Swamiji shared his preach while reciting Swastivachan:

The mantra says that sun, moon, etc. may give us pleasure. They are not giving us any pleasure now. Sun would help get timely rain. If Sun was giving pleasure than heatstroke won’t happen. These are happening because chanting of Swastivachan is not being made to God. These all are made for your pleasure.

Sun, fire, and electricity may give us pleasure. So many people have been killed by fire, sun, electricity, lightening, etc. It is happening the world over. If we do not listen and follow the rules set in Vedas then He won’t let us live with peace.

Those who are going against Vedas are Nastik (unbeliever). He fills the unbelievers with sorrows. I have explained this mantra several times as well but no one has understood. You should see what the meaning is shared by God.

These are the adjectives of learned Acharya that have been mentioned by God Himself in the mantra. Rishi is worshippable, with divine qualities, he is more worshippable with those with divine qualities, they are to be respected amongst humans, since they have realised God, they know the eternal truth – God, soul, prakriti – they may give us good qualities and praise.

Those who have not realised God, do not have the knowledge of soul and prakriti, do not have knowledge of Ved – we cannot call them learned or Guru. They learned may give us glory and knowledge today, and may shower us with pleasures and protect us. If someone says that I worship God directly, it is not the rule as per Vedas. You should serve the learned of Vedas. God speaks from inside them.

I have explained these mantras several times so that maybe one day they make create an inspiration in your heart that without the knowledgeable of Vedas, we cannot be protected and we cannot get joy so that we may give pleasure to the knowledgeable of Vedas. We keep him happy and not unhappy. People do not understand.

This is also the bhakti (worship) of God. He showers us with blessings.

Oh knowledgeable of Vedas! Please think and tell us whom do you worship? You should worship the one who is worshipped by the knowledgeable of Vedas. Don’t worship according to your own mind. Who is He? Who fulfils your prayers? Who completes your Yajyen?

The answer is in the same mantra. God that removes our sins. We worship the same God. He is described in Vedas only and nowhere else.

The knowledge of Vedas that doesn’t get destroyed, you can sit in their boat and it will help you cross over Bhav Sagar (ocean of materialism). You will get out of birth and death. It will destroy the sorrows.

People call blind faith as faith. They call superstition as belief. What is not worship they regard as worship. This is wrong, absolutely wrong. People cannot understand Vedas.

Devah Avse Svaste – Only knowledgeable of Vedas protect us. You have thousands of examples in front of you. Pray to them that they may preach us for our protection from sorrows, death, troubles, etc. People get sorrows due to doubts. Help us cross over sorrows and misery.

Those who listen to your true knowledge from Vedas protect them and bless them. We pray to them. This happens to listen to the knowledge intently and bring it to practice. We are praying to them. They are protected automatically.

Nipatu – protect us. Suavesh – give good house.

Our house should impart a good (beautiful) accommodation and protection to knowledgeable of Vedas. In that they keep preaching. If we are at home or at a lonely forest, their protection is with us.

I have borne troubles wherever I have stayed.

The mantra says that your body (and every part of the body) is given for performing Yajyen. To serve the Rishi and listen Vedas. You give them trouble and listen?

You haven’t understood that to give pleasure to the Acharya is Yajyen. It comes in Devpooja,  Sangatikaran and Daaneshu. He should be happy with your service and give knowledge. If you don’t keep him happy and he shares his knowledge then that knowledge will not be able to protect you much.

In the next mantra there is a prayer to the knowledgeable of Vedas to protect us everyday everytime. There is devotion, faith, etc. It is not service that the Acharya is unhappy and you say that we are serving them. You should grasp the wisdom of Vidvaan. What they say you should try to imbibe in your life. Why do you force your wish?

Dev may not reduce our life. It has been given to Rishis. They can increase or decrease. Those who have bad deeds they automatically deduct their lives and destroy them and their future generations. We pray to Rishis that they may increase your life.

The mantra is addressing the God since we have listen to great Vedas so you may shower your blessings upon us. Those who haven’t listened then what blessings will they get? They may get showers of burning charcoal. Today the whole world is getting showers of burning charcoal. The whole world is sitting on gunpowder. No one is realising. President Trump has not the nation under emergency but is creating an atmosphere of fear by speaking. Same is in the places like North Korea or Syria with the threats of third-world war and weapons. They have forgotten God and there is nastikvaaad (not believing).

If you have become conscious then rest of the life you should devote for knowledgeable of Vedas, service, Shraddha, Yajyen, etc. Yajyen is service.

The mantras give benefit to the whole world, country, society, and disciples.

Without these mantras the rain will not be timely.

My mind may have beneficial thoughts. It should not have undignified, bad, lust, attachment, anger, pride, mud-slinging, etc.  thoughts. This mind that wanders even when one is awake or sleeping (in dreams) this mind may have beneficial thoughts. You should kill your mind. You will win over the world, sorrows, death, etc. This mind is very dirty. Your mind couldn’t keep even pay attention to Acharya.

Listen very carefully. The mind that has all four Vedas like there is aara (wooden support for wheels) in Rath’s (chariot’s) navel. Like that your mind is in middle (like navel) and there are four Vedas. You should know the creation. God doesn’t make different religions. He puts Vedas in everyone’s mind. He is there and hence there are four Vedas. God is inside everyone and there are Vedas inside Him. Even if people deny no one can deny the creation, there are Vedas inside everyone. In that mind there are Vedas and there is chintan (concern) in everyone’s mind. That mind may have beneficial thoughts. Everyone has Vedas inside and they have concerns inside. It should just have beneficial thoughts and not others.