Swamiji conducted Yajyen today from Ved Mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

Yajyen is the biggest worship. In Yajyen we do prathana (prayer), but the biggest thing is stuti (praise of God). In name simran (remembering the name of god) also there is no stuti. It is also not there in yogabhyas. God becomes happy with stuti. In Yajyen we get blessings from God and Rishi. That’s why Yajyen is called the biggest deed. We should always keep doing Yajyen till the last breath.

We should practice daily that we should enjoy everything with detachment. There is nothing ours. We are a soul. We have come to bear the results of our deeds. We bear and then we go. The one who controls and listens with ekagrah vritti is tapah. To listen Vedas is the worship of God. It is God’s order to listen to Vedas. The one who listens is following orders. To follow orders of God or even parents is real service. Those who come and listen should take the learnings. There are many who listen very carefully and ask questions.

To listen carefully with ekagrah vritti, to understand bhavarth and arth, is tapah. There should be someone preaching and those who listen. These days it is rare to have someone who is shrota (listener) or vaktah (speaker). At this time the vaktah are rare.

You should listen and one day acharan (implementation in life) will happen.

This has great knowledge. God is giving the knowledge of Vedas since unlimited times. The one that is giving knowledge since unlimited times and makes even the unaware knowledgeable that is God. This is one of the definitions of God. No one can make God. He is called Swayam Bhu – on his own, existence. No one has made God. His existence is on His own. His qualities, deeds and nature are His own. He has no statue. You cannot measure or weigh Him. You should first decide who is God and then worship Him. Today we do not decide. We follow whatever path is given to us. You are free to follow any path but you won’t realise. You can if you follow Vedic path and go in the shelter of knowledgeable of Vedas. The rule of God gets fulfilled and that person can realise.

There are these dark yonis like dog, bugs, etc. Soul goes to them according to its deeds. He cannot worship and gets immersed in sorrows. We should take care that we do not go into bad yonis after death. There is no one yours. We are on our own. If we follow Vedic path then it is fine otherwise we and our children will go to bad yonis. God is giving knowledge since unlimited times, follow or otherwise you go to bad yonis.

You should take notes and also discuss amongst each other. Guru is everyone’s father. He doesn’t want that any of his sons go to bad yonis. He always wants that they benefit and they follow Vedic path.

About Sambhooti and Asambhooti the knowledgeable of Vedas say something else. People have spread about materialistic things. It is Asambhooti.

Sambhooti is to pay attention towards science only. You need to study. Vedas are saying that you should progress in science (Sambhooti) and materialistic things (Asambhooti), you should use them properly for sadhna. You should progress while following the Vedic path and doing sadhna. This is what God is saying.

God is saying some other meaning. If they progress while worshipping God then the progress will be beneficial.

People are saying that they will remember God when they get old.

(About Soul) I am different. I am inside the body. I have the knowledge of Vedas. I am progressing in both of them.

When the death comes, you will be away from the pain of death. You will leave body with pleasure.

You listened Vedas. Soul grasped the knowledge of Vedas. You should earn money. You should accept them for sadhna. You should have nutritious things since you need to do pranayaam. You should take their support for sadhna. Use house for shelter. You can use car for taking children. When you use the products of the world for doing sadhna, then you can get realization. When you start using the products of the world for pleasure then you will go to several yonis and get sorrows.

When at the time of death, you know that you have to leave the body. With the knowledge, you can use the worldly things to realise. The whole knowledge is in Vedas.

Yesterday I was giving knowledge of 31/1. It is your great fortune that you can come for Yajyen. I see your Shraddha. There should not be any trickery. When you go, you should think that make me pure. Acharya melts and gives true knowledge. God makes Him share. You cannot get it after selling three lokas. It is not for free. It is beneficial for those who serve. You should have clear heart without any treachery. He gives this knowledge so that they have pleasure and there shouldn’t be any shortage.

There is a rule of Vedas. The king should give several camels full of gold to Rishis. At this stage (after 75), Rishi would like to sit in dhyaan only. Kings of today don’t know that they have to serve. When Chavan Rishi was caught in the net, the king apologized that I could not protect you.

Whomsoever would meditate in the forest earlier, the king would provide all the necessities.

It is said wrongly in some books that kings would hunt in the forest for fun. They would hunt wild animals that were bothering their people. They would not eat them but would bury the dead body. Parikshit requested for water but Rishi was sitting in meditation and he didn’t listen. He got angry and he put a dead snake around his throat. Brighu rishi saw and cursed the king that whomsoever has done this he will be bitten by a snake within 7 says.

His father said that Brighu you did wrongly by cursing the king. He was unaware that I was sitting in meditation. The king serves us. He said that take back the curse. Brighu said that I have done intense sadhna and the curse cannot be taken back. He said that go and inform, which he did.

Rulers of today should serve those who have realised. I have no rest. This is a good time. We should sit in the lap of God and do His stuti.

Stuti can be shared by a tapasvi only. The one who has ekagrah vritti should listen. People don’t use these objects made by prakriti for sadhna but get attached to them and get destroyed. You should listen and move towards realising God.

Yesterday I was sharing – sheshtra shirshah purushah. God has unlimited heads. You have made a house, it is yours. This creation is like a house where we are living. He has made it and He is the owner. These bodies are made by God and He is the owner. He uses the body of a Rishi. He makes the pad (sentence) come from the mouth of a Rishi. He makes Vidvaan do the uchharan (recitation) of Vedas. If someone is not a Vidvaan and is reciting, it becomes Samhita then the benefit of listening gets reduced.

In this mantra God is saying that God has unlimited heads. The heads of all living beings belong to God. These unlimited eyes of bugs, humans, etc. are of God. These unlimited feet of bugs, humans, animals, etc. – you will not be able to count them, they are infinite. They are also of God.

He is everywhere. Here it is said that bhoomi ko vyapak karke  – this earth made of 5 tanmatrayen and 5 mahabhoot (agni, vayu, jal, etc.). This earth is made by 10 fingers (portions). He is in every bit of the world. He is there and is beyond that. He has crossed and gone beyond that too. There are many worlds. There are unlimited places. God is saying that I am there and here. These are my qualities. God is saying that look at my qualities. This is called God.

If you look at it deeply you will get even more depth. The things that are said by man-made worship, like avatar, it is not possible. These qualities are not in man-made worship.

This is a serious matter. This is a very deep matter of this earth. These days without following Vedas, they are with false knowledge. No one knows what is the real definition of almighty God that who is God? If you get knowledge then it is great. Otherwise what can I do? If you do not make an effort then your knowledge will not expand. If you will not get knowledge then you may worship anything. You should understand that God’s Yajyen is happening and is being said about God.

Who listens to the priceless sentences of Rishi? Only jigyasu (extremely curious about learning Vedas) or mumukshu (one who needs nothing except listening Vedas) can listen. If for 10 days if a king is hungry and asks for food. If someone says that we need to get special utensils, etc. then the king will say that I just need food. Even if you keep it on the floor. Jigyasu is the one who does not need the world. He just needs God. He turns his back from the world by God.

Sri Ram also left his kingdom, wife, children, etc. and went to the forest. People do not get vairagya (renunciation). You keep doing sadhna. One day you will get vairagya. You will leave everything and go. Your children will be taken care by God. If they do not have vairagya then even the children will get spoiled and they will also spoil their life. At the age of 60 stop other things and you should prepare for leaving.

You should increase Yajyen, naam simran, yogabhyas – this is the preparation to leave. For those who get entangled they are preparing to go to various yonis and get sadness. To get different yonis, die and still live, and remain sorrowful – that’s the preparation.

We are sitting in His lap. He is inside and outside us. If we are sitting inside God then whose are these head, hands, feet, etc. It is of His only. These heads, etc. belong to Him.

The one who is creator, omnipresent, remains always, pure, alive, always free, away from bearing results, sins, etc. You should worship such God after being in His shelter. You should not comment adversely on a Rishi. When you get complete Shraddha on a Rishi then you move towards devyoni.

The true meaning of 31/1 can be taken from a Rishi only. We should listen to the goodness. You should listen carefully. He will bless you. He is in every bit of your body. He is listening. God has made rules that He will destroy if you consider Him as a statue.

Who is called God? The world is there since unlimited time. The one that is there since unlimited time. What has originated in the past has been originated by God. What will originate in future will also be originated by God. The one that originated earlier, is now and will originate in future is also from God.

People who were proud, like bad kings, God has destroyed them. Good kings always said that it is not theirs. We should also say idamnamama (it is not ours). The one that gives the pleasure of realization.

The world in which the people following Vedas stay and do sadhna, and use vidya and avidya together that (imbitatvasya) – the one who gives moksh is God. Only He can give moksh, no one else.

These are alokik (out of the world) qualities of God. In that also more unlimited qualities. Only He is called God. Only God gives the realization through Rishis. Whomsover goes in the shelter of knowledgeable of Vedas, God gives them realization.

We should worship God that is described in Vedas. Every worship is acceptable if it goes to God or soul. I always respect the worship which is directly connected with Almighty God who has created this world. Creation is necessary. Someone is there who has created, His name is God. If a person is desirous of realising himself that is soul – he is also nearest to God.

Those who is able to realise himself. Within the soul, God resides. Aspirants who worship targeting the soul, they will also benefit. After some tapasya they will also realise soul. We also have to realise soul. Yog shashtra says in this matter tadadrishte.. When yogabhyas is completed, he realises God and automatically he realises soul. Gautam Buddha, his real name was Siddharth, he left his kingdom to realise. Several questions arose in his heart and to get answers, he went to the forest.

Jungle is the best place to do hardest tapasya based upon the water there and food that is in the forest (like fruits, roots, etc.) Siddharth became Mahatma Buddha due to his hard tapasya and realization. When he left his kingdom, he identified a cave and did hard tapasya.

After a long time when he left the cave and wandered here and there to realise himself. He became so weak that he wasn’t even able to walk. Afterwards in the end, he took shelter of a tree. He was sitting calmly in meditation. He did not take food for several days, perhaps for several months. I know the situation of Mahatma Buddha. God and other yogis know yogi. Only yogi can know about yogi. Others can just keep faith and one day they can realise.

Mahatma Buddha was very weak and was not able to walk or talk. One girl was passing and realised that he is weak and needs food. Mahatma Buddha was served kheer. He opened his eyes, felt enlightened and he preached all over India. His disciples also preached the world over. This body is of no use till we realise God.

One of his disciples, Anand, was nearest him and he also preached the world and across India. One day Mahatma Buddha asked if while preaching, someone slaps you, what will you do? He said that I will thank him that he didn’t hurt me with bricks and just slapped him.

Then he was asked what if he was hit with a brick? He said that I will thank him that he has not beaten me with a stick. If beaten with a stick, he said that I will thank him that he has not murdered me. If murdered, he said I will thank him that I have not committed suicide. Buddha said that you are a perfect disciple and he ended up preaching a lot. While preaching many obstacles come that you need to face silently.