Swamiji performed the weekly Yajyen, conducted on every Sunday. It was also the day of Poornaahutis of two three-day Yajyen. In his preach, he shared:

In Vedic path birthday can be celebrated anytime. Mata (mother), Pita (father) is devta. Those who cannot serve them are big sinners. They will not be able to achieve anything.

God is supreme judge. He doesn’t favour anybody. Those who cannot serve the parents God doesn’t give them pleasure. These are all the orders given by God in Vedas that a person should respect mother, father, Acharya, knowledgeable of Vedas, old people (like in-laws), then they get progress in life.

If Darshrath’s sons were not serving Vashisht Muni then he would have left his body. No one could tolerate such children. No one knows that what happens now. It can spoil several generations. It is the biggest desire that the children follow Vedic path. It reminds of Satyug Treta Dvapar period. Vedmantras would be chanted there.

All parents of today desire that their children only progress materialistically. Good parents are those who will like their children to progress spiritually.

It is the blessing of God that you have understood that before every good deed there should be Yajyen.

Yajyen is the best deed. On August 18th there is a Yajyen where a host of invitees will be coming. You are welcome to join.

These are the orders of God that everyone should go to the stop where a learned person (Rishi Muni) is preaching Vedas. Everyone has listened in the past including Sri Krishna, etc. Now illusion has spread. We pray to Sri Krishna who used to listen to Vedas and would do yogabhyas. What kind of worship is this?

Who has made these stars, sun, and moon? Search for Him. He is called God. We should remember this that there is just one God that has made the creation. We need to find God that has made the creation. We have to locate, search and know the creator, and not the creation. We understand creation, which is illusion. Someone becomes scientist and starts searching for the secret of the creation and not creator so automatically gets into illusion. Who has created the starts, earth, etc. We have to know Him. This is the reason that we have taken birth in human life.

The only motto is to gain salvation. Unfortunately due to the lack of knowledge of Vedas, we are indulged in illusion.

We have taken the birth and we have forgotten the real, one God who creates the universe. We have forgotten that is why we are experiencing sorrows. The main reason is to experience the sorrows, problems, sickness, etc. is that we have forgotten the real God.

Till the get the Guru they cannot wash the sins. It is important to have a learned Acharya who has realised God after Samadhi. The one who can remove your sins by performing Yajyen, etc. He brings you to dev yoni and is with you in next births.

In Gayatri you all pray God that in our mind illusion must be destroyed and Vedic knowledge enter. People with lack of knowledge do sins, with knowledge they won’t. Without the learned of Vedas there is nothing.

We should make the base of our life as Rishi Munis just like Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, etc. They searched for the learned of Vedas.

If you see in the past, then everyone’s marriage happened with Vedic system and rules. Sri Ram, etc. marriage happened in the supervision of Rishis. People that would marry would be those who have left all the vices and followed Brahmcharya. This is Vedic tradition and it is the desire of every parent that before marriage they have control over kaam, krodh, etc. and their sense organs should be under control. Then they become capable of getting married. Only a Vedic Acharya is capable of that but people come very less to him and he isn’t able to share his Vedic knowledge. Nowadays hardly anyone follows an Acharya, and if they follow, they do not follow Vedic Acharya.

If people marry under Vedic tradition then Rishi shares the Vedic meaning of each mantra. The knowledge is shared. If there is anger, greed, etc. then only you can leave. It is a union of 100 years which can give a lot of pleasure. Without that it can be full of sorrows. Sri Krishna, etc. did Yajyen for the whole life.

Sri Ram would do havan and Yajyen everyday, twice at home, in forests and with Vishwamitra Muni. They would do good deeds everyday like listen Vedas. We should worship as God has shared in Vedas.

It is fortunate for everyone that the couple getting married have good qualities. They should be satisfied with what they have. They should have a calm nature by sadhna. I have the blessing of God and I have peace. I do not have desire for too much.

They will do good deeds in family life. Rishi has given the knowledge in Brahmcharya ashram and we have followed it in Grahasthya and gone towards realization.

Rishi has to give knowledge. People follow it and gain pleasure. Whatever a person says on his own has of no value (like Sri 1008, etc.) God says that the one who has realised God after doing yogabhyas, etc. is called Rishi and Brahman. Who listens to Vedas? There are so-called saints but on Vedic path big Rishis like Vyas Muni, etc. have gone for the benefit of the world. These so-called saints cannot benefit themselves, how will they benefit the world?

You keep listening to meanings of mantras. You should keep repeating them. Namah Uktim Vidhem – We should worship you by Vedmantras in every ashram. We should keep doing good deeds. We should not remain poor. You are given. You give us wealth and everything else. We are your servants. You are our owner.

These precious words of Vedas when they come, they should be accepted. There should not be shipt, vikshipt, mudh vritti. I have explained several times from Yog Shastra. You should control them with effort. Move towards ekagragh vritti. You should listen with so much attention that the knowledge becomes yours. I keep saying that note and remember.

The knowledge that is captured is the same knowledge as of the past. You should try to remember those. You yourself will become Vidvaan. You should also listen at homes. Sri Ram even after realising were in the continuous service. You should listen to them. If you speak in middle then it will be of no use. Those who know the value know that the preach is coming directly from Almighty God. He is only using the mount of a Yogi. Earlier when I would not allow that the preach is captured on the camera.

You should try to listen. If you will not become knowledgeable then your progress will be hindered. If someone becomes a sevak of a Rishi then he can realise by just doing service. His sense organs must be in control, should be free from diseases, etc. Why do you come here if you are unwell? You should get yourself treated. This is not the place to come and rest.

Many of these so-called saints have severe diseases. My Guruji said that they have diseases that they wear dress of saints and they earn from the public, and eat with them. They are unable to digest the food that comes from donation. If you are unwell then you should rest at home. A-shram means that you should make an effort in all directions, and makes their body disease free and also realises. You should remove these faults.

Yajurved 31st adhahye says that Vidvaan worship God by Yajyen. It is their duty to worship God by Yajyen and make others do too. If someone worships against Vedas then

All learned of Vedas worship God by performing Yajyen.

God has unlimited hands, heads, feet, etc. but He has no feet. Our hands, etc. have been made by God. He is the owner of nature, souls, etc. He is the owner of everything. If we do not listen Vedas then you will not get the benefit of tap, and we will not get this knowledge. If we will not get the knowledge of these mantras in your heart, then you will not know the truth. If we do not listen Vedas then you will not know the truth. They are the true voice.

God is far from us because we are lazy, we are not able take time out, we lack Bramcharya, etc. This is the true path. That’s why God is away from us.

They will do good deeds and will also come for Yajyen. He will listen carefully about what is the worship described in Vedas. For Jigyasu, it is near him. God is inside them.

For lazy people God is very far. This path is for those who work hard.

God gives the knowledge of Vedas since unlimited times. Nowadays no one is able to

Whatever they listen are made-made theory and is false. Learned of Vedas tell true and others lie. We should listen preach from learned of Vedas, which is learned and everlasting, which is fruitful to the people.

You should do grahan of Yajyashesh amrit. If even you get a little bit, it will be extremely beneficial. This is the only path where you will get pleasure, wealth, etc. (if you serve parents). You should be careful.

You should sing after Acharya. You should not try to sing with the Rishi. You will lose out. It is your pride. It is beneficial for you to listen.

He is ours who works hard, good relationship between husband and wife, takes care of children, There is should be one vichaar (opinion) between husband and wife. The opinion in mind and in heart. Not just husband and wife, but also the whole world. Here you have opposite parties. The peace has not come for the past 2,500 years and will not come in future.