Swami Ram Swarupji started Yajyen for three days. In his divine preach, he shared:

God says that you should try to spread the knowledge of Vedas as much as you can. It is essential to put God in every deed that you do. Those who keep they get blessings. In Yajyen there is blessing of both God and Rishi.

I am not insisting that everyone does their celebrations during Yajyen. Those who are able to overcome their compulsions and understand Vedic path then they get immense blessings of God and Rishi. God Himself participates in your functions. This is a secret in Rigved that in Rishi’s adobe God is prakat. It is good to get Yajyen in ashram instead of your home.

The best deed of this world is Yajyen. This body has been given for Yajyen. There are unlimited benefits of Yajyen. The truth is that we and the world stable because of Yajyen. It doesn’t happen like this but if there is no Yogi present on the earth then the Vedas will vanish.

No one knows Vedas. Without realisation, people will not know. Nowadays people do very less swadhaye, just for earning. If Vedas vanish then God vanishes (His knowledge). Without Him the world with vanish as well. It doesn’t happen. Yogi shares what he has realised. Otherwise people memorise and share truth or untruth. The creation of God is such that an alive Yogi stays on this earth – who has realised God in Samadhi.

The rule is that – anu (after Yogabhyas, Samadhi, etc.) he realises God (anupashyat). He knows that every part of the creation is in God and God is in the creation. Without knowing Vedas, Yajyen, etc. people have declared themselves as Sant, Brahmrishi, etc. They have left Vedas and God has also left everyone and is giving sorrows.

You keep doing sadhna. You will be protected by Acharya, Guru and God. If you do not do sadhna and you don’t listen Vedas then you are a fraud. You are cheating for money. The tradition is to donate to Rishi Munis and not pakhandis (hypocrites).

You need to consider that this body is for Yajyen. Both hands, feet, etc. are to earn money. God says that first donate using your hands in Agni (do havan/Yajyen). Then donating in Yajyen. The main objective of the feet is to go for Yajyen. Eyes should see the Rishi or parents. Atharvaved has described them in detail. God says that I make your eyes, etc. pure by Yajyen.

If for the whole life we keep earning money, have children, etc. then your body is dirty and is to be deplored. You didn’t do what you were assigned the body. When God did says that not to take care of the family? God says that you should have detachment while doing your duties. When the time comes, you need to have vairagya. People do not listen Vedas.

Jigyasu doesn’t need food, etc. They just need to listen Vedas. Even if they get food once in two days it is fine. Every Rishi Munis have borne hunger, thirst, etc. Even I have done that. I don’t even remember that whether I was hungry. If someone is not a jigyasu of Brahm then they won’t get the blessing. I lived in ashram while searching for my quest where they gave food which was even 10 days old and vegetable made of grass.

Jigyasu has aspiration to realise God. God has shared the deeds of Yajyen. Time is like a running horse. We never know when childhood, youth, etc. end and you go towards death. These hands, etc. are not for attachment with this world.

He is busy trying to give his body pleasure. He doesn’t know that he is a soul. The body has to be cared as the body should be maintained for the soul to stay in it.

Soul has no eyes and cannot see. God has no eyes but can see. There is so much difference between soul and God. It is a wrong notion spread that soul is God. I am writing a book on this and those who are aspirants will get knowledge.

Everything you should grasp with understanding. The special benefit is for Yajmaan. He is the one who does all the expense in the Yajyen. Everyone has Shraddha and getting Yajyen done. If you listen to the preach carefully.. people express love towards their children but it is wrong. They are pushing them towards hell. The knowledge in the past is that they have made their children perform Yajyen and they can be happy now and in future. It is their destruction of children if we are giving them food, and facilities only.

His father was explaining Swvetketu. You are different and God is different. He was asked to bring fruit of a Banyan tree. Like you did not see anything in the space. One is you and there is God inside you. Remember the mantra 40/6 of Yajurved that you will know after Yogabhyas, etc.

Parents of today when they do not know Brahmvidya then they cannot give the knowledge to their children. The history of the past, covering Brahman granth, which includes Shatpath Brahman Granth, etc. Earlier parents were rich. To have joy you need God. Today’s parents spoil them. The parents in this world have started dacoity, theft, terrorism, etc. They have destroyed their lives. God will punish them badly. They have not got the knowledge of God and they haven’t given as well. You should make the children study but both worldly knowledge and God’s knowledge should be done together.

If your children are studying, others’ children are also studying. They have become big and have got big posts. How many have got arrested? Materialistic progress is dangerous. If you do not have spiritual power and you are not in the shelter of the Vedic Guru then you will not have the power to be away from sins (spiritual power). Adhyatmik (spiritual) strength prevents from you sins. If you progress in both spiritual and materialistic then the spiritual power will not let you do sins. Today the world doesn’t have Vedic spiritual power – Yajyen, Yogabhyas, etc. If you are earning a little bit then you are blessed.

I can see signs of inclination towards Vedic path. I do not have stage to preach. I do not have desire to preach. At this time I should stay alone. If people of a Rishi’s family doesn’t know what is a Rishi then how can you know? His place is in the forest where he is not disturbed.

Parents are good that they give both spiritual and materialistic education so that he doesn’t get into addiction, etc. If you have no time for children then why did you have children? Marriage is only to get children. You will get sin if you indulge in other things.

Is Ram and Krishna respected just like this? Sri Krishna spent 12 years in tapasya before having children while maintaining bramcharya. Sri Ram stayed for 14 years in forest while maintaining brahmcharya. His children  Lav Kush were born in Ayodhya.

There are very few couples who stay away from this. Both men and women keep suspecting each other. If they indulge in immoral behaviour then they will bear the sins. You need to keep your dharm intact. Parents are good that keep their children on the Vedic path.

People have such attachment that they do not want to bring children here. They may not get vairagya. If they get vairagya then who can be luckier than you. Many have immense attachment. I have sent children away those who have vairagya and their parents have become happy. We have been born to be away from attachments.

If we join with Vedas then God protects us 24/7. Truth comes out one day. God protects people. God will protect you not in this yoni but in future dev yonis as well. This path is to go to Dev Yoni. This authentic path is given by God to realise. God is in Vedas and nowhere else. Vedas is the path made by God.

The pleasure of service at the disciples is more than relatives.

You keep remembering this knowledge. There is a sutra of Yog Shastra that who has strong Brahmcharya he has good memory and his diseases get destroyed. You see that yogis are very scared of God. You are not scared. You do any deed. You should be scared of Him. Yogis know that He is in every bit. People can remember these words but the experience is of Yogis and he is scared. He is away from bad deeds.

We should be scared that He is watching us and if we do sins then He will punish us. Then he becomes firm on His worship otherwise he will do something or he won’t do, which is also wrong.

Aahutis of 40th adhaye of Yajurveda. There is no pride in Acharya. It is not Rishi’s desire to do Yajyen and it is not my desire to share knowledge but practically it happens that with immense devotion, the vritti changes.

Knowledge is Vedas. It is much more precious than jewels. When it is spread then the aspirants gather it as precious stones and remember.

When Brahmcharya is strong the memory becomes sharp and you become capable of remembering. In family there is a problem now that without the knowledge of Vedas no one’s bramcharya is strong. In the earlier times in family life there were many Brahmcharis like Arjun. The fact is that it brings pleasure and takes you away from diseases.

Except exertion you haven’t seen me getting any diseases. I am scared of God. I haven’t ever got fever, cough, common cold, stomachache, etc. at the age of 79 years.  All the medical reports are perfect. I want to share that this is the benefit of Brahmcharya. Tomorrow if I get sick then it is God’s wish. We should be afraid of God. He can say that you are being proud, it’s His wish.  

The base of Vedic knowledge and life is Brahmcharya. Like a foundation of a house. If someone who has kept Brahmcharya till the age of 25 then he can be Naishtik Brahmchari like Bhishma Pitahmah.

If you keep Brahmcharya then your health will be amazing. In front of you sometimes I can perform Yajyen for 3-4 hours. I will again perform Yajyen in the evening. If I was a grahasti then God would have done my ‘beda gark’ (destroyed/put in the soup). He has some rules and Brahmcharya is the base of everything. If someone doesn’t listen to Vedas then they would find this preach bad.

People who have nothing to do with Vedas will find this preach bad as they have do not have knowledge.  The soul has a curtain of false knowledge. Brahmcharya is the base of life. You should pay attention on this. I had written the book that even in family life you can follow Brahmcharya. If someone cannot stay for the whole life then they can become Brahmchari as per these rules.

Food is given by God. It is not yours and mine. Disciples of have donated it. It is not ours.

This money is no one’s. Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, etc. did not take it with them. They left it here. You can take the punya of aahutis, service, etc. As much Vedas you have heard, you remembered them. The tap of practice. The next birth of Dev Yoni. You should spend money on it. God is saying that this wealth is of no one’s. Do not be greedy. God has given you mantras to earn money but you should use them in the right things – for Yajyen and on children. You should give Vedic knowledge to children. If you don’t give them Vedic knowledge then it has come to destroy you. Yajurved says Kampilvaasne (lazy). It makes you lazy. You will get money and you will keep sleeping. You will not wake up on time. It will make you lazy. It will destroy you. If you put it on the Vedic dharm then it will make you shine like Sri Ram and Sri Krishna.

People are unfortunate those who don’t listen Vedas. Earlier the whole world would listen and would be happy. Vedas say that if you do Vedic deeds then you will not get entangled in the result of your deeds. If you go against Vedas then you will have to come again and again to bear your deeds. So you should listen and do Vedic deeds. If you won’t listen Vedas where will you know Vedic deeds? So it is said that you should be “Acharya aadhino” under the knowledgeable of Vedas get the knowledge of Vedas.

You have 40th adhyaye of Yajurveda. You remember it also. The deep insights that I share you should remember. You should spread and explain it to the others also. It is the not the knowledge that you can read, hear and memorize. It has to be written from a knowledgeable of Vedas. Why to waste time to listen from the others? That is of no use. In 6th and 7th mantras anu word is used at the start of the mantra. It means that after deep study of Vedas, yogabhyas, yajyen, etc. There is deep knowledge in anu word. It means ‘later’. The Vedic secret is after study of Vedas, yogabhyas, yajyen, agnihotra, mantra jaap, and in the end after attaining Samadhi after practicing asthang yoga then you realise God. Not before that.

The meaning of Anu word should be remembered. You should not be scared. It is at the end of several births. For realization you need Dev Yoni. You are following Vedic path and you have vairagya (detachment) according to age. If you entangled in attachment then you won’t get anything. You will go to bad yonis. In wealth family also comes. Is family yours? It is only of those who have followed Vedic rules like Sri Ram. Otherwise it is of no one.

Sarvani (all) Bhutani (world) know like your own soul. All these are present in God, you know this. Like I have explained, after doing sadhna. Everything is in God and God is in everyone – when you realise it in Samadhi, then you will not have any doubt irrespective of what the world says. You will know dharm, adharm, vidya, avidya, etc. When you have realised, and not memorized. You should understand it thoroughly.

The other mantra is saying that abhootujaanata – when you know every organism like your soul. Like I soul is unhappy and I try to remove my sorrows, similarly you also try to remove sorrow of others by knowing their sorrows as yours. When you know like this then the person will not have any attachment. When you will try to take knowledge, you will like to share it with the others. You will try to realise God and you will like others to realise as well. You will like to remove your sorrows, similarly you will like to remove sorrows to others.

When you are in the shelter of a Rishi then God Himself will give him potential, not false, but those who true. Your attachment, your sorrows will end (people are crying for the body, you won’t cry) and ekat tvam anupashyat  – after you realise God after ‘anu’ as described above then your attachment will go. How will it go now? At this time you will cry for everyone.

I have told you the method that you should be born in the family of a Yogi/Rishi in the next birth due to your good deeds. If not, you will not get a human body again.

At one place it is anupashyati and one place is anypashyatah. There is just one God and He has been described here. He is everywhere. People have made statue and made Him stand in one place. God says that you don’t know. I will keep punishing you. What happens with your making a statute? God will remain as He is. God is formless and people destroy His face by making His statue. God is all powerful and just His powers do the work. He has no body. He doesn’t need to take avatar. There cannot be a hole in God. Statue can have holes. Even in air you cannot do a whole.

God is shuksham. He is everywhere. He has no nervous system. He is pure in every direction. He has no kaam, krodh, etc. He is away from sins and good deeds. If we just study one mantra for a month then perhaps you will get to have knowledge of what is God.

Yogi and God are called kavi. The meaning in this mantra of kavi is krantdarshi (He has seen Kranti several times). He knows what is in your mind. He gives a strong punishment to those who commit sins and protects those who are good.

Swayam Bhu – His existence is on His own. No one has made Him. He has made everything. He is on His own. His power is on His own. Like a potter makes a pitcher – God is not made of anything and nothing is made ahead by God.

Keep it in your buddhi then you will benefit. You don’t listen by being an aspirant and hence you don’t remember.

You should make yourself more Chetan (conscious). You should know that this sentence is wrong – God knows everything. Before this creation the world was made several times. He doesn’t just have knowledge but He has seen (dhrista).

It is false that God has made the creation. If it was made by God then it will also be immortal and humans won’t die also. He is nimit upadan karan – His little power acts upon prakriti (basic blocks of nature) and from it everything is made. You should know the qualities of God that is knowing Vedas. His qualities made by humans are false. People make statues, say that He has made the world, etc. which is false. You can say but you should know that his small power makes the whole world from prakriti. God hasn’t done anything.

He gives the Vedic knowledge by truth. It is the divine quality of God that He gives the knowledge of four Vedas in the beginning of every earth. In human books there is some truth and some false. Vedas and Rishi’s books have truth from start to finish. There is no false. Eternal and everlasting knowledge of the Vedas emanates from Almightly God and is given to four rishis and it further emanates by Brahma. This is the traditional path of Guru and Shishya that is based upon Vedas.

True Guru parampara is of Vedas. Others what humans have made it is their own path.