye.

People do not understand that the money belongs to no one. God hasn’t said that throw it away. You should get the pleasure of it with detachment. Your mind and intellect should be in Yajyen. At the time of sadhna, you should have sadhna only. You should have time for sadhna. If you do not have time then God becomes angry. You live on my earth, you eat from me, you see with my eyes, etc. I will take your organs away. If someone listens, they do not understand. People have influence of maya (materialism). This money is of no use unless it is put in sadhna, Yajyen, etc. This one mantra is enough for people to realise if they follow it (Idam Ishavasam..). Even after listening people do not understand. The punya of aahutis will not go anywhere.

If you listen Vedas carefully and you know the meaning then your life will be fruitful. Anupashyati – After Yogabhyas, Yajyen, serve parents, listening Vedas, etc. he does darshan of God. Then his attachment and endearment get destroyed. Then he understands that all souls are like his, and I will not give pain to anyone.

This all of you have not memorised. Yogabhyas is done by those who wants to realise God. If they do not follow Vedic path then they will not realise God.

Those who respect and donate those who have not realised (anupashyati) incur a sin. If this knowledge comes then it will be wonderful.