The aahutis that are put stay with you for several births. Some Rishis took 30,000 or 20,000 births. Sri Krishna also said that the realisation is after ‘Bahunaam Janmnaam Ante’ – after many many births. You should just focus on attaining Devyoni. We should leave sins and become pure. We should not have any other work except going to Rishi and doing Yajyen. There are many other deeds of the world. You should finish them. After 60-70 years you should give the remaining life to Rishi and Vedas. These things are to be understood. 

If you desire for pleasure then like the rays of the sun fall on the earth and there is light everywhere. In the light everything can be seen. Like this only, human (jeev) should remove pride, pretense (pakhand), desires (kaam), anger (krodh), etc. and deeds against Vedas (adharm). We see in this world that people are not able to leave these vices and claim that they are a great learned person. Sri Ram, Darshrath, etc. did deeds according to Vedas. Countless kings followed the Vedic path and gave pleasure to their public as their own children. 

For pleasure, we should know the qualities of the Vidvaan and God. Their qualities (gunn), deeds (karm), nature (svabhaav) and the path. After knowing this then you will also get the same qualities. You will listen to their knowledge, listen to Vedas, etc. then you will become like them with firm faith (shradda) and service. If this isn’t there then it is cursed (dhikkar hai). If you have their company and you have vices then also you will get destroyed (as if your ship will sink). You should know it properly and not just know, but you should immerse (do ramann) in them. 

They get immersed in reason (Karan). Karan is God. They get immersed in God. When you will know their deeds, nature, etc. Staying with them and you get knowledge, you will also get the same qualities and you will get immersed in God. 

In this mantra, Guru word means – very heavy. Guru shabd has not come in Vedas. The words used are acharya, etc.