Swamiji performed Yajyen today. In his preach, he continued the explanation of mantra from Rigved:

That God is one only. He is described in Vedas. He doesn’t go from one place to the other. He doesn’t need to go from one place to the other.

There is a story in Purann about elephant’s foot being caught by a crocodile so he called Vishnu. The meaning of Vishnu is God who is vyapak (everywhere). He is in every bit of the universe. In these books there are several stories that don’t tally with Vedas. Animals do not have right to call God. Animals cannot worship. God hasn’t made their intellect like humans. If they hear Vedas they won’t understand. The yoni is given to them is bhog yoni (where they need to bear their deeds) and not karm yoni (where they can do deeds). They cannot do the deed of calling God.

The book says that Vishnu heard him and he left his Garud and came to save the elephant. There are many stories. There is mention of last birth also but no one except yoni knows his previous birth. It is written falsely. God will leave Garud and come if He isn’t there anywhere. God is saying that He is inside and outside you everywhere. It isn’t possible that God isn’t there in every bit between elephant and garud. He is everywhere. He doesn’t need to go from one place to the other. Where someone worships Him, anywhere in the world, He is there and He listens to him.

He is anejat (everywhere). He is faster than mind. Where mind reaches, God is already there. He is omnipresent. He cannot be caught by mind. Like you think of Singapore, He is already there. To understand you can say that He is faster than mind. He doesn’t move. He is more powerful than mind. He doesn’t move. He is there already (where your mind will go). He had unlimited, has unlimited qualities and divine deeds.

You can see some of His qualities. All these sense organs cannot realise. He cannot be tasted, seen, etc. He doesn’t come in intellect. He is everywhere. He is stable in his form (omnipresent, formless, etc.). He is beyond calculation and imagination. The sense organs are running in the subjects of the world. They always look for their subjects. You need to control and make them niruddh (like dead).

We are inside Him and He is inside us. We are playing, doing meditation, etc are inside Him. He is swami (owner) of the whole world. We are doing all deeds inside Him. Like air is roaming inside all like God is inside all.

He is one, He is faster than mind, where mind goes before than He is there. He is stable in his form. He is everywhere, where the sense organs are roaming, they cannot get him. He is not going anywhere. He is away from any binding of karma. Others organs are roaming in subjects, He is stable. With yogabhayas you need to control them and make them still. Once a stage comes that they don’t do any deed.

Like air is roaming in God. We are also roaming in Him. He is also inside us and He is also in air. We do deeds in Him. There is no one outside Him. He is the swami of the souls, prakriti, and hence the universe. You should know that God.

He is one. He is everywhere. There is no movement in Him. He is faster than mind. Where mind goes, He is everywhere. He is stable in His form. He is everywhere. The running sense organs is not able to get stable God. You have to make them still with yogabhyas. A time comes when indiryan become shant (peaceful) and it realises God. He is away from bearing deeds.

Just like air is doing deed inside Him – giving life, causing destruction just like that soul also does deeds in Him.

Each mantra has a lot of knowledge. You should know this mantra. Tasmin Ma Trishava Vah: Air is roaming inside Him. We are also inside Him doing deeds. God is everywhere. You should know Him. We have got human body for that only. Don’t get it entangled in maya.