Swamiji conducted Yajyen from Ved Mantras. In his divine preach, he shared;

There are many mantras to give inspriation to do Yajyen. The entire world gets good rain on time. Entire world gets fruits, milk, long life, etc. There are unlimited benefits of Yajyen. You are very fortunate that you get the influence of mantras and you can get good air of Yajyen.

Oh God! Come in Yajyen and protect us. There was a mantra. Yajyen is life. Even if food is there, there won’t be life. In Punjab the cases of cancer are increasing. Food is pure when rain is comes on time.

Sri Krishna (3/14-15-16 shlok) is saying that for the life of children pure food is needed. For pure food, pure rain is needed. For pure rain, Yajyen is needed. Devi Devtas become happy when you do Yajyen. In reality no one listens and preaches Geeta. If someone is really understanding, they will implement it in their lives. It has just become a source of earning money. There is so much sham that is spreading in the world. The knowledgeable of Vedas get dismayed seeing at this sham that is done to collect money.

God has given the knowledge of sanskaars. Knowledge is Vedas.

Sambhutyam ratah. Sambhooti is all items that are made from prakriti. Those who are entangled in them for 24 hours, they are in deep darkness. We have been experiencing this world for the last 5250 years. Kaam (attachment), krodh (anger), lobh (greed), etc. It is your fortune that you are slightly away from them. If you use with detachment then you will get away from them.

If you listen to true satsang then it touches your heart. People wonder if that is possible – to not get attached with family, and keep our vritti with God. If we do these deeds as a duty then it would become hiteshi (beneficial), and punya. We are spreading moh mamta (attachment and endearment) but we say that we love our family. Love makes everyone amar (realised). Moh mamta gives birth to raag dvesh (affection and hatred). Moh (attachment) is the reason for all sorrows.

God gives this knowledge which noone even wants to listen. These houses, etc. should be there but they should be with detachment. You leave Yajyen, agnihotra, name jaap, guru’s seva, etc. Then this world loves you that it makes you come back and bear the result of your deeds. It takes you away from realisation. What you ask from God, you get. We should have the desire to realise God while doing good deeds. The vritti should not be so attached that we leave sadhna that we do not have time for that.

They go in deep darkness that get entangled in the things made by prakriti. Asambhooti – prakriti and Sambhooti – items made by prakriti. Prakriti is the matter of scientists. They go in deeper darkness who get attracted towards the items made by prakriti. You have right to attain then but not get entangled in them. You do not have the right to get entangled in them.

Devas (learned of Vdedas) say a different meaning of Sambhooti and Asambhooti. That’s why it is said that iti shushrum dheeranaam (You should hear the Vedas from those who are immersed in dhyaan). What are Sambhooti and Asambhooti, and how to use them? We are listening from these knowlegeable of Vedas.

Age increases by Yajyen only. It may keep increasing.