Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved Mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

As much Yajyen can happen, you should do. God become pleased and give blessings. Big dukh (sorrows), He makes them small. You should do as many Yajyen that dukh (sorrows) shouldn’t come. You should also pay attention towards havan.

There are many examples. Shri Ram had done a lot of Yajyen and service. Sri Ram also said that I have so many sins of previous births that if I jump in a river then even that will dry with my sins. No one’s sorrows stays forever. It goes. Increase Yajyen and agnihotra. If you get immersed in laziness then you will not be able to. When you are able to destroy all sorrows by Yajyen then moksh can happen.

Yajyen is the most superior deed to destroy deeds. There was one disciple who passed away recently. He was always encouraged by his family members to travel to good destinations. He would say that his Dubai is Yol. In his house always preach from Vedas and Vedic bhajans would play anytime.

Guru only is the one that can take you towards salvation. Only Guru that knows Vedas and has realised in Samadhi.

These five mantras give you everything. You should know their meaning and you should put their aahutis with meanings. Mantra is Chetan Brahm (Alive God). They have the same power as God. They have come from God. One who knows their importance, they may do a lot of havan.

Yajyen happens at ashram only. Yajyen does Jeevan daan (donates live). It takes you towards long life. You can take it towards long life with Brahmcharya. At the age of 75 you should leave the world. Sanyasi has the biggest pad (post) if they take it as per Vedas. The generation that is coming now, they should follow Brahmcharya, even if they do not leave home.

These are the names of God. There is nothing bigger than this. God is not seen by anyone. He is formless. He cannot be seen by these eyes. He is inside us. He is near us. It is a surprise that He is not visible. You can see something that is near you. He is even closer than that. He is inside the soul also. He is so close to us. There is no difference of even 1/crore of a thread. What is the use of Him being so close? He doesn’t take away our sins. He has given us one thing – Vedas. You follow Vedas and you will realise Him. By Vedas God is realised. In Vedas God says that without Guru, Vedas cannot be heard.

You can see that where Vedas are being said. Arya Samaj talks about Vedas. It is great. But it is Shadb Brahm. In Rishis adobe, and in Rishi God is prakat. Then Jeevan (life) becomes safal (successful). You are chanting the name of God and in the adobe of a Rishi. He is prakat there. At the other places He doesn’t give much importance.

This knowledge is not understood by anyone. You get a little Shraddha. If your heart has complete bhakti then you will say that from Vedas you have done the stuti of God. These feelings are not in anyone. Yajyen is great worship of God. It has jyoti prakat (God is explicit). Even if you donate trillions, it is nothing.

You do swaha for Brahm – God (Par Brahm), Vedas (Shabd Brahm) and Rishi (in which Brahm is prakat). Otherwise you have done Brahmhatya (hatya means murder).

What you bear you will have to bear over crore births. After taking the body, you should not do Brahm Hatya. You should not get the dosh (fault) of Brahmhatya. You should do Swaha in Yajyen before Brahma. There are many words that have come in Yajyen – Paahi (for protection). People keep gaurds for their protection. When the time of death comes then people keep watching. One of the world’s largest leaders Indira Gandhi and Kennedy were killed. God says that I protect you if you keep doing Yajyen. If they were doing Yajyen then nothing could have happened.

Yajyen increases life.

God and Guru are protectors. There are many mantras that have come that say that Acharya may make us pure and protect us. God has given power to the Guru but it is done by God only. Without Guru, they will bear as per their deeds.

It is the order of God that one that steps in the boat of a Rishi, he can get salvation. God says that these tapasvi (Rishi Muni) are like me. Guru has God inside him. All the blessings come from him. What Guru says is Vedas and by following Vedas only people realise.

One that does not have the knowledge of Vedas, he is not a Guru. He is not following Vedas, he is doing something else only. He will go to bad yonis alongwith his disciples. We have come for Gurubhakti.

For departed, if Yajyen is done then it is beneficial for those who are departed, three lokas and also for those who do. You don’t know how much God gets pleased. It gives pleasure to souls all over. One Yajyen is beneficial for the whole world when Yajmaan and Vidvaan join together for Yajyen.

Those who come, their ancestors also benefit. What is prevalent in the world, which is against Vedas, it is a sin. We should never think that someone has died. He has left this body and taken another birth. If he is taking birth in a bad yoni then is worst than dying. Those who did not follow Ved marg as a human being have entered into bad yonis. Many yonis are very bad. An old lion is often eaten alive by jackals. People don’t think that which yonis they will go to.

In 39th adhayaye it is mentioned about ugra yonis (aggressive lifeforms). I will share these later. After taking human life, we do not study the life of a human being. Vedas are explaining what is in the body. You have 12 indriye (sense organs, deed organs and mind) are given for Yajyen. What you listen is for your knowledge. You should keep doing Yajyen and agnihotra throughout the life. You have heard that you should do Yajyen and you don’t do. Then you get sin.

The world is entangled in prakriti made things – in just materialistic things. You are also immersed in them at least a little bit. You will get some sin. You should not lose your sudh bhud (consciousness). What you need, God is giving. Why do you wish for more? If I did I would have ashrams throughout the world and I would be trillioniare. I have pleasure, peace, blessings of God, etc. God fulfils all your deeds.

If you get lost in this world then this world will bring you bad in bad yonis to bear your sins. You have got these things that so that you can bear them with detachment. People are lost in materialistic things only. They do not get time for Yajyen and Vedas. The preaching of a Rishi is for everyone. Where the world is hearing Vedas? Just to stay alive you should earn. You should not give your mind and intellect for the materialistic things. You should bear them with detachment. You should keep mind and intellect in Yajyen. Animals cannot do Yajyen. Soul has got lost in materialistic things. Some people take deeksha and cannot do much Yajyen. Their sense organs are lost in the world. You should earn wealth but keep your mind and intellect in Rishi.

Don’t be greedy. This wealth belongs to no one. Ekagrah Buddhi (intellect that has concentration) wants Ekant (to be alone). It doesn’t like sitting with people. It is my swabhav (nature) that I sit with you and do Yajyen. There is a shortage of good disciples. I have to do Yajyen since I do not have sevak.

At an old age, it is the time that people serve a Rishi and he just does tapasya. Sometimes he can give darshan and not do Yajyen. Rishi’s vritti at an old age is that some good disciple serve him. Even a Rishi’s family may not know his vritti. There is no one that knows a Rishi’s vritti that he shouldn’t be disturbed.

You should earn money so that you stay alive and do sadhna. People reach old age and still keep working. They will leave everything that is there in the bank. Pravachan (Vedic discourse) that you are listing and aahutis that you are putting is yours. People are not earning what is yours. What belongs to no one, they are after that.

God says that you are not stopped from earning. These big industrialists do not have anything except sorrows. Money gives sorrows. It creates conflicts. You should use them with detachment. Your mind and intellect should be with Rishi. This money will help you reach salvation.

Till the last breath I will keep doing Yajyen. You will not know what the big punya of this Yajyen is. Kathopnishad also says that if you sell the entire world, it is not enough. Four sevas are mentioned in Vedas. You shouldn’t be proud.

31st adhahye is purhush sukt (It describes about God). God has kept such mantras where the punya is immense. They have His praise. God gets pleased soon.

His mahima (greatness) cannot be said. Without speaking, He can do everything. There is immense pleasure in listening it.

God has given His divine deeds in these mantras. These are ashtonishing mantras. It is not possible to get it done. If God gets them done then only it happens, otherwise no. The aahutis and chanting of mantras is going towards entire brahmand. They are giving peace and pleasure to all souls.

You may get pleasure, peace and money. Money doesn’t give pleasure. One day you have to go. Before going, as many aahutis you can put, it is your true wealth.

The one that has unlimited heads. Our heads are His. This is is bahuvachan (more than two). You are listening to the glory of God. There are so many cats, dogs, ants, humans, parrots, etc. Why? If you make a house then you will say that it is my house. God has made the world and these heads, so they are His.

He has unlimited eyes. He has unlimited feet. He is in everyone. They all belong to God. Vairagya (renunciation) and Gyaan (knowledge) help you meet God. If someone gets vairagya after listening to this mantra that everything belongs to Him.

He is omnipresent. He is in this world and beyond. This world is limited. He is in every bit of it. There is world beyond this also. In that also there is God. He is outside the limit of this world. This prithvi is dasangulam – 5 bhoot, 5 suksham tatv (tanmatrayen) (made out of ten components). The world is made from this. He even is beyond this.

You should worship God who is in the earth and is also beyond that. Every bit of body of everyone is of God. You should worship that God. If someone asks who is God, this is also the definition. There are many other definitions such as that who He has created Vedas. He is everywhere.

You should listen this adhayaye throughout the life.