Swamiji conducted Yajyen. In his preach, he shared:

I was telling you yesterday. You should remember. You should aim to become Vidvaan and Vidushi (knowledgeable of Vedas). There is prarthana (prayer), stuti (praise) and upasana (following). Vishvani Dev is also a prathana. You should also make an effort alongside. When you get anger, etc. you should suppress it by purusharth (practice). Then you get the blessing of God and Rishi that the anger gets calm. You should also keep doing sadhna. Without that pratyahar is not complete.

Hiranyagarbhah mantra has stuti of God. When we close eyes, and concentrate on the mantra then we do the gunngaan (sing praise) of God. Your focus should not go elsewhere. Then God gets pleased immediately.

These are all stutis. You should close your eyes and concentrate. You are singing the praise of God. This is the most superior deed. You are chanting in alokik (out of the world) Sanskrit language. In Vedas there is only one Isht – Nirakaar Jyotiswaroop Parmeshwar (formless God), whom you are praising now.