Swamiji continued his preach from Vedas. For the benefit of foreign dignitaries, he preached in English. He preached, as below:

Ved is the knowledge that emanates direct from God. The whole world is now unknown with this eternal truth because everyone studies their own religious books. There is no doubt that these books have been written by our learned but they were human beings. God is not a human being. He is a supreme power and a supreme judge controlling the universe.

His knowledge is applicable for whole of the world because people are not studying Vedas they are unknown of the fact. In the previous yugas this creation lasts for one 1 Arab 97 crore years. Those time all people used to worship one God only and there was no religion.

Religion started in the last 2,500 years. It has been made by us and our faith on them. As far as Vedas are concerned, they are not a book. They have not been written by anyone else. It is the knowledge that comes from God and it is originated in the heart of four Yogis at the time of nonsexual creation.

When the final destruction is in process, there are no human beings. There was nothing except God. The universe did not exist at that time. Except the God and His Vedic knowledge there was nothing. When He creates non-sexual creation, Vedic knowledge was in vogue door to door. According to the Vedic knowledge people used to worship the God and not self-made path. This knowledge has been ignore and hence there are problems in the whole world.

Why? When we read the books written by the ancient books written by Rishis we conclude, we find and we know that there was no problems with the human beings. There was no poverty, no violence, no insult of women, so was everything was in good status. Why? Because of the knowledge of Vedas in vogue. So, if we consider deeply and we start listening Vedas. Vedas are not a book to study. It is to be heard from a learned Acharya. So it is not at all hard or difficult. Listening is not at all difficult. To study and to write is difficult.

All the learned of the past like Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, etc. listened. They listened and not read. This is very simple and is understood easily when you listen. So, it stated and explained by God in Vedas. Whosoever listens these divine knowledge of Vedas that emanates directly from the God, he gets protection, comfort and everything from God. That’s why I am reciting the 40th chapter of Yajurved for the benefit and blessings.

Yajurved 40/4 is tannejati tanjeti. Try to concentrate and listen the secret of mantra. The idea of the mantra is this that Oh man! Oh woman! God is one. There are no 2 or 3 Gods. This knowledge is being given by God Himself that I am one. You know my nature, divine deeds, power, form by listening Vedas only. I am in Vedas. God preaches here that we must gain the knowledge that He is one. He is unchangeable. ‘Ajah ek padah’ – immortal, away from births and deaths. He is away from binding of any types of deeds. We do deeds and He gives the result of the deeds accordingly. We are free to do the deeds but the result is given by God so must again and again listen and gain the knowledge – Ekam. He is only one. He is the creator.

For the whole world this knowledge was and is given by the God that He is one. He is our father. All the human beings on this earth are brothers and sisters, being the children of the God. Can anyone gain this knowledge on this earth? No. If this knowledge could have been gained there would have been no wars. There is fear of third world-war is still on our head and the violence has been spread. Why? Because we are not knowing the fact that we are one. We are brothers and sisters. This knowledge is not being gained by human beings of the world.

First thing in the mantra is that God is one (Ekam). Anjeyat (movement, shivering) – God doesn’t move from one place to the other. He is omnipresent and everywhere He is still. He cannot move. He is omnipresent. We must also gain this knowledge that He is omnipresent. He doesn’t move. We are moving. The earth is moving. Sun, moon, every planet is moving. Within God, we rest in Him and move. He is omnipresent and He doesn’t move, being omnipresent.

He is powerful and He is almighty. Might is nothing in front of Him. Mind can move anywhere. You are here and your mind can go to USA. Your mind may take a trip to Singapore. But God does not move. Wherever your mind goes, God is already present there. God is not able to catch God. He is everywhere. He is beyond the creation where our mind and intellect cannot go. He is beyond the creation also as per Yajurved chapter 31.

If you see what so-called saints preach that through the mind or intellect you can realise God. This is not possible. Our mind, intellect or five senses are nothing. These all organs cannot gain God. These organs have to be made dead in Samadhi while doing study of Vedas, hard practice of yoga, etc. By the practice all these organs such as mind, intellect, etc. become dead in the Samadhi then God is realised. Through the organs, mind, etc. God cannot be realised. These are to be controlled.

Next is ‘inet devah na’ here the meaning of devah are sense organs, mind and intellect. Again He preaches that these organs cannot reach, achieve or realise Me. Adidvaan who doesn’t listen Vedas and who doesn’t worship God, they are not able to realise God. Two things have been made by clear by God here that those who do not worship God, and our organs, perceptions, etc. by the way of these we cannot get salvation or realise God. We have to control them by hard practice of ashtang yog philosophy.

‘tat tishthat’ – being omnipresent and still, He does not move. Our perceptions, mind, etc. which are wandering here and there. God being omnipresent, does not move. Our organs, mind, etc. move here and there. These voice, perceptions, etc. are not able to realise God. These have to be made dead in Samadhi. I have told about Samadhi in which the soul forgets him, his body and entire universe. In Samadhi he realises God and he forgets his form that he is soul. He experiences the utmost divine pleasure by realising God that he forgets him and also that he is soul. He forgets his body and forgets entire universe. He realises God only.

This fact has been told by God that these organs are not able to realise Me. These have to be made dead in Samadhi. You have to do the hard practice of the ashtang yog, meditation, asan, listening of the Vedas and performing Yajyen. A time will come after several births that you will get vairagya (detachment).  You become ascetic and then you realise God.  

Sri Krishna says in Bhagwadgeeta that after expiry of several births, yogi realises God and in every birth he starts his yog practice, listening Vedas and attending Yajyen, etc. I was explaining a Ved mantra which was preached by God Himself. Vedic knowledge is from God and other knowledge is from man.

Matrishva – in space there is air. There is space in our body also. Nostrils, mouth, etc. Space is everywhere. Just as in space, air is functioning, it is blowing in space. Similarly air, as I told earlier, it is belonging in the space. Space is in the God and air is in the God. Air is functioning and it is blowing in the space, similarly the soul, we people (Every soul of not only the human beings but all beings function in the Brahma.) Just like the air is in the space; space, air and we the souls are doing deeds within the God and God is in within us.

These are the divine qualities of God which I have explained through the Vedmantra.

We have forgotten that knowledge of Vedas applies for everybody and the knowledge of Vedas is in every religious books nowadays. Wherever the truth has been told in any religious book that truth has been taken from Vedas. Knowledge is only one that is Vedas. In any book if there is false information that has been written by people at their own accord but Vedas being a knowledge of the God has, from the beginning till the end, truth, truth and truth, only truth.