God has unlimited qualities. You know several qualities of God from Vedas now. You cannot go in the wrong direction. Which is the Dev that again gives the darshan of mother and father? That is God.

After death one gets a new birth. As per the deeds, God gives the results. The births are as per the results of your deeds. If one does not pay attention to Yajyen, service, etc. then his next birth will be in the form of animals. 

There are so many different lifeforms. There are so many different deaths of these living beings that you can see. There is not one lifeform – one has to roam in many different lifeforms (yonis). Our devotion and effort should be firm then it is confirmed that your birth will be in devyoni. If you falter and fall in bad paths (of vishay, vikaar, etc.) then God says that I will destroy you. You should pay attention to Vedas. 

Births and death are in the hands of God. We should keep Him pleased. 

Mann Aayu Pramoshi – Oh God! May my life not become small. There should be blessings of God and Rishi. If your previous karmas made your life small, with good deeds and prayers, He may extend. God may make us liberated from the cycles of birth and death. 

May I be liberated from the karm-bandhan. We all are praying and putting the offerings that we may be liberated from karm-bandhan. He does it through Rishis. Devebhi Manushey Jane – from the learned of Vedas, make me free. 

You should listen with love. It is rare to listen to Vedas. In this is the kalyaan (benefit) of you and your family. God has given knowledge including of oorjaan (energy). God is the giver of oorja (strength, energy, food, etc.) The owner of energy and the one who provides and maintains it is God. God gives inspiration. 

Nodana Vachnah Iti Dharmah (to follow the inspirational voice of Vedas is Dharm) – Kings and others who used to live in the shelter of God like Harishchandra, Dasrath, Kuru, Puru, Sri Krishna, Sri Ram – strengths of God used to work for them for giving them energy.

The knowledgeable of Vedas that make items spread by agni (fire) You may hold them (dharan). 

So many earths have been made and destroyed. When God made humans, they were young. God has explained in Vedas to wear clothes and, from Vedas, Vidvaan shared. 

From these Vidvaan there is a prayer that you may make our Yajyen successful. Vidvaan makes several tasks successful. Without the attachment with Vidvaan no one can be successful in spiritualism and materialism. You will not understand Vedas and next birth goes in bad yonis. God does their renouncement (tyaag). Without Vidvaan nothing can be realized (become siddh). Whatever he does will be against Vedas, unless they have the company of Vidvaan, anything vyaahaar (behaviour), parmarth (virtue), etc. cannot become complete (siddh). People do many parmarth (virtuous) deeds like donation, etc. they become wasteful without Vidvaan. 

God has given the qualities of Yajyen and the ones who do Yajyen. In his shelter, we should learn knowledge and imbibe the same. With the unity of Vidvaan you can be successful and you can get pleasure. Without them you can never get happiness. 

Till someone does not do unity (sang) with Vidvaan then no one can become happy (sukhi). God has given this knowledge in several mantras. 

Vidvaan makes you accomplished (vanni siddh). You should be united with Vidvaan everytime. You should be firm that without Vedic Guru everything is ruined (barbad). There is no pleasure (sukh) in life. It is important that we live in their shelter. 

You should remember the voice of Vedas. We should do as much Yajyen with them and as much as service can be done. You should listen to Vedas everytime and everyday you need to do havan. Whenever you can find time then you can go to their adobe and do service. Without that you will never get pleasure. 

We should have the knowledge of Vedas. This is a divine voice. Without Vedas you will not get a Vedic Guru, without Vedic Guru you won’t get Vedas. Kapil Muni says that God does unlimited deeds. However, He does not speak. Sri Krishna said that with these materialistic eyes you cannot see Him. God is Omnipresent but He is not prakat. He is prakat in Yogis. He makes Yogis speak, He doesn’t speak Himself. Vedas are heard from Yogis. 

In this mantra there is a knowledge of mortar and pestle (okhli & musal). There are many such mantras. He gives every knowledge. God describes in this mantra how to make mortar and pestle in detail. He says that you can make a hole in a trunk and you can take a stone. In that you can crush leaves, gram, herbs, etc. The entire knowledge comes from Vedas. This indication comes from Vedas. Vidvaan have made several enhancements and now electrical machines are made. But this knowledge has been originally given by God. 

If we do not do Yajyen then God says that I will destroy you. Without Vedas there is nothing. 

Sun has the power of attraction. It has pulled the earth and kept it close. It has kept it under control. Charioteer (Sarathi) that drives rath, ties up the horse and keeps it under control. Sun keeps other planets under control. This science has been given by God in Vedas.

Just like that God has explained in this mantra how to churn butter from curd. He has also explained how to get juice out. This science has been given by God. He has given all fundamentals like what is milk, how to make roti, etc. Vidvaan understood this, and wrote it in the form of handwritten books. However, these were destroyed by invaders in Taxila and Nalanda. The fire there lasted for 6 months. 

God has given every kind of knowledge. God says that without Vidvaan no one can get pleasure. He has given astonishing knowledge about everything. 

The meaning of Radha means money. All the items of the earth, etc. that give pleasure come in Radha. Those who do the dispersal (paalan) of Radha – God and Vidvaan who do the paalna. Oh Vidvaan! You own all wealth. You are the giver of everything. 

These items are called Radha. Someone has taken the name from here and has kept the name Radha. However, the meaning will not change. It will remain the same. If someone does Radha Radha, then he is just saying money money. The name of God is chanted with the meaning and feeling (bhaav). The complete sutra from Yog Shastra is – ‘tat japat tat arth bhavnam’. You should have the meaning of the name of God and you should have the feeling (bhavna). This is the sutra of Yog Shastra. Its meaning is also unchangeable (atal). 

We should take the name of God. He has unlimited names and His each name has a meaning. 

God is in endless form (Anadi Swaroop) – He is there before creation. Prakriti is also so minute (suksham) that no one can see. The entire creation goes in the form of Prakriti. God remains the same. He is all powerful. For Him only Yogabhyas is done. When the earth is made then He only gives the knowledge of Vedas. He is most powerful (Devanaam Devah). 

Shiv means God – one who gives mangal to people. It means formless God. If we go in His shelter and follow Vedas then He helps us, and destroys sorrows. The human who has known his responsibilities from Vedas and does those deeds and stays in the order of Vedas. The orders of Vedas are given by God. Vidvaan stay in the order of God. They are acharya, rishi and muni. When they live in His order then why won’t they have a friendship with God? And God has friendship with them. 

We have two friends – God and Vidvaan. If the work remains that they follow the order of God, then God becomes their friend, and with the friendship truth (God) appears in their soul. God helps them. Vedas and God appear in them. They become Krantdarshi – they even see creation being made. 

By doing these these, truth appears in them. If we follow the same then you will also get enlightened. These Vidvaan give pleasure to people. It is a very big preaching (updesh). 

This tradition has been made by God in Vedas to go to Vidvaan. If this tradition is not followed then nothing remains in this world. God gives entire knowledge through Vedas. Disciples get it from Vidvaan. The one who has made air, earth, sun, etc. – He is omnipresent. Vidvaan is the one who gets this knowledge. Vedas are hidden knowledge. Vidvaan makes it appear. 

One someone leaves bad deeds. He gets the knowledge of Vedas. In that also God appears. If someone does not unite with Vidvaan then how will he get? God is explaining that without Vidvaan no one can get in depth knowledge. 

The reasons for a child are mother and father. The deed is the child. A house made is the deed. The reason for the deed are the labourers.

Vidvaan is required. Without Vidvaan you cannot know anything. That Vidvaan is the knowledgeable of Vedas. He has realised God by yogabhyas and has attained salvation.