Swamiji performed Yajyen today from Ved mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

Earlier people had a long life. Rajrishis definitely had a long life. Even kings and Pandavs had a long life and the public as well, since they followed Vedas. Long life is good if they are following the Vedic path. People get good life on the basis of previous births’ deeds only. If they are doing Yajyen at the ashram of Rishis, ‘Ayu Yajyen Kalpantam’ – Age increases by Yajyen. Why to have a long life? So that you can keep listening Vedas and get knowledge. What is the use of long life if you spend the life in bad deeds, squabbles, etc. Without worship of God there is no pleasure. I am writing a book also, “Bhakti Ke Bina Sukh Nahin Hai”.

In the mantra Kasmai Devyae, there is Patirekasit – there was one owner (is and will remain) – God. He has special qualities. You should not make many Gods. You should try to understand God how He is. He was one, is and will remain one. He is omnipresent, almighty, He doesn’t take birth (ajanma). He doesn’t change. God is everywhere. If He is everywhere then how He can go from one place to the other? How is it possible that He enters the womb of a mother and is born in body after 9 months? Avtaar is not possible. He is everywhere. Like, one atom, and another atom, and another. So no space will remain that He isn’t there. He is adhbudh (wonderful) one power. Any worldly example will not fit.

For example, God is not seen but is realised by Yogis. They experience Him like one experiences pain. You can’t see the pain. This example is shared for explaining but it won’t fit. He is away from intellect. He is beyond imagination and calculation.

Will He break from one place and enter another? He is Almighty. He doesn’t need to take birth to do anything. He can kill anyone with His power. He doesn’t need a body. His deeds happen automatically. Swabhakim Jyanam Balam Virkya Cha – His powers and deeds are automatic (naturally), without any aid. They do not need any explicit order. Even God doesn’t need to order anyone. They work automatically.

One God is everywhere. There is no space that He isn’t there. Soul is in a finite space.

People have made so many Gods. There are different Gods of different sects. Ved Mantras contain the message of God. God gives knowledge in these Ved Mantras. He will remain one. People say that it is our bhavna (feeling). One should keep true bhavna, why keep a false one? Shraddha means Satya (truth that remains everytime – God), Dharna (to do acceptance inside you). If someone says that bowl is God then what to do with your Shraddha? God is everywhere but is not a material object. Like a current flows in wire that means that wire is different and current is different.

Few qualities of God and soul are similar but they are not same. Soul is in a finite space but God is everywhere. Soul comes in birth and death. God says that I am never born. He is ajanma (never born). People don’t know Vedas and they don’t listen to Vedas then they have made so many Gods and have made Avtaars. If you believe in Avtaar then it is your dosh (fault), which should be removed.

You should know the qualities of God from Vedas. No one will learn the qualities of God except Vedas.

Havisha Vidhem – We should worship with by putting in aahutis. God says that you do not believe then I will spoil your births. God has made facilities for living and being of every lifeform. Vedas are true. They are never destroyed. Books get destroyed. Even when the creation ends, Vedas will come back in four Rishis.

Prajapati: the one that takes care of all living beings. He gives everything. We are souls and we have nothing. He has given us body. We earn from His hands and feet so everything earned belongs to Him. We should be firm in this that everything belongs to God. Nothing is ours. You will be then away from sins. Then you will not have pride and ego.

The knowledge of Vedas originates from God. I keep sharing one thing again and again. If you go towards films, and you will not remember anything else. People rarely will remember anything else. If you do agriculture you will belong to that only. If you keep studying then you will be immersed in that only. Einstein also regretted that he was indulged in being a scientist only. At the last time he said that I want to be a saint, I haven’t found God, and I have wasted my life. This tallies with Vedas. What tallies with Vedas is the truth. Rest is not truth.

Body is to be burnt. We are not that. We are a Chetan (alive) soul. When the time of death comes, soul leaves and what remains is the body. It will get a new body to bear its deeds. If it did bad deeds then it will get bad births. God says at that time just burn the body. There is no other function like 10th day or 13th, etc. required. When the death is coming and the soul hasn’t left then do: “Om Krito Smar” – Remember the name of God. Klibe Smar – remember your form that you are soul and not body. You will remember that you are pure and alive. Kritang Smar – Remember what you have done in this life from the time you were born and till death, what deeds you have done. How many good deeds and bad deeds?

You should know this mantra. With everyone this time comes automatically. Even if he hasn’t taken the name of God, he will remember. They will remember their good and bad deeds. God also made Einstein remember that he didn’t make an effort to know about God. He says that I didn’t remember my own form and I did not come to know about who has made me a scientist.

God has said that you should earn money, have good posts, but alongside that do sadhna, havan, etc. When the time comes, you should do Yajyen. Rishis don’t share their thoughts but what has been shared in Vedas.

You should not regret at the last time. You should do Vedic worship since childhood like Ram, and also public. They went at the age of 6 to ashram. Vedas contain the out of the world knowledge. In the earlier yugs that have passed, there were no religions of today. There were no granths (books) of today. Ramayan was written in Treta yug. When there was no books of today, there was no sadhu-sant (sainthood) path, then what was there? There was only true knowledge of Vedas. Those who followed Vedas were happy and now everyone is in sorrow after forgetting Vedas.

God has been giving the knowledge of Vedas since unlimited times. Vedas have been coming from unlimited times. What is not created ever is true, and is never destroyed. Anything that is made will be destroyed. I have taken this mantra from same eternal Vedic knowledge.

Rajo Tamo Satogunn’s samya avastha (idle form) is Prakriti. This is when these guns don’t do any work. They lie in something like comma but deeper. This stage is called Prakriti. It comes in its original form when pralay (final destruction) happens. From prakriti shristi (creation) is made. With the power of God these become Chetan and it results in creation.

God says that “andham tamah pravishanshi ye asumbhutim upasate”  – those who worship prakriti, they get into darkness. When pralay happens then there is nothing – God remains (Chetan) and no one else. God has iskhan (automatic deed) that creation happens. Prakriti is jadh (non-alive) and soul is in sushupth (sleeping) stage but alive.

Pravachan (is to hear Vedas only) is to be done seriously. If you don’t listen with concentration and being a jigyasu (curious) then the efforts of a Rishi is wasted. You should be away from the books created by man as per Atharvaved. People with lack of knowledge will share stories. You may remember these worldly stories but these are of no use. They will be destroyed in pralay but Vedas never get destroyed.

People who keep searching for the creation and do not remember Vedas, they are like Einstein stays that life is spoiled. Those who are holding high posts, rich businessmen, etc. they will regret in the end if they are away from God. People are in the shelter of Vedas those who are in shelter of a Rishi.

You should become a scientist by ‘ten tyakten bhunjita’ – you should be detached. You should be with Ekgrah Vritti, and faith on Rishi and Vedas (Shraddha) otherwise you won’t understand even after listening.

Those who are searching for prakriti only then they will be in darkness. God has said to search for that. Nowadays people are just immersed in studies only and they have nothing to do with God. They don’t know God. They will go thoroughly in darkness of false knowledge.

There are others that who study less, and they do other things, and are immersed in these worldly things only. God has said that you should be in the world with detachment (tyagpurvak bhog bhogo). If you cannot detach then you will not have any benefit of listening Vedas. Your mind, intellect, etc. should be with Rishi and use body for good deeds.

Those who go are after the items made in creation, they will go in even more darkness. They are caught in agyaan (false knowledge/no knowledge) and will be sorrowful.

The meaning of these (sambhavat and asambhavat – nature and items made by nature) is explained differently by Rishis. Those are who are immersed in dhyaan, you should listen from them and not others. People listen from others only and go against Vedas.

Those who go against Vedas, they will never get true knowledge. Those who realise God after following Vedas, keeping control over organs, sadhna, yogabhyas, etc. we should listen from them.

My stage is that I should be in ekant (alone) and not preach.

All the items of the creation will be destroyed one day. We should know both together – prakriti (sambuti) and items made from prakriti (vinashyen), from Vedas. We should know that the body is to be destroyed one day. One who knows this, he gets over attachment and will only do his responsibilities. He can go over the death. He will get over the sorrow of death. When he is dying, he will go peacefully. He will not have attachments. He will know what is prakriti and what are the objects created from prakriti. These are items made by prakriti like body. Then he gets over their attachment. He will do his responsibilities properly with detachment.

He will get over the sorrow the death. Body, sense organs, antahkaran, etc. – body is to be used for dharam karya (meeting responsibilities) and not do bad deeds such as corruption. God punishes those who do sins. He can get salvation.

You should know shrishti, the items made of prakriti, prakriti and shristi rachna (method of creation). When you will know it all, you will be able to get over death. The mantra is not explaining everything. The detailed knowledge is in next mantras. It is saying that people are either searching nature or are indulged in the items made by nature such as money, lavish food, etc.. Both are getting into darkness, earning sins, are going to bad yonis, and will get sorrows.

Those who understand properly can get over death, they are able to use properly with the blessings of Rishi, and they achieve.

This knowledge is hard to understand. God says that if you listen again and again.. even worldly books you need to listen again and again.

Even Tusli Ramayan says in several places that you should listen Vedas. Purann as per Vedas are the old stories of a household. Guru Vashisht preached Vedas and also shared stories about their ancestors. People will get salvation only after following Vedas and not reading books. People have a misconception that they can get anything by reading books.