Swami Ram Swarupji continued Yajyen and his preach from Ved mantras. In his divine preach, he shared:

There is no break in Ved mantras or God. These are the mines of pleasure. Vedas are immortal. Vedas are those that God makes a Rishi speak. The one who listens and follows Vedas becomes amar (realise). You should pay attention to service and to maintain and clean the Yajyenshala. Like a mother makes a child clean, you should clean the place that you stay and the shala.

You should decorate yourself with good qualities. Shauch comes in Tapah Swadhaye, etc. You should pay attention in every aspect, especially those who are staying there. They should have attention and should have Chetan buddhi. Many times you fail in it, which is source of sadness. I am talking about here. If you do not use your brain then the service will become formality, show, pretense, etc.

If you remember then you will serve or you won’t. Why is your brain not so sharp that your brain thinks automatically? You don’t think ahead. You should have a sharp mind.

If you do not please God by his stuti and upasana (praise and worship) then you will be born with aggressive traits (lion, tiger, etc.), large body (like elephant, crocodile, etc.). If a diamond is brought in front of you, it will not be clear to you how much it is worth. Shabdbramh Ved, their value is understood by a jiyasu (aspirant) that leaves everything and pays attention. Sri Krishna says that this jigyasu understands Shabdbrahm and then crosses it and attains Parbrahm.

You will fail if you do Hathyog. You should keep following the Vedic path. It may take several births. Leave sins. You will get a human body. Otherwise there are unlimited yonis in which the soul will go. How will anyone take out vritti from the world and family? It won’t come. Keep doing practice. As much vairagya you can get it is enough. You shouldn’t make fun of sanyas. It takes several births to leave kaam krodh, etc.

In this birth you can do enough sadhna that you get into devyoni or you get vairagya. It is swatah vairagya – it happens automatically. You will get attachment (moh) several times.

If you leave vices such as anger, pride, attachment, etc. then God will help you. These are your enemies. You don’t understand that you are born for Yog and worship of God.

Brahaspati – Either God or Rishi (knowledgeable of Vedas). God is vidyano ke vidvaan. Everyone is natmastak. We are praying God that shower pleasures on us. All your disciples are praying to Rishi that you come with their disciples to shower blessings on us. Rishis and disciples go to the place of others for their kalyaan (benefit). You should take care of Rishis and disciples. You are listening to Vedas, which is your tap.

Samved says that Brahmah increases his vansh (dynasty). There is no difference in the disciples who take deeksha and the real children. If these children do not have good qualities then they are not considered as his children. If the children by birth of a Rishi are not there then disciples have the right even to do cremation of his body.

I have shared meanings of 40th adhyay several times. It is quite dear.

What to explain this to those do not understand sadhna, etc? Those who like asambhuti (prakriti – nature/creation). They immerse in deep darkness. If you preach them Vedas even then they won’t understand. Like the scientists of today research on sun, earth, etc. God is saying that they are going in deep darkness. God clarifies later that they go in deep darkness if they are immersed in that only and they have forgotten God. God has given the right to research on prakriti in Vedas. Rishis are true scientists.

Einstein as world renowned scientist. He was a Nobel prize winner and has won several awards. God knows which good saint he met at the last time. He was asked near his death that what he wants to become after he dies.

Who understands andhan tamah pravishanti? Deep darkness. I keep explaining.

If there is next birth then I wish I do not become a scientist in the next birth. I wasted my entire life. I should have searched on God who made me a scientist. My life got spoiled. In the next life I want to become saint in the next life. You should strive to attain God in youth and not just in old age. You have got desires, anger, etc. If you remove those then you will realise.

If we spend time both in spiritualism and materialism then everything would be fine. Even our family would be happy. Which family is happy now?

Sambhuti – the things made by prakriti (nature/creation) – maya like house, wealth, etc. Those who search on prakriti go in deep darkness. Those who quest for Sambhuti, immersed in these things for 24 hours, they go in even deeper darkness. No one can prevent them from going in many different yonis.

The meaning of this is different of asambhuti and sambuti. God is explaining in the next mantra. We have been listening it from dheeranam (the ones that are immersed in dhyaan). The deep meaning of sambhuti and asambhuti is different. They have explained it while revealing their secrets. Their experience is of realising God. They are stable in their own form.

Now people are listening from humans. They come with prepared speech with stories. People laugh and clap. They earn money and go.

After dhyan is the stage of Samadhi. They are called dheeranam. We have been listening from them.

Those who use the items with detachment they will go to a good stage. This secret has been told to us by those who are dhyaani.

The CDs are being made from mantras. You can also become knowledgeable of Shabdbrahm. God has told you that you should learn Shabdbrahm. Bhishma Pitamah says that the one who is knowledgeable of Vedas realises God. His glory gets spread. Kapil Muni says that even a Yogi stays in a cave alone in a jungle, he will also get famous. I have several examples. I was selected as Head of the Department in a US University for Yoga philosophy. They even said that they will donate a lot but I left it. I always said that I do not want to be famous. I do not appreciate praise.  This is the spectacle of God.

God states Himself that the rules shared by Him in Vedas are unchangeable and immortal.

I will daily share the translation of Rigved mantra when possible. In case it is not possible then I will communicate. Even I get immersed in Vedas when I speak. It is much bigger than any other worldly deed.

Rigved mantra 6:

Before this you have heard 5 mantras of Rigved. In the 6th mantra God is saying..

God is pranndata – He donates breath to every soul. He doesn’t make soul but He is the owner of both souls and nature. Without Him, they can’t move. When God sends soul in the body then He donates prann.

He is everyone’s friend. There are just two friends – God and Rishi. Both have been left by God. If you don’t have these friends then who will protect you? God says that I am your friend if you get up early morning and study/chant mantras. We should not do Yajyen to just for formality. You should do with ekagrah vritti. He is your protector. Others cannot protect you whether it is money, family, etc. Everything is left here. You should use them with detachment. Do not immerse your mind and buddhi in it. When the time comes you should have vairagya.

Oh God! You are donor. You donate everything – body, knowledge, etc. 

You do kalyaan of vidvaan and aspirants. This is Your truth. Only You do benefit. People do not listen Vedas. They have made so many Gods. They say that if they take bath in a river, it does their benefit. It is their own thought. It is democracy.

When there is a question of Vedas and truth, Vidvaan is explaining but no one is understanding.. God is saying that which God do you worship? You can answer them like this – who was worshipped by our ancestors from the origin of the earth, we worship that God. The same worship was done by Ram, etc.

The answer should be what was given by God. Other answers are not accepted by God. Without knowing Vedas they call Hanuman, etc. as their isht. Swastino Arishtnemi – for the benefit I worship that God who is away from diseases, the one who was always there, is and remains.

This is the truth that it is all yours only.

All these true things are applicable on you only. If someone is not a Vidvaan then how can they benefit others? Listen Vedas and follow them.

Sangat word is man-made. Better words are shisya (disciples), sevak (servant) and jigyasu (aspirant). You should not call food dinner here. It is Yajyenshesh amrit (elixir leftover from Yajyen).