Swamiji performed Yajyen this morning. In his divine preach, he shared:

Everyone should do manan and chintan (deep thinking) of the knowledge that you hear. You should do daily adhyan (deep study) of Geeta, and other granths (books). Do not read them like a novel. They contain all answers and will clear all your doubts. I have understood from recent questions from one disciple that there is a shortage of adhyan and manan.

God is all powerful. He doesn’t need any help to kill Ravann or to do any other deed. He doesn’t need support of a body. Humans are not as great as God. They need the support of body. If God has to take up body to do deeds then how is He great? Then there should be someone else greater than Him.

Sri Krishna also says that I have had several births. I know but you don’t know. God says that I never take birth. Hence you know that there is no Avtarvaad. If you haven’t done manan and chintan then you will be bothered by questions, right or wrong that are asked by the others.

You have the right to ask questions but you shouldn’t keep asking the same question again and again. If you do not understand 2-3 times then you can ask more questions. Why don’t you remember what has been taught? The rules of Vedas are very strict.

Maharishi Dayanandji did not know the meaning of one Ashtadhaye sutra. He went to ask again. He was scolded by Virjanandji that he doesn’t pay attention and he was removed from the ashram. He was sitting and meditating for 2-3 days then he recalled the meaning. He came back and shared it with Virjanandji. Then his guru hugged him and said that you will become my true disciple one day.  

The doubts should be completed removed from chintan and manan. You will not get to ask so many questions again and it doesn’t look good.

‘Akayam’ – Forever God never had, never has and will never have body. When Jatayu died in Sri Ram’s arms, he said that my sins are so great that if I jump in the sea then even that it will become dry. He recalled the death of his father, abduction of Sita, banishment and other incidents. He said that I am bearing the result of my previous births’ deeds. So it means he was in previous births and he was bearing the results of his deeds.

He has done sadhna and destroyed his sins. Yogi still bears the results of his deeds. There is a law that till he is in the body he will bear the result of his deeds. He will stay mukt (unattached). Soul is unattached, body is not unattached.

Those who get stuck just in conversations and are immersed in doubts have unstable mind and chitt, and they cannot destroy their doubts. They are not able to remember the knowledge given.

Those are great that can remember the knowledge given.

Vyakhya of Rigved mantra 7:

The deep meaning of 5th mantra was that everyone’s base (aadhaar) is God – He knows every object and even what is the minds of soul. He makes everything and is always away from destruction. He stays forever. The one who stays forever is called – ‘Na abhava vidyate satah’ – the one that stays forever.

He is there since unlimited time, is now and will be there till unlimited time. He doesn’t need support from anyone. He is God. He doesn’t need water, food, etc. He needs nothing. He is full of aishwarya (glory). He doesn’t need anything. He gives everything. These are His qualities. If we do deep introspection of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, etc. even they were supported by Him. They have not supported the world. Avtaar never happens.

He doesn’t need support of any weapon to destroy anyone. He destroys them without weapons. Those who have weapons can die themselves and can kill others. God has no weapons. He cannot be killed by anyone. He can kill anyone.

We have shortage of chintan, manan and Shraddha (concentration on truth).

He is almighty. He has unlimited strength. It is your good fortune that you are listening but you not doing manan chintan. You should try to become a sevak. Even his sins get forgiven. We should do service and become intelligent (both men and women).

God has given light to sun, moon, etc. He self-enlightened (swayam prakashak). We shouldn’t light a lamp in front of Him. We should try to make him prakat inside us (realise Him). Then you will be true aspirant (Sacche sadhak).

Mantra 6:

God is the one who does justice. You can get away from the justice of the court due to lying. He gives punishment, as He desires, in every moment. He is nyaykari (gives justice). He says I will punish. I don’t pardon anyone. If a Rishi forgives, which they will do after thorough consideration, then God will also.

God doesn’t favour anyone. He is everyone’s friend. He is dyalu (merciful). We should think this and come in his Vedic shelter. He punishes sinners. He doesn’t punish good people (sajjan). We should become good persons and not sinners.

Why don’t you chintan and manan? A lot of my energy is spent and if you don’t do chintan and manan then this broadcast should be stopped.

Mantra 7:

Agney (Oh God!) Everyday, you have unlimited knowledge and science, and to realise God too, we should get that for that Dhiyah (with our intellect). Our intellect gets pure by knowledge, which is gained by listening Vedas and doing sadhna. This buddhi is impure and is made by rajogunn, tamogunn and satogunn. When a person comes in Vedic sadhna then it starts becoming pure. God says that it becomes pure by listening Vedas only and not by name jaap.

We should do good deeds, do your upasana with pure buddhi. You cannot worship God with dirty buddhi. He punishes those with dirty buddhi. A lot of effort is needed to make the buddhi pure. People are unable to do since they are lazy. They need to listen a lot of Vedas.

After a lot of consideration I have started this broadcast but very few people would be taking advantage of it. People are stuck in worldly things. They don’t have time If they can take out time then they are great.

Doshah vastha dive dive diyah – God every day to get your knowledge and science, with Dhiyah (pure buddhi) and good deeds (yajyen/serving parents), we should do daily do Dharna, upasana (yogabhyas, agnihotra, Yajyen, naam simran – we should do daily. Doshah Vastha – We should do it everyday, in day and at night. We should do your jaap and then you should come in his sharan (shelter). After completing your day after doing all your deeds, do His sadhna and sleep in His shelter.

With the blessing of God you have got the amrit of Vedas in your ears. You should do its chintan. What you have heard, you should try to remember. Even if you remember 1,000th of what you heard then it will benefit you tremendously. You will build your treasure. You should keep doing good deeds of family alongside.