Swami Ram Swarupji performed Yajyen that is organised on the occasion of Purnima (Purnmasi). In his preach, he shared:

We should progress materialistically according to Vedas. Without knowledge no deed happens. If you want to progress in family life, Vedas have the knowledge of that. The knowledge of all ashrams is in Vedas. If they are away from the knowledge of the Vedas people are unhappy. People think that if they remember the shloks of books written by man, I have become knowledgeable (jyaani). God calls it as mithyavaad (materialism). Manusmriti calls them illiterate even though they have read a lot. Apart from Vedas, they read several other books. They are illiterate as per knowledgeable of Vedas.

You need to understand and imbibe the knowledge in real life. We need to listen Vedas, many times you know several new things and sometimes you listen the same mantra repeatedly. Brahmcharya makes the memory sharp. In the earlier time, when the earth was made, the first order was – after getting Brahmcharya they get deeksha. It would happen till the Mahabharat time.

With the reduction in Brahmcharya various incidents are happening. You will not be able to remember Vedas after hearing till you don’t have a strength of Brahmcharya and you don’t have control of sense organs. Once they are able to come in saiyam (control), they will be able to remember. If they take notes or don’t take notes. Yog Shastra also says the same. When Acharya speaks the heard knowledge will become yours.

I keep asking you to pay attention on this. Keep your health good and keep attention on Brahmcharya. You should read the book on Brahmcharya written by me and imbibe the same. Like Arjun had Brahmcharya in family life similarly you will be come. In Sanyas, you need complete Brahmcharya. Sharp memory is needed.

We should listen to Vedic preach with jigyasa (a strong interest). You should listen, do manan (deep introspect), if you don’t do manan it is a sin. Shravan (hear), manan and nidyanasan (implement it in your life). Don’t waste time in talking and worldly things the ashram. You need to follow everything preached in Vedas.

After you enter the gate of the ashram do not talk about worldly things. One day you will get punished. You should share food like brothers and sisters. You should do service in ashram where everyone is equal. Seva asmakam dharamam – to do service is our dharm. We shouldn’t be scared of serving.

Acharya is scared of asking a disciple to serve too much. He tries that everyone is serving equally. Disciples shouldn’t be scared if they get more service. Earlier the Acharya was not scared of imparting service since everyone had Brahmcharya and was aware of the preach of Vedas.

From crores there is one good disciple who wants to follow Vedas, Brahmcharya, etc. to realise. He is able to realise God. With sadhna and service, he has eradicated his vices. There is no formality in this path. The right service is needed. Your concentration should be on the instruction received. Disciples shouldn’t get bothered.

To become a sevak is very difficult. My job is not to make disciples. It’s God’s order that give knowledge only to those who deserve, and not others.

To listen Vedas is tap. When the pravachan starts, your tap starts. You should become tapasvi. With tap make yourself tapa (roasted). You should be same in every weather. If you are feeling heat and cold then your practice isn’t much. When you sit in asan it should give you pleasure. You shouldn’t feel pain.

God inspires you and then you can come in Yajyen.

God’s worship is in Yajyen. Geeta says so. People read Geeta but they don’t understand its meaning and acharan (practice). It is a bad trend that is spreading that you can do path (read) any book (without understanding the meanings). It should be read, understood, manan (deep introspection) and nidyasan (imbibe in life).

Like Geeta shlok has said that you should go to someone who has realised God, do dandvat pranam (prostate in his feet), do his service and after he is pleased with your service, he will share his preach. People don’t look for such a tapasvi. People are merely reading.

You won’t get anything by mere reading unless you imbibe it in your life. You won’t get any blessing of Rishi. Knowledge of Vedas emanates directly from God. God is truth and the knowledge that comes from Vedas is the truth.

Vedas say that unless you realise God, what can the mantras do for you? The same translation is in other religious books. After reading, ashtang yog, sadhna, naam simran, Yajyen and is able to make his chitt vritti nirodh (make chitt vritti detached). He is able to know that he is not body but is soul. Your main motto is to realise God and not to memorise. It is vast knowledge.

It is forbidden to do worldly talks in Ved Mandir. Your vices will increase if you take Sanyas when you are not capable. Rishis become famous where they meditate even they do not want to. In fact, a rishi tries to be away from the world but they get famous.

There is the biggest need for protection. That’s why these mantras are added at the end of havan mantras. The meaning of these mantras has been explained several times and also published. You keep doing Yajyen and Havan. God will keep you safe and will protect you.

It is the blessings of God that there is an environment of peace around here due to Yajyen. This is your protective cover. More Yajyen you do, you get more protection.

You should know the meaning of 40th adhyaye of Yaurved. You get the benefit of tap. You also should learn them and remember their meanings. Your tapasya also keeps getting compiled. It helps to take to you yogi kul otherwise there are unlimited yonis. The number of these yonis is constant but is more than 84 lakh. Vedas say that ‘Ashankhyadha’ – there are countless yonis.

Do deeds and don’t get entangled in them. How? What should we do that we don’t get entangled? We should do deeds according to Vedas. Then you won’t get entangled in deeds that means you will not have to bear their results. You will get sorrows if you do deeds against Vedas. If you do according to Vedas then in its punya (good deed). You will get long life without diseases if you so deeds according to Vedas. Not just worship but everything that you do even walking, talking, etc. You will do if you have heard Vedas. The books written by men are dangerous.

If you read books by Rishi they will ask you to join with Vedas. In man’s books it will not be there. There is man, dev and asur. People become Asur due to bad company and deeds.  Dev do sadhna as per Vedas.

I have been writing a book on Advaitavad. This misconception is spreading nowadays. Ahambrahmasmi- anyone who has realised and immersed in realisation may say for some time when they get immersed in merriment after realising God. Afterwards even they stop saying that.

Others cannot say. They do not have a similar stage. Men speak lies. Dev say truth

If you don’t have good and bad deeds to bear then you can get moksh (realization of God). Yajyen has knowledge of all karma. If you become asur (demon) then you will have to bear bad yonis and you won’t get knowledge there.

Do deeds according to Vedas. People go against Rishis instruction then they get sin. When you enter the gate of Ved Mandir do not talk about worldly things. With Sadhna destroy all vices. All the sense organs are unable to realise God. You need to make them Niruddh (dead) in Sadhna. God is formless. You can’t see him with your eyes. Mann (mind), karm (deeds) and buddhi (intellect) use for good only.

I have explained that do deeds according to Vedas. You will get age of 100 years. For this listen Vedas. Hear more. After sitting near acharya hear. If a person knows Sanskrit and reads Vedas for 50 years, he won’t be able to understand. They may just get a headache. Why? Gods rule is that these have to be heard. If you break the rule of God then He punishes. These are not books.

It is our Dharam to hear Vedas. Do deeds according to Vedas. Like Vedas day to get early in the morning, if not Usha kaal (early morning between 4am-6am) will eat your buddhi (intellect). Don’t say harsh words. Then you will be born in Yogis kul and one day you will get vairagya (detachment).

Yajurveda mantra 40/3 says that there is no one like Him. There is no one like Him and won’t be. Dev are those who are knowledgable of Vedas. Mata, Pita, Athiti, Rishi and God should be worshipped. Others are dead who shouldn’t be worshipped.

Vedas say that if a disciple is not scared by seeing Rishi then he isn’t the right disciple. That’s why disciples do Dandvat Pranam. Then they get calm.

One won’t know God till he listens Vedas. God has no movement. If you look at statues then they can move. They have finite life. God cannot have any movement since He is everywhere. He has no movement. Where will He move? He is omnipresent. Only this God is to be worshipped. Where the mind reaches, He is already there. No organ is able to catch Him. He is beyond this world as well. What you are listening now is called tap.

If you listen to false stories then both speaker and listener are sinners. Ignorant lie. From our ears listen Vedas under the shelter of A Rishi.

Poornmasi is complete. Those who come for Yajyen they get complete blessing. Those who sit with Rishis and do Yajyen. Control your problems that prevent you from coming. Those who have potential and effort to come. You don’t get salvation for several births. If you come for Yajyen on poornmasi then you can get suddenly get salvation. You need to do Dev Pooja, Sangatikaran and Daan.

You should make an effort to come. More you come and more benefit you will get. God gives inspiration. God doesn’t lie. God is the truth. Shraddha is concentration on truth. God is one who’s abhav (lack) doesn’t happen. The day will give you pleasure as well. Those who have become Jigyasu and listen, they will get immense pleasure. Then your sins get destroyed. It happens just in Yajyen and nowhere else.

God gives wealth also – knowledge and money. Don’t listen to these false saints that say that money is useless.

May your good wishes get true in Yajyen.