Swamiji continued Yajyen on the 2nd day of the 3 day Yajyen. In his divine preach, he shared:

My buddhi may have the enlightenment of knowledge. For this God has given this birth so that you can keep listening Vedas and do sadhna. We should keep doing sadhna. This is spiritualism. Wealth, etc. is materialism.

We should take knowledge from these examples. Pravachan means the greatest utterance. You can see Valmiki Ramayan – When Sita was going to get married, her Guru Shatanand when he was told by Guru Vashshit that I have done Swastivachan for Sri Ram, he also answered that I have also done Swastivachan and Yajyen for my daughter. Before marriage Yajyen is important. The tradition which was coming from earlier and from the start of this creation till the Mahabharat time that before every good deed there should be Yajyen. This makes the future of the children. Without knowing the Vedic tradition, today’s parents think that for their children wealth, house, facilities, good clothes, good food, etc. – it can destroy their life because this is only materialism. When you join it with spiritualism then the materialism also gives you punya.

I keep explaining you that if you are following materialism and you do not have Vedic knowledge, then your prann will leave you soon. You will die soon. If you leave materialism, and people say that they have nothing to do with the world. Spiritualism is Vedas. It will give both knowledge of spiritualism and materialism.

If some people say that they take intoxication and immerse themselves in the name of a deity, they will be immersed in sorrows and will die soon.

Materialism and spiritualism should be followed together. This is the order of Vedas. Only those who listen Vedas will understand this. You read your own books. They do not have the knowledge of Vedas. They are self-made. They are man-made. There is one worship that is man-made and the other is God-made. Vedic worship has been there for a long time, which is sadhna. If you are just progressing in materialism then who will help you in removing your faults? You will go to high posts and will do corruption. If you just progress spiritually then you will not have the knowledge of eating, science, world and how to live. You will also die soon.

You need to do both together. You need to earn and meet your responsibilities of family life but more than that you should spend time in spiritualism. This depends upon your satisfaction. If you have the wealth of satisfaction or no. If you have desire for more and more wealth then it is destruction. You should be satisfied (Sarve Nareh Tushta). If you are working and you are getting wealth then it is welcome. God has said in several mantras that you can ask me for money in Yajyen and I will give you. If you earn without Yajyen then the money and food is like leftover from demons. If you do not do Yajyen or agnihotra.

We don’t listen Vedas and we don’t know these laws.  If one person is away from Vedic knowledge, and he is a billionaire, he doesn’t know that the Rishi Yagvalk, who has written Shatpath Brahman Granth, has said that someone who is very rich and is not on Vedic path and worship then even if he is sitting in an expensive car, it is the leftover of demons. Before him they have sat on it. If he eats, demons have eaten it before and he is eating their leftovers. If he goes to sleep on his well-decorated bed, the demons have sat on it earlier. It means everything is leftover of demons. I have explained several times.

Vayavastha is indriyan (sense organs, mind, intellect and 5 karm indriyan  –hands, feet, etc.). Why you people are not able to understand? Do you do anger, jealousy, hatred and pride? This could be the reason that you are not understanding the knowledge which is being shared. There are meaning of several mantras in the books as well.

My indriyan may be entangled in the most pious deed of the world – Yajyen. God has told the same. Your indriyan get entangled from time to time in Yajyen and agnihotra at home, but is it true to the whole world? People do not even have interest in Yajyen. Why are you are after the money? Because you know about the gold, silver and materialistic articles of the world. You know what the wealth is so you are after the wealth. You do not know who is God and his divine qualities. You do not know the divine qualities of Yajyen because all these qualities are very well mentioned only in the Vedas and not in other books. The other books have been written by the man. Vedas are not written. This is the knowledge that emanates directly from God.

We have to try to think over the eternal truth that our whole body is the worship of the God first and thereafter to earn the money to maintain the physique only not to earn for ourselves because we are soul. We are alive soul. We are not human body, which is dead body.

It is astonishing that how God gives us birth and makes us grow. Einstein says that I have made a mistake that I have become a scientist. He would not have regretted if he was in Vedic spiritualism. He will only feel at the last time. Yajurved mantra in 40th adhyaye says – Vajuanilam.. this body is meant to be burnt on the pyre. This is dead body. It is made of 5 matters of prakriti. It is body. It is functioning because of alive soul that resides in the body. When the soul is out, the body will be dead. It will be seen dead but still it is dead (now). We are focused on the body and not soul. This is spiritual knowledge.

All the animals, insects, etc. their body is not meant for worshipping God. They cannot do meditation, asan, etc. Only human body is meant for worship. If we do not worship after getting a human body then we are live dogs and other animals, every Rishi has told. We are having a human body but we are an animal. There are four qualities in animals – to eat, to sleep, to be scared and to have children, which are same as human beings. Then we are also animals.

Shashtras say that there is a fifth quality which is different in human beings compared to animals, which is that we can follow dharma. We can do worship. If we do Vedic worship then we are not animals otherwise we are also animals. Worship of God makes us different from being animals.

I explained about Einstein and I have also explained from Vedas. ‘Andham Tamah Pravishanti’ that worship the nature. This impression is left by Einstein that he has spoiled his life. I should have searched for God. If he had found a good Acharya that Acharya would have explained him that to progress in science and materialism also is prescribed by God alongwith worship of God. The acharya would have explained him that you search for science and alongside also do sadhna. One progress is dangerous. You are regretting that if you have just done one progress you are regretting.

Asambhuti – prakriti and the items made by it like sun, human, gold, etc.

At the time of death what happens, all the five tatvs (materials) from which the body is made, will merge back. At the last time remember God, remember all the deeds you have done from infancy till now both sins and pious deeds. You will have to face the result of the deeds in terms of both happiness and sorrows. You remember at the time of death. Everyone has to leave from the body at the time of the body and at that time the person remembers the period from his childhood till death automatically.

Einstein also was remembering what he has done. He said that he has wasted his life. He has ruined his life to get progress in science only because he did not know about Vedic philosophy so he said that he has wasted his life. Yes, he wasted his life. Everyone is wasting his life if he is not remembering God according to Vedas.

We all should be alert that this invaluable life has been provided to worship God and to get progress in other materialistic articles also such as worldly knowledge, education, science, etc. simultaneously. This knowledge is not being gained by the people in the universe now. Everyone is either wealth or health. Nowadays people are doing yogabhyas for health. Who has told them so? Yogabhayas is not meant for health. It is meant for realization of God. These things the world is not knowing due to lack of knowledge of Vedas. What is the reality?

There is an American scientist who keeps praising the answer that I gave on www.vedmandir.com. He had asked, what is prakriti? I explained him everything. It has three qualities – rajogun, tamogun and satogun. When these qualities are not doing deeds, then it is the time of the final destruction of the universe (pralay). It is lying. It is not in action. When the smallest part of the God’s energy acts on it then the creation starts. When I explained everything about prakriti and creation, he was so happy. He sent me several thanks and in the last he said that no one knows about the secret. We are imaging how the creation is made by God but in simple words you have explained everything.

First tatv made is called mahat – intellect. Then ahankaar – the power that tells you that you exist. From ahankar – panchtantmatrani. Then indriyani – sense organs are created from panchtanmatrani. Mind are also created by panchtanmantrani. I explained him about panchtanmantra the five matters of the world is made. From these five the human body and the universe and every part of the creation is made. How God creates the universe from prakriti and what is its real definition, I explained, which is not found in present science.

We have come in this world, the main motto of human life, is to realise God. Before doing any pious deed the worship of God is necessary. It is told in Vedas. It is a matter of great pleasure that you have come before a good deed. God has said that before any good deed, first we should worship God by Yajyen.

The fundamental law of the nature cannot be changed. The rules made by God cannot be changed. Vyas Muni, Kapil Muni, etc. were Rishis. They would leave everything and leave. Sri Ram also at the age of 81, he left everything and went. Hanumanji, while searching for Sita mata, went deep inside a dense cave. He couldn’t find the way out. He saw that a lady was meditating there. She had glory on her face. Her eyes opened and then she spoke to Hanumanji. With her yogbal, she found where Sita was. Hanumanji asked about the way out. She asked her to close his eyes and then he found himself outside. If people show some yogkriyas then it is false. They happen in ekant (alone). Today’s time is so bad. There is no one capable who is able to generate these powers in them. Those who are listening also are the same.

The way is that Rishi realises God. His disciples should also realise God and then they should give knowledge to the world. Then they should go in ekant (solitude). This tradition of Guruparampara started with Brahma. Today’s disciples do not have a desire that they realise God. Their desire is that Rishi gives them blessings that they get money, children, promotion, etc. They are just after materialistic things.

I have sacrificed my life, job, family, etc. I didn’t do it intentionally. God has made me sacrifice. Look at where was that Yogini. Sampadi was listening to Hanumanji that Jatayu has died. He was a yogi and he came out and spoke that he was his brother. They live in solitude. Their fundamental law is that whenever they realise, they go in ekant (solitude). All my disciples know that when I was in service, I would get posted in a remote location.

People do not have tyaag bhav (feeling of detachment and sacrifice), prem bhav (feeling of affection), and become jigyasu (aspirant). Let’s say king is hungry for 15 days and he finds someone who has food. The person says that you are king and I don’t have golden utensils. The king will say that just give me food on my hand. I need to save my life. I don’t need anything else. So, someone who doesn’t need anything apart from God, whose stage is this? They would become jigyasu and would leave their grahashya (family life). Now no one wants to leave their family life. My daughter, son, etc. so nice. They are stuck in that. They destroy their lives.

Yogis do not need fame. I was also always in forests and did sadhna there. I was order by my Guruji to go back and preach. I kept requesting him that I don’t belong to the world. To follow the order of your Guru is also a duty. People have been and are taking undue advantage.

Continuity of Vedic knowledge should be maintained. Some disciples are trying. You should try that after me you should be capable of giving the knowledge of Vedas. You should learn more. You should do hard sadhna day and night like me. So that the gap doesn’t remain that I only preach. The tradition was the Rishis would go to the forests and their disciples would give knowledge. Hence the gap would not have remained but today the gap is there since there are no jigyasu and mumukshu who just want God. They want the world.

People have made us far from so-called saints that Sanskrit language is tough. But Vedas have told us, you understand what Vedas are, they are not books. Books are called Sanhita. Whomsoever reads them and remembers them, it is of no use. Use is from Vedas. This the world is not able to do.

What is the definition of Ved – it is eternal and everlasting – they are coming for a long time and will never end. They come from God. This knowledge is given without paper and pencil. They are given without speaking or in a written form.

God is formless. He has no body. He doesn’t speak. Vedas are eternal, everlasting, and emanates directly from God in beginning of every creation. If the situation is applicable now then these are Vedas and else they are not. If someone who has read, memorized and is speaking, it is not Vedas. There is also one more rule that there is no gap in them. This is not called eternal.

Rishis have said that there is an alive Rishi in which during Samadhi Vedas originate. God, which becomes prakat inside a Rishi, makes them speak Vedas. Just like that God was prakat inside Sri Krishna, Sri Ram – they were not avatar.

God makes a Rishi utter Vedas. These mantras come from God, which is prakat inside them. The same thing is applicable that they come from God, they are eternal, and God has used yogis mouth to bring them out. Yogi’s mouth is God’s mouth. The entire property is of God only.

When a Rishi speaks Vedas originating from God, there is a rule in Atharvaved then it is called Ved Mata. A little child is taught abcd and then the child learns and goes till MA as well. This language is even easier than abcd. If you listen Vedas from Rishi’s mouth, Rigved says – ‘Devah divacham ajayantah’, when ordinary people listen, they will remember them. When creation is made there was no paper and pen. This divine voice was uttered by Rishi and people would remember them orally. They are called Shruti. This was true for 1 Arab, 97 crore years on this earth. In 16th century the time of pen and paper has come. Vyas Muni had written them down on Bhojpatra (leaves). They got printed. These were then printed in printing press. Vedas are that come from the mouth of a Rishi. These printed books are Sanhita. I have not taught Sanskrit on blackboard. They have remembered it. It is a fundamental and is a blessing of God that whosoever listens to Vedas, he will remember them. This knowledge is so easy.

Who will come to listen here? You come rarely. Earlier the child would listen till the age of 25 years in ashram. They would remember all the Vedas and the knowledge would be in their practice. Now they seldom hear and have a little benefit only. I keep sharing this to them. You can step in Dev Yoni – you can get human life. You will not realise God. After many births you may have vairagya. However, if you make a mistake in middle, you will be destroyed. This is such a path. There is no scope for mistakes or sins in this path. If you even think of a sin (mansa, vachah, karmanah), God will punish you.

These are Vedas. They are easy. They are not difficult. The other languages, like English, are difficult. You need to read a lot and memorize. Here you don’t need to do anything. You just have to listen and you will be able to remember. I have explained the above mantra (tampasvah vadanti). Ordinary people listen and they will also remember. Due to lack of Bramcharya, people have developed a need for pen and pencil. There is no smritilabh (increase in memory). Now people need to write and memorise.

Difficult is to find Acharya, and to sin with him, and ask your questions. These are very difficult. To earn money is easier. You will get money but you will not get peace, pleasure, and you won’t have a sound sleep without God.

One person who was critical came for Yajyen and they became better. When they became better, they didn’t have time to come for Yajyen. If you do not have time for God then there is no one as unfortunate as us. God has given the birth so that we can pray for Him. People are not aware of Vedic path. They may go to false paths and then things become worse. People want riches, etc. which are given by God, but they do not need God. If they get materialistic things only then these things will harm them.

Parents are those, as per Vedas, that make their children understand more about spiritual things rather than materialistic things and make their life successful. Otherwise the children will have human life in the same birth only. Next they will get bad yonis of dog, cat, cow, buffalo, parrot, myna, crocodiles, scorpions, snakes, etc. In the same our children and elders go and get sorrows. If we had given them knowledge since childhood.. As per the rule of God, kings would send children to gurukul at a young age and till the age of 25, they would be trained that God is foremost and other things are later.

Now people think that first is materialism and once they get time they would go to a temple or light incense. If they don’t get time it is fine. This is unbelieving (nastikvaad). Nastikovednindakah.  Some parents are teaching their children to follow the Vedic path, and then earn money. This money will give you pleasure. You should think of God before marriage and then marriage will give you pleasure. If you should be linked to Acharya, you cannot join with God. If you are united with Acharya then you are united with God. God says that he will give you my preach.

God has given the instruction to ask for blessings in Yajyen, and these are asked from Gurujan.

In prathana mantras, you recite the divine qualities of God. There is no one else greater than Him in the universe. When God listen to these mantras recited by you, He is omnipresent and He listens to your praise and He becomes happy.

If you sing bhajans that have wrong qualities then why will He be happy? You get the knowledge from Vedas. His false worship isn’t required. His true stuti (praise) is needed that comes from the Ved mantras that have emanated from Him. There is no one greater than Him. We have made many false gods in front of Him.

There just one God and there is one path, which is Ved, it has to be understood. If someone tries to understand this, only that person will realise.