Today’s Yajyen by Swamiji had special blessings and aahutis for enhancing life. In his preach, he shared:

Today’s Yajyen is based upon the mantra – ‘Aayu Yajyenen Kalpantam’. Yajyen increases lifespan. It is with prayer that the life increases. There are many blessings in Yajyen but this is a special blessing that we are requesting God that it may increase.

When we go near Him, we get longer life, and when we go away from Him, there is death. Oh God! We may always go near You and we keep praying to You! We are trying to join with you and the life may increase. He only gives life. Oh God! Please accept our prayers.

God may fulfil our good desires. God gives prann (power to breathe). For you there is suaah (we are putting aahutis with Ved mantras).

Trayusham mantra has the blessing that the age can be increased to 400 years but for the dev, sadhak and yogi (aspirant and yogi) that do your intense sadhna according to Vedas while maintaining Brahmcharya. We are doing your Yajyen that we may cross over death.