Swamiji performed Yajyen on the occasion of Amavasya at Ved Mandir, Yol. In his divine preach, he shared:

Everyone needs long life but to be away from diseases you should do Yajyen and you should stay away from bad deeds. Aahutis of Ved mantra will give you blessings anytime you do Yajyen. God gives you inspiration and you keep coming for Yajyen.

It is the best deed of life. Earlier Yajyen would never be left. It is different that you have some compulsion. After understanding life only you understand God who gives you pleasure. To understand God we should know ourselves that we are soul and how we stay inside.

There are stages of body – shushpt (sleeping) when the soul enters the heart – then he meets God and he gets pleasure. He has the feeling of sleeping. Soul never sleeps. In that stage he doesn’t know that he has met God and he forgets also. It is under tamogun. When he gets the pleasure of realising God then he won’t forget for several births. We have come to realise God.

Everyone is busy with their work and forget about God. We have to earn money but if you forget God then you do your durgati (misery) both for soul and body. Soul gets sorrows and goes to different bodies.

You keep coming for Yajyen and your sorrows get destroyed. When you give order to body (which is under your control) then you can come for Yajyen. When the body is used for deeds then soul bears the sorrows. We should prevent this.

If you do Havan both times and you follow the order of God and do his Naman (worship, bow down) twice a day then your sankat (problem) definitely go away. If big sins happen then doing Yajyen again and again, pray again and again and with Guru Kripa (blessings of Guru) and Ishwar Kripa (blessings of God) they go.

When the world is made then kaamna (desires) – the seed of desire comes. If you don’t understand now, then when will you? At the time of creation pralay (final destruction) had ended. When the creation was done and bodies were made, the desire originated. Those who were knowledgable they suppressed the seed of desire there only. Brahma had started giving knowledge. Why people are not realising? Desires keep increasing.

10/132/2, 3 or 7 mantra says Agnimeede – we should desire for God. Other things will come. We should suppress our desires just like our ancestors. We should take it towards Agnimeede. People take several births to destroy their desires. We should be away from laziness and should do Sadhna from 4am to 6:30am. You should make a daily routine. You can do a little yogabhyas and sit in naam jaap. Wherever it goes, bring it back. Wherever it will go God will be there.

You should introspect whether how long you sit. You need to do it for a long time. If you need pleasure and destroy sorrows then this is the path. You should get knowledge again and again. Bring changes in you. Is your anger subsiding, are your desires subsiding? This is the time. Otherwise you will need to come back in many bodies.

You should make it a practice to sit in meditation for 1 hour in the morning and evening. You should be honest in Sadhna.

God has ordered to put these aahutis till the last breadth. God gives you inspiration to come to Yajyen. The time taken to come and go is counted in tapasya only. Draupadi said that walking one foot to a Rishi for Yajyen is equivalent to 108 Ashwamedh Yajyen.

We should do Yajyen. It will be useful for you everytime. It is the best deed. It gives you long life. You should not have doubt over it. If you have potential then you should. These two days have been given by God – Amavasya ans Poornmasi which are even more beneficial.

The value of one Yajyen is priceless. You can’t even pay by selling 3 loks. Brahma does a lot of sacrifice. His body becomes like this that 24/7 he is Sadhna. He likes to sit in Sadhna. The time of forest is of forest only. At 2:00am God may wake up a Rishi. Then he may sit for 3 hours. He may need to force himself to get up. If there is Yajyen then Rishi may have to sacrifice this sadhna.

You should grab the order that comes from Rishi. The learned immediately suppress your own desires. They became Rishis. If a Rishi order once, you should follow. You cannot go against the order of Rishi. It gives sorrows.

I have extra work also. I need to write articles also. There is a lot of work on my head. It is your dharam to ask to meet. Rishis yes or no should make you easily happy. With his no you should be satisfied that you have received and followed his instruction.

A servant does service (sevak). Others do quarrels. Rishi has lakhs of works you may have some only. There are so many who call and share their problems that he supports. Rishi’s Darshan is enough as per Atharvaved.

Vedas are the knowledge that has originated from God. It is to listen. Your ears have been given to listen for Vedas. You should speak according to Vedas. You should speak softly.

If you keep listening then you become Shrotiya- the one who is immersed in listening Vedas. No one can prevent him from realising. To save body you need house etc.

Irrespective of how much work you have, you come. Those who are not coming they haven’t been able to get time. By not coming the Punya gets less. Fundamentals don’t change. You should become Dev then for you Rishi becomes Brahma. For ordinary people, he is Brahmann.

You should listen again and again. 40th adhyaye also is added and preached again and again so that you can learn the mantras and their meanings.

Brahma’s preaching is understood by Dev. Ordinary people listen a lot and can become Dev. You shouldn’t stay ordinary.

You should be careful in stepping on this earth. The body and the world belongs to God. He can take the body away immediately. Soul doesn’t have hair, eyes, etc. soul when it leaves body, it is imprisoned in sutratma vayu (minute air). Pay attention on Sadhna and Yajyen so that you can become Dev and become independent.

Money isn’t of anyone but people are entangled in money only. You should do both regular Agnihotra, Yajyen, etc and also earn money. Ideally you should spend more time for spiritual. If you want to earn arabs then you will need to spend more time. It’s better to earn in crores.

You keep doing Sadhna. When you leave your body and take next birth, this Sadhna will be added. One day you will get liberated.

Main goal is to realise. If our more attention goes on Yajyen then it’s fine. You should do both earning money and Sadhna. Take both of them together.

If you do the deeds prescribed in Vedas then no deed can entangle you. If you have children then you will not become entangled in moh and Mamta. Otherwise they will do so. You should do according to Vedas. For this only you need a Rishi.

Those who murder the soul that is they suppress the voice of soul then they are demons (Asur). Both soul and God are inside. The voice comes from inside. If you get this voice from inside from either God or soul, then it will give you pleasure. If you don’t and you do under the influence of someone then then you have murdered the voice of soul. It will give you sorrow.

6th and 7th mantra have a lot of knowledge. Anu means (4) – listen Vedas, ashtang Yog, Yajyen, agnihotra, etc. the one who does intense Sadhna. Now people do not do anything. How can the rules of God change? You can see the newspapers where people claim that they have realised. How can they?

After practice as above, after samadhi one realises God then there is no shok (grief), attachment (moh), etc. otherwise no. You should keep doing Sadhna. It will keep getting reduced and then one day it will go.

You should try to become a Dev. We have come for that. God is Swayambhu (never created). No one has made him. With Yathathyha (truth) he has given the knowledge of Vedas, eternal from whenever the creation is made He gives knowledge to everybody. You should remember this. No one else gives knowledge.

Mrityupase sutah – I give enemies to death (poverty, illness, tiredness, accident, fire, thunder, typhoon, etc.) they give us pain and take us towards death. Some or the other weakness comes and people cannot go towards God.

The doot (messenger) to provide you towards sorrows are those as above. If man truly gets immersed in the worship of God. You cannot go against the order of God then they get sorrows. These yamdoot don’t go away. God says that I tie these up and destroy them.

We should follow Vedic path. Those sorrows that were slated to come will get destroyed and those that have come will also go.

God who destroy these doots, take them away, destroy them so that they don’t come. Kapil muni says that there are many types of dukh (trividh dukhah) that are caused by various Jadh Devta.

Those who do Yajyen etc then they are not affected by these. There is a lot of knowledge.

God destroys these enemies that come. He doesn’t let anyone get affected by these. Other sorrows take time. You should keep doing Havan. You should speak mantras affectionately.

There is a great pleasure in Yajyen. Each mantra can have different meanings. If you fall in love with them then you won’t get bored and will get merriment.

Amasvysa there is your Mahima (greatness) that people go to the house of a Rishi to offer aahutis. God has made these shubh (beneficial) days that you can do Yajyen. Your potential will keep increasing. You should open your heart and come.

People come from far off places like USA, Thailand, UK, etc. it is a great blessing that you can come to the house of a Rishi for Yajyen. It builds your good fortune. You should try that you can put more and more aahutis. You are sitting in the lap of God. As much as you sit, you can get blessings. After forgetting the world we should listen about Him.

Whenever the world is made He gives Vedic knowledge. I am sharing his qualities. It is His stuti. It makes Him happy.

I like sharing knowledge of God better than Sadhna. We shouldn’t have bad intellect. You take anything like a Gauva. Can you make it? Who made that Guava tree? He sees you but He isn’t visible. Yagvalk Rishi is also saying the same.

God is very happy now. When you do bad deeds then He does krodh (anger). The mantra says that we should also do anger over those who do bad deeds and we make them away from us.

His true stuti is in Vedas.

Your Yajyen gets complete by Amavasya. God fulfils your desires.

If someone realises the truth then they will just aspire for God.

Amavasya also gives wealth. You should worship and also do Sadhna.

Those who do good deeds unite with God. So do good deeds. He will give you the secret of three Lokas. God is pure and you should also try to be pure. You should do Sadhna and try to come for Yajyen.

Dev do Nivas there. Those who have done siddhi of an Asan or pranayama and others also unite with Me (God). Won’t you like to become siddh purush and naari (proven men and women)?

As much as we sit we get pleasure. We should become siddh (proven). You get all pleasures.

The night of Amavasya has come. It gives pleasure. The paths of man are dangerous. Many deaths happen due to superstitions on this day.

This night has come to give wealth, to make prann strong – give long life. If you put its aahutis then it increases our wealth. God has made these special days.

Rigveda mantra 8:

The mantra above has said that we shouldn’t forget God for even a second. We should keep having the practice of name jaap inside. The name is inside you and is moving inside you. You should pay attention to it bit by bit.

You shouldn’t forget Him for even for a second. Day and night, we should be in His shelter while doing household deeds and earning money.

When the age comes then you can meditate at home or take sanyas. Those who have become vairgayavaan and can leave. Sanyas they don’t remember name of their family even at dying. Saiyam Niyam is very important. You should have control over your organs.

You should keep remembering everytime. While sleeping forget everyone and you will remember at night.

In God’s pleasure, in which the sukh (pleasure) of realisation is also there. Rajantam – Yajyen with enlightenment of knowledge. We should keep increasing it. You have protection. We should do Yajyen and worship Him. We stay in our merriment.

The most important is that day and night we are protected. Today protection is needed. You don’t know till what extent it can go. Bombardment is happening in the world.

If a nuclear war ever happens between India and Pakistan, India, Pakistan and neighbouring countries will be destroyed. If we follow Vedic path then we will be saved. We should remain in His shelter and keep doing Yajyen.