Swami Ram Swarupji, Yogacharya, conducted Yajyen today morning. In his preach, he shared:

This is path for Dev Yoni. With service oneself and the family stays happy. Jeevan doesn’t stop. Age keeps increasing. So, every moment you spend in good deeds. It is very important to listen to Vedas. The period of salvation is 36,000 times the age of the creation.

The birth which is now is the 3rd birth. 4th birth is the one when you get deeksha. In that if you keep taking knowledge and have the attitude towards service, you go towards salvation. You remain protected. Everything else may be left but the path of Vedas and shelter of Rishi shouldn’t stop. Keep listening to Vedas from Rishi. There are many disciples who keep doing service.

If you get a Rishi then you can get salvation from his service only. If you don’t do Yajyen on your birthday then your lifespan reduces by one day.

There are 9-10 agnihotras that are done in Ved Mandir daily. Yajyen is the best deed as per Vedas. Why it is the biggest deed? With Yajyen only you get the knowledge stuti, upasana, prarthana. Brahma gives unlimited knowledge of Vedas. Shrutam Tapah – keep listening Vedas from your ears till the last breath.

I will start the meanings again from Rigved. If you have faith, you will get the knowledge of Vedas. Rigved is jyaan kand – it contains knowledge. Main knowledge it has for padarth vidya (materials). It also has of deeds, God, etc. The first mantra says that we should wish for God. In nonsexual creation the first knowledge given was of Rigved. The knowledge was given that your birth is for realising God only. Further, after you will get that you should go in the shelter of knowledgeable of Vedas. If we stay in family and do not wish for God then there are many yonis to get sorrows. You should have a firm belief that the worship of God is the same as described in Vedas.

Agni has multiple meanings. The appropriate meaning is the one that is as per the mantra. We aspire for Agni, not the materialistic Agni. Materialistic Agni won’t explain us what is Yajyen.

Agni in the 1st mantra of Rigved is used for God. He gives us the knowledge of Yajyen (gives us everything (knowledge, wealth, food, etc. – Hotaram). He is our purohit (He protects our world). If we follow Vedic path then He protects us also. There are many deaths that happen due to natural calamities, diseases, etc. Without reason nothing happens. The main reason for the destruction is not searched. It is our deeds and you should keep asking for forgiveness. We have forgotten God and have done many sins. Aadhibhautik Tapa (problems to body like illness, etc.), Devik (33 non-alive Devtas give sorrows like water, air, earth, etc.) and Adhyatmik (mental illnesses). We have left Yajyen, service of Rishis, we have become selfish and are just eating.

It is described in three Vedas that God will destroy you, if you go against Rishis. If someone comes in the shelter of Vedas and Rishi then God protects them. There is darkness of false knowledge everywhere. Vedas are nowadays left by people.

He protects the world. He has not let any fault come in sun. He is protecting the earth. We should listen about it. It is your tap (practice). If you don’t have time to listen then it is like you have done suicide. You go to different yonis and get sorrows.

He can also take the things that He has given you. Those who commit sins He can take everything away. He protects the earth. With his power the basic building blocks that made the world get separated and reach their original form. He gives everything and takes as well.

He protects soul in sushupt avastha (sleeping stage). Ritvijam – he is worshippable in every weather. It won’t shouldn’t be stopped in any stage. You keep listening to these orders. You should note them.

Ganpatim – the owner of the whole world. He rules over everything. He owns the whole world. Eede – we aspire for Him. Here the meaning of Agni is not fire but Almighty God.

The service of a Rishi is bigger than Yajyen. If Rishi dies then the knowledge of Vedas will not spread. We should take care of their health.

The meaning of 1/31/7. We should understand the deeds, nature and power of God. He is Almighty and has immense power. You should understand the nature. It never changes. He doesn’t do favour. He has sent rishis so that you can serve them.

His nature is that the person who leaves adharm (bad deeds) and follows dharm. Dharm is the deeds that have been described in Vedas. The origin of dharm is from Vedas. We have to listen the whole life.

Those who leave adharm, God has this quality that He makes them stable in dharm. When you are in Vedic path then you feel bad about doing adharm. If you ever have to do in compulsion, you feel bad about it. When you come to the adobe of Rishis then your dharm gets stronger. That’s his nature. It is our duty that we leave adharm. We should go to Vedic path. We should listen Vedas and the knowledge that you get, you should follow.

There are so many adjectives of God used in Rigved’s first mantra. God has unlimited adjectives. You should sit in the lap of God and listen to Vedas.

In this mantra the meaning of Agni is God. The meaning is: Oh God! Dive-Dive (everyday) – intelligent and brave those who listen to Your mantras every-day. With technology, you can listen to Vedas everyday using CDs. It will help you meet the requirement of Dive-Dive.

Rishis do not have any worldly interests. Their interests end.

Those who get up in the morning and pay attention towards mantras, these mantras desire that I may appear in them. This is the blessings of Rishi. There are many rich people and leaders. What do they know about Vedas? King Dashrath, his courtiers and the public used to hear as well. Without listening people have got destroyed.

Those who make an effort listen. How can lazy people hear?

Those who desire that they listen every day. The earlier births and the next births, those who want to realise.

Those who listen, do sadhna, do worship, and also get in vairagya after 60 they go towards realization. They stay in merriment for 36,000 creations. After that period when they get a birth, they keep desiring they realise God again. They also will get happiness, peace and pleasure, and if he makes effort like before then he will realise. Those who do not do that they will go to bad yonis. God gives them amrit (moksh/realization). It is important to do service to a Rishi.