Swamiji performed the weekly Yajyen conducted on every Sunday. In his preach, he shared:

Vedas say that God has said that Rishis should stay alone at on reaching a senior age. They should be engaged in simran. They should not preach. I am preaching since it is my desire to keep sharing the knowledge of Vedas. Only Jigyasu (aspirants with interest) will come since the time for Yajyen is not fixed. Those can wait will only stay for Yajyen. Those who cannot wait will not be able to Yajyen.

Your Yajyen starts when you start from home. If you start with the dhyan of Rishi and God then by each step you can get the punya of 108 Ashwamedh Yajyen. There is an example of Draupadi when she went to get Supach Rishi to complete the Yajyen of Yudhishter. On being asked to give the punya of 108 ashyamedh yajyen, she said that I have done your dhyan since I left home in each step I have got the punya of 108 Ashwamedh Yajyen.

I keep explaining each subject multiple times. You still have kaam, krodh, etc. and are not able to get Brahmjyaan (knowledge of God). Keep doing service and perhaps you will get knowledge in the next birth. You get the punya of listening and perhaps in next birth you can understand. Those who are able to understand are fortunate, and also they can benefit others by giving them knowledge.

Most people have Shraddha and that’s why they can do service and follow Vedas. All the disciples should gather at one place for Yajyen. Yajyen is Brahm. One should get immersed in Yajyen. When your age increases, you should do more Yajyen and sadhna. You should try to get away from attachment, etc. More you listen, more sadhna you do, more vairagya you will get.

Moh, mamta, etc. are not being given up. They automatically go. You should give mind and intellect to Rishi, God and Vedas. If you do not have faith in Rishi then you will not get towards God as well. You should do all your responsibilities. Once you get over attachments then you become great. If you get entangled in attachment towards family then God takes your peace.

Mind and intellect should be joined by Yogvidya with God and Rishi. You should do work at home. You can stay at home but give more attention to sadhna. When you leave everything and go then no one comes with you. Next birth will be according to your deeds, and not your family. With your family you should do deeds with detachment. If you are stuck in attachments (moh, mamta) then your peace will go.

You need to meet your responsibilities. You should keep your mind and intellect in Rishi and God. You should do more sadhna. At least you should do sadhna for at least one hour, even in your youth. Jisko nahin hai bodh to Guru gyan kya kare? At least you should sit for 30 minutes at night. At night you have the tiredness of the whole day. And in day you can do name jaap whenever you have time. Then these deeds will not get you attached. If you go deeds against Vedas then you have to bear the results of your deeds.

It is beneficial for those who have affection towards the Rishi. There are very few that have true affection. Most of them do pretense and formality. It is the truth. It has been translated in Sri Gurubani – Kot madhe koi birla sevak baki sab vyavhari. Sri Krishna also says the same in Geeta. These are translations of Vedas. Those who have got knowledge of Vedas, they are happy. If Rishi isn’t there then there is no knowledge of Vedas and of God.

You should pay more attention to those Rishis who are alive. They are able to give you knowledge. A Rishi who has passed away will not be able to give you any knowledge. People get caught in what men says. This buddhi needs improvement.

Everyone has to go. Even I have to go. No one has come to stay here forever. When a Yogi goes, when they are alive, they give knowledge. When they die the spread of knowledge stops. It is only in yogis that God makes them speak. Those who have Shraddha, aatmik love, service, etc. they can realise. Those who go to his residence only get knowledge and others don’t.

Sadhna is never an obstacle in anything. Those who do sadhna excel in studies, etc. The body has been given for this only. Without body we cannot do sadhna. Without body you cannot earn so it is essential to earn during youth. The body has been given to realise God. It is not for getting married, to have children, etc. Sadhna happens because of body and for its protection, money has to be earned. If you just enjoy the worldly things and not pay attention towards Rishi and God then it is a waste.

Does anyone leave kingdom and leave now? Do our leaders leave their homes even at 80 years old? Earlier every king would leave their kingdom for sadhna. If you do not do sadhna then you will go to bad yonis. People don’t pay attention and do not give enough time for sadhna but they are immersed in kaam, krodh, etc. You get the results of your deeds. Gurubani also sharing the same. We can the results according our deeds. With the blessings of Guru the bad deeds are destroyed. If the voice comes from the soul of the Rishi then it has real impact. It comes only when the disciple does service from soul. Many do mere formality and I have stopped their service also. These things are not appreciated by God. This is not the place to just eat and rest. You have nothing to do with God. According to your age you should make your service and sadhna firm.

To do other deeds will be beneficial but it is for your body. Even if you have children you need to make them follow Vedas.

Prajapate – The one who protects the public (God). More you listen, you get more punya, you get more knowledge, your age increases, your wealth increases and you get protected. Everything is given by God. Nothing is ours. I keep explaining again and again that you meet your responsibilities. Your relatives cannot take you towards salvation. Guru is called Pitamah. He is the power that can take you one day away from worldly things and make you unite with God. We should follow the path of God – Vedas. You should make God happy through Rishi by doing sadhna and meeting responsibilities. It is not good to be born again and again. There is old age and the diseases give a lot of pain. You should see the body of older people and see how many diseases they have. They have a very bad condition. See the animals die. They get the result of their deeds.

Humans forget the rules of God and also they forget Rishi. Gurubhakti (devotion towards Rishi) is very weak of the whole world. They cannot get pleasure. Rishi is like Roopen Indra. The one that understands you, realises. Rishis are like God. No one understands this. The real knowledge is from Vedas and you can see translation in many books. Our mistake is that we are forgetting Vedas. We keep praising other voices but we do not praise Vedas. If this knowledge was not given then they won’t know. People have written their own books.

God is the giver of real knowledge. We need to listen Vedas. It doesn’t need any degree to learn. Even illiterate can become intelligent by listening. You should do deeds as per your responsibilities. No Rishi Muni will like you to be away from your family. You will not leave as well.

If you keep following the path of Vedas then you will automatically leave in some birth. Now you should see that our devotion is firm so that you can get the next birth of human beings. I keep explaining and I don’t know if you understand or no.

These are great names of God. They make God happy. These destroy your several sorrows. Agnihotra is a great deed as well. Yajyen happens here every week for sure but in the world Yajyen is rare. The requirement is that Bramah must be present. Someone who has realised God should be present. Yajyen is God. There are unlimited qualities. These names are beautiful and out of the world.

There is one God. Rishis say His unlimited names and then disciples also learn.

Avidya is anamta atma (to consider non-alive as alive). People think that they are body. They do not regard that they are soul. The knowledge doesn’t go to intellect. If you do intense practice then you may understand. There are principles to be followed – do yogabhyas, listen Vedas, etc. Right now it is going in family, etc. It is attachment (moh). If you understand then your attachment will break, and you will start loving them.

What people do for their family? They give them food, etc. but they do not give them Vedic knowledge. They will go to unlimited yonis. Similarly attachment is for worldly things only and not for Vedic knowledge. They will progress materialistically and also go towards realization. When we gather Vedic knowledge then we think that we only should gather and children should not – they may not get vairagya. When you haven’t got then how will they? Whatever you may do, you will not get vairagya, even if you do not get sanyas. You should give Brahmvidya to children. We do not try to give them knowledge. This is beneficial path. The other is avidya. It will get you in bad yonis.

Who says that they are soul? When our relative dies, your attachment is with body, and we cry. We do not know and others also that we are not body and are souls. Our body is dead and is made of prakriti (5 tatv). All 5 are non-alive. It is like wearing clothes. One day it will break. Everything starts breaking – hair, teeth, skin, etc. gets displaced. It gives signs that it will break one day.

Will Sri Krishna lie? It is deep knowledge. You do not understand even after listening. Your children also listen less. They have more benefit in listening since they have more effect but they listen less.

Those who listen Ramayan cry so much at death even though Sri Ram has said to Tara (Bali’s wife) about death and body. This body is dead. Soul leaves. People cry for body only. This is panchbhautik sharir (body made of 5 elements). This is not alive. It was always dead.

Like in Chemistry, there is a catalyst by whose presence reactions happen. Similarly due to the presence of soul, body works. Soul cannot do anything on its own. There is respect for body only when soul is present.

We should know the body as well. We are not bodies but we are souls. The relationship is between souls. Through the body only the soul is respected. It is essential to know that we are not bodies but souls.

Sri Ram said that your husband is Nitya and not Anitya. It doesn’t die. It is away from life and death. Your husband never dies. Why are you crying?

The true knowledge is in Valmiki Ramayan. The real knowledge is in Vedas. Even Valmiki Ramayan has knowledge from Vedas. People have such high attachment with the body that they will not understand. I have explained from Vedas. The reason for not doing war was attachment. Sri Krishna then gave knowledge to Arjun. Even though Arjun had listened since childhood but even then he didn’t have knowledge. Perhaps he listened as Kshatriya and not by being Jigyasu. Otherwise this problem should not have arisen.

Your relatives are souls and not bodies. You cannot do holes in them. You cannot kill them. They are not bodies but alive souls. You cannot burn souls. If the soul is put in fire, it won’t burn. On the first day after death the soul goes to the sun. But that fire cannot even touch the soul. Water cannot make it wet. Even such objects cannot touch God. Soul doesn’t die even after leaving the body.

When the knowledge of Vedas come in a yogi then even more knowledge comes. Geeta has been written by Vyas Muni.

Soul is knowledgeable but it has the cover of false knowledge. At the time of the death you will come to know that you will be leaving. At that time remember God. You should remember that you are not body but soul. Also you remember automatically the deeds done from childhood till now.

Those who are not sadhak they will also remember. On that basis the next birth happens. Body will go on pyre. I am not body but soul. You will start remembering them in old age. Some regret those who have good deeds. There are some who even at that age will keep doing sins. Knowledge is superior – Knowledge is Vedas. To listen Vedas is the best. We have come so that we become knowledgeable.

We shouldn’t do anything for body after death. For those who have left us, the best deed is Yajyen.

Vayavasthah – Indriyah. The commander of those is soul. You don’t know that without you nothing works. It needs order from the soul everytime. The soul doesn’t know and it takes orders from buddhi. Mind will order other organs. Without asking you (soul) no indriyan can work. You donate and do good deeds then soul keeps ordering. Otherwise you cannot do anything. With sadhna you are controlling your mind and intellect. 99.9999% it is happening in the world that soul is being controlled by mind and intellect. People are doing very bad deeds. Without knowing Vedas we are doing these. You can put your body for good deeds.

Not for you relative but the soul that has left, you should do Yajyen for them. They may have done a lot for you. Some of got knowledge and some have not, for those also we should do Yajyen.