ARKNAHA – The Vidvaan (knowledgeable of Vedas) who sing Vedas. Without singing, nothing gets perfected (सिद्ध). To do God’s praise (स्तुति) is His worship. Brahma increases his progeny by giving them deeksha (दीक्षा – initiation). They (Brahma) speak the truth. 

There are some mantras that have descriptions of products, engineering, etc. BRIHAD INDRAM – we should do unchanged (यथावत्) praise (worship) of God the greatest. God has revealed several meanings of the word Indra (इन्द्र). It can mean sun, air or fire, apart from God.  

As per the devta (देवता) of the mantra, contemplation (चिंतन-मनन) is done. Devta means the subject matter of the mantra. In this mantra, the devta is Indra. It is said about the Indra who sing, are reflective (विचार शील), and in materialism they progress in engineering. They are progressing alongside mantras, and after attaining the knowledge of God, they desire to realise Him. 

For them God is saying that you should get the knowledge of God, and do meditation (ध्यान) of God. They should also focus on the qualities of sun and air. We should know the qualities of the sun. If someone sits in the sunlight, it prevents heart attack even in those who have a heart ailment. With the same sun, the crops get ripened. Our life is because of the sun. Our body maintains a 98.4 degree temperature. If the sun isn’t there then the world will not remain. The earth will have a negative temperature of thousands of degrees. 

With sun only, the rain happens. It has endless benefits. Similarly, you should know the qualities of air. After deep deliberation of Ved mantras you can know the qualities of all three. These are for giving pleasure. After listening to Vedas again and again, and listening to the praise of God, you can know everything. If we have to live then we should live like this and know the qualities of God, the sun and  the air. 

See this mantra. If there is no air then we cannot speak. Air meets everything and enhances the behaviour of sound. Like this, the sun gives light. With its power of destruction, it destroys the bacteria. We should thank God that He has made the sun and air. Every matter’s entry, exit, holding and touch is because of air. You can see how many qualities are there. With the sunlight, you can see things. In the absence of light you cannot see anything. 

We should be alert and understand the qualities of various matters. The sun has been made so that in the three worlds (तीनों लोकों) one can see objects. That is why God has made suryalok (सूर्यलोक) for darshan (दर्शन, appear), dharan (धारण, holding) and akarshan (आकर्षण, attraction) in all worlds. Sun has the power of attraction. Just like a charioteer (सारथि) keeps the horses under control, similarly the power of attraction of the sun keeps the planets under control. 

Vidvaan protect you for five births. The knowledge of Vedas that you hear gets added. Like this, you get entire knowledge. So, you should keep listening. We are listening about Vayulok (वायुलोक) and Suryalok (सूर्यलोक).  Without listening to Vedas, you cannot get pleasure. 

The next mantra says – Oh God that gives pleasure! You are almighty. You are the giver of unlimited wealth. You give wealth by Yajyen. We should try to know the description (व्याख्या) of Vedas. The one who listens to the description of Vedas, if he/she desires that he becomes the ruler of the entire creation, then it is possible that he/she can become. But these mantras are not understood in one birth. It takes several births to understand. To listen Vedas is tapah (तप). The next birth becomes successful (सफल). Oh God! You are powerful in every manner. You are the enabler of endless wealth and of the kingdom of the world (चक्रवर्ती राज्य). If the war happens then you are the giver of extreme pleasure and protection to the warriors. From various matters, you give us pleasure. 

The one who listens to Vedas is tapasvi (तपस्वी). श्रुतं तपः – to listen Vedas is tapah (तप). Then the next birth becomes successful. You should follow Dharm (धर्म – वेदों में कहे कर्तव्य) and not become lazy. You should become a person that has control over sense organs (जितेन्द्रिय). You should move towards the pleasure of Brahm (realisation). 

Leaving laziness, you should move towards dharm and do the good deeds described in Vedas. Like this, the leaders should also give pleasure to their public then that leader only gets great pleasure. Earlier kings would have Vedic knowledge. This knowledge is endless. 

Those who do not listen to Vedas are animals. We should not become animals. We should listen and become Dev (देव). Today, since Vedas are not being heard, several religions and sects have started. Who will take the thoughts of Vedas? Till you are alive, you should keep listening to Vedas. 

Rigved mantra 1/10/1 says: 

गायन्ति त्वा गायत्रिणोऽर्चन्त्यर्कमर्किणः। ब्रह्माणस्त्वा शतक्रत उद्वंशमिव येमिरे॥

(शतक्रत) God has unlimited superior knowledge and deeds. There is no limit.

(ब्रह्माणस्त्वा) By the discourse (उपदेश) of Ved, Brahma (Vidvaan) gets Yajyen and Havan done, and he increases his progeny by giving deeksha. With deeksha protection starts and then the wealth increases (of disciples). Without Deeksha the birth gets ruined. 

(गायत्रिण:) Those who do upsana (उपासना) of God by (गायन्ति) singing Samved, etc. They do your praise (स्तुति) and upsana (उपासना). One is this path. 

(अर्किणः) those who make a daily effort to read Ved mantras. They daily do your archana (अर्चना). .