Swamiji performed Yajyen today from Vedas. In his divine preach, he shared:

These aahutis go up in the air and destroy the diseases that are there. People do not listen Vedas and hence do not have faith on God. Those who have faith in God can become like Shri Ram and Shri Krishna.

As much Vedas one has listened, it is amrit in life. This is priceless. People have a bank balance and they will leave it here when they die. It is of no use. As much as Vedas you have listened, services rendered, donation given, etc. – this balance will come with you after death. You will keep going towards realisation. This is the rule made by God.

We have to understand creation then you will understand God. If someone doesn’t know the creation then he cannot be called knowledgeable. The creation has been done by shrishti. From the worshippable God, the one who is eligible is to be accepted, many things originated from this creation.

Then Rigved, Saamved, Atharvaved (Chhand) and Yajurved originated from the same God. We should worship that God from which Vedas originated.

Don’t worship God that is made from your mind. Such worship will cause only harm.

God is alive. He is in every bit of the world and He knows every bit of the world. We should do intense study of Vedas. You say something and He forgets, He does not have a quality like that.

The one from which Vedas originate, we should devote time to do His worship and we should do intense study of Vedas. We should follow the orders of God mentioned in the Vedas to get pleasure. If we do not listen Vedas then how will we know what Vedas are saying? You should remember these mantras. Our children should become Vidvaan (knowledgeable of Vedas). Girls and ladies should become Vidushi. These are the wishes of a Vidvaan. A rare disciple fulfils them.